September 2018, Volume 65, Issue 9

A Low-Power, Wireless, Capacitive Sensing Frontend Based on a Self-Oscillating Inductive Link
M. Schormans, V. Valente, and A. Demosthenous

A Full Ka-Band Power Amplifier With 32.9% PAE and 15.3-dBm Power in 65-nm CMOS 
H. Jia, C. C. Prawoto, B. Chi, Z. Wang, and C. P. Yue

A 7-GHz CMOS Bidirectional Variable Gain Amplifier With Low Gain and Phase Imbalances
B. Suh, D. Kim, and B.-W. Min

A K-/Ka-Band Concurrent Dual-Band Single-Ended Input to Differential Output Low-Noise Amplifier Employing a Novel Transformer Feedback Dual-Band Load
J. Lee and C. Nguyen

A 2.5–5.6 GHz Subharmonically Injection-Locked All-Digital PLL With Dual-Edge Complementary Switched Injection
S.-Y. Cho, S. Kim, M.-S. Choo, H.-G. Ko, J. Lee, W. Bae, and D.-K. Jeong

Expansion and Compression of Analog Pulses by Bandwidth Scaling of Continuous-Time Filters
I. Mondal and N. Krishnapura

Wideband Techniques for Outphasing Power Amplifiers
K. D. Holzer, W. Yuan, and J. S. Walling

Design and Hardware Implementation of Neuromorphic Systems With RRAM Synapses and Threshold-Controlled Neurons for Pattern Recognition
Y. Jiang, P. Huang, D. Zhu, Z. Zhou, R. Han, L. Liu, X. Liu, and J. Kang

Hardware Implementation of an Event-Based Message Passing Graphical Model Network
C.-H. Chien, L. Longinotti, A. Steimer, and S.-C. Liu

A CMOS Follower-Type Voltage Regulator With a Distributed-Element Fractional-Order Control
L. Kadlcík and P. Horský

A Digitally Interfaced Analog Correlation Filter System for Object Tracking Applications
M. Judy, N. C. Poore, P. Liu, T. Yang, C. Britton, D. S. Bolme, A. K. Mikkilineni, and J. Holleman

A Subthreshold Buffer-Based Biquadratic Cell and Its Application to Biopotential Filter Design
S. Thanapitak and C. Sawigun

A Self-Powered Supply-Sensing Biosensor Platform Using Bio Fuel Cell and Low-Voltage, Low-Cost CMOS Supply-Controlled Ring Oscillator With Inductive-Coupling Transmitter for Healthcare IoT
K. Niitsu, A. Kobayashi, Y. Nishio, K. Hayashi, K. Ikeda, T. Ando, Y. Ogawa, H. Kai, M. Nishizawa, and K. Nakazato

A High-Voltage DAC-Based Transmitter for Coded Signals in High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging Applications
P.-C. Ku, K.-Y. Shih, and L.-H. Lu

A Wirelessly Powered CMOS Electrochemical Sensing Interface With Power-Aware RF-DC Power Management
J.-H. Tsai, C.-Y. Kuo, S.-H. Lin, F.-T. Lin, and Y.-T. Liao

A 16 × 16 CMOS Amperometric Microelectrode Array for Simultaneous Electrochemical Measurements
C. Giagkoulovits, B. C. Cheah, M. A. Al-Rawhani, C. Accarino, C. Busche, J. P. Grant, and D. R. S. Cumming

Modeling Random Clock Jitter Effect of High-Speed Current-Steering NRZ and RZ DAC 
S. Kim, K.-Y. Lee, and M. Lee

Impedance Matching and Reradiation in LPTV Receiver Front-Ends: An Analysis Using Conversion Matrices
S. Hameed and S. Pamarti

Design and Evaluation of Approximate Logarithmic Multipliers for Low Power Error-Tolerant Applications
W. Liu, J. Xu, D. Wang, C. Wang, P. Montuschi, and F. Lombardi

A Low-Latency and Low-Complexity Point-Multiplication in ECC  
R. Salarifard, S. Bayat-Sarmadi, and H. Mosanaei-Boorani

