May 2017, Volume 64, Issue 5

Graphical Representation of the Power Transfer Efficiency of Lumped-Element Circuits Based on Hyperbolic Geometry
K. Yamada and T. Ohira

A 51.3-MHz 21.8-ppm/-C CMOS Relaxation Oscillator With Temperature Compensation
Y.-K. Tsai and L.-H. Lu 

Transformer-Feedback Dual-Band Neutralization Technique
G. Nikandish and A. Medi 

An Unbounded Frequency Detection Mechanism for Continuous-Rate CDR Circuits
Y.-L. Lee, S.-J. Chang, Y.-C. Chen, and Y.-P. Cheng 

Highly Tunable Triangular Wave UWB Baseband Pulse Generator With Amplitude Stabilization in 40-nm CMOS
B. Faes, P. Reynaert, and P. Leroux 

Laser Diode Current Driver With (1 - t/T)^{-1} Time Dependence in 0.35-m BiCMOS Technology for Quantum Random Number Generators
N. Tadic, B. Goll, and H. Zimmermann 

Self-Biased Differential Rectifier With Enhanced Dynamic Range for Wireless Powering
M. H. Ouda, W. Khalil, and K. N. Salama 

Microwave Voltage-Controlled Oscillator With Harmonic-Suppressed Stepped-Impedance-Resonator Filter
C.-H. Tseng and T.-S. Huang 

Adaptive RFID Impedance Matching Based on Phase Difference for Oil Well Applications
J. Zhu, B. Tao, and Z. Yin 

Design Space-Time Trellis-Coded Intercarrier Interference Parallel Cancelation Architectures for OFDM System
H.-G. Yeh and S. Yildiz

Novel Folded-KES Architecture for High-Speed and Area-Efficient BCH Decoders
B. Park, S. An, J. Park, and Y. Lee 

PMCC: Fast and Accurate System-Level Power Modeling for Processors on Heterogeneous SoC
C. Deng, L. Liu, Y. Liu. S. Yin, and S. Wei 

A High-Efficiency SplitYMerge Charge Pump for Solar Energy Harvesting
Y. Wang, N. Yan, H. Min, and C.-J. R. Shi 

Analysis of Zeros in a Boost DCYDC Converter: State Diagram Approach
V. Paduvalli, R. J. Taylor, and P. T. Balsara 

Design of Reduced-Order Positive Linear Functional Observers for Positive Time-Delay Systems
H. Trinh, D. C. Huong, L. V. Hien, and S. Nahavandi 

Near Optimal Control Based on the Tensor-Product Technique
X. Liu, X. Xin, Z. Li, and Z. Chen 

Digital Circuits and Systems (and VLSI) Unipolar Differential Logic for Large-Scale Integration of Flexible aIGZO Circuits
M. Venturelli, F. Torricelli, M. Ghittorelli, L. Colalongo, A. Richelli, and Z. M. Kovacs-Vajna 

Variation-Tolerant Sensing Circuit for Ultralow-Voltage Operation of Spin-Torque Transfer Magnetic RAM
K. Jo and H. Yoon 

Design of Efficient BCD Adders in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
G. Cocorullo, P. Corsonello, F. Frustaci, and S. Perri 

An Efficient Eligible Error Locator Polynomial Searching Algorithm and Hardware Architecture for One-Pass Chase Decoding of BCH Codes
N. Zheng and P. Mazumder 

Low-Cost Architecture of Modified Daubechies Lifting Wavelets Using Integer Polynomial Mapping
M. M. Hasan and K. A. Wahid 

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Complex-Network-Inspired Design of Traffic Generation Patterns in Communication Networks
J. Wu and Y. Xia 

Signal Processing Toward Local Stability Analysis of Externally Interfered Digital Filters Under Overflow Nonlinearity
I. Arif, M. Rehan, and M. Tufail 

NLMS Algorithm Based on a Variable Parameter Cost Function Robust Against Impulsive Interferences
F. Huang, J. Zhang, and S. Zhang