FIR Filter Realization via Deferred End-Around Carry Modular Addition
A. Belghadr and G. Jaberipur

A Hardware-Efficient Feedback Polynomial Topology for DPD Linearization of Power Amplifiers: Theory and FPGA Validation
C.-F. Cheang, P.-I. Mak, and R. P. Martins

Analog Circuit Implementation of Fractional-Order Memristor: Arbitrary-Order Lattice Scaling Fracmemristor
Y.-F. Pu, X. Yuan, and B. Yu

A Phase Tunable Rotary Traveling Wave Oscillator: Analysis and Calibration
S. Abbasalizadeh and H. Miar-Naimi

Process Scalability of Pulse-Based Circuits for Analog Image Convolution
R. D’Angelo, X. Du, C. D. Salthouse, B. Hollosi, G. Freifeld, W. Uy, H. Huang, N. Tran, A. Chery, J.-S. Seo, Y. Cao, D. C. Poppe, and S. R. Sonkusale

Generating the Closed-Form Second-Order Characteristics of Analog Differential Cells by Symbolic Perturbation 
G. Shi

Observer-Based Adaptive SMC for Nonlinear Uncertain Singular Semi-Markov Jump Systems With Applications to DC Motor
W. Qi, G. Zong, and H. R. Karim

New Approach to Fixed-Order Output-Feedback Control for Piecewise-Affine Systems
Y. Wei, H. Yu, H. R. Karimi, and Y. H. Joo

Robust Reconstruction of Continuously Time-Varying Topologies of Weighted Networks 
J. Liu, G. Mei, X. Wu, and J. Lü

Toward Stronger Robustness of Network Controllability: A Snapback Network Model
Y. Lou, L. Wang, and G. Chen

Resilient Filtering for Linear Time-Varying Repetitive Processes Under Uniform Quantizations and Round-Robin Protocols 
F. Wang, Z. Wang, J. Liang, and X. Liu

Finite Frequency Filtering Design for Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems Using Past Output Measurements
M. Wang, J. Qiu, and G. Feng

A 36-Gb/s 1.3-mW/Gb/s Duobinary-Signal Transmitter Exploiting Power-Efficient Cross Quadrature Clocking Multiplexers With Maximized Timing Margin 
Y. Chen, P.-I. Mak, C. C. Boon, and R. P. Martins

Near-Field MIMO Communication Links
S. Phang, M. T. Ivrlac, G. Gradoni, S. C. Creagh, G. Tanner, and J. A. Nossek

A 3.9 mW Bluetooth Low-Energy Transmitter Using All-Digital PLL-Based Direct FSK Modulation in 55 nm CMOS
S. Oh, S. Kim, I. Ali, T. T. K. Nga, D. Lee, Y. Pu, S.-S. Yoo, M. Lee, K. C. Hwang, Y. Yang, and K.-Y. Lee

A Continuous Sweep-Clock-Based Time-Expansion Impulse-Radio Radar 
P. Park and S. Kim

A Mixed-Signal Technique for TX-Induced Modulated Spur Cancellation in LTE-CA Receivers
A. Elmaghraby, R. S. Kanumalli, W. Schelmbauer, A. Mayer, S. Herzinger, D. Schwartz, M. Huemer, and R. Weigel

Hardware Implementation and Performance Analysis of Resource Efficient Probabilistic Hard Decision LDPC Decoders
B. Unal, A. Akoglu, F. Ghaffari, and B. Vasic

Tri-Phasing Modulation for Efficient and Wideband Radio Transmitters
J. Lemberg, M. Martelius, M. Kosunen, E. Roverato, K. Stadius, L. Anttila, M. Valkama, and J. Ryynänen

A Monolithic High-Voltage Li-Ion Battery Charger With Sharp Mode Transition and Partial Current Control Technique
J.-F. Wu, C.-L. Wei, and Y.-Z. Juang

Dual-Phase-Shift Control Scheme With Current-Stress and Efficiency Optimization for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Y. Li, J. Hu, F. Chen, Z. Li, Z. He, and R. Mai