November 2019, Volume 66, Issue 11

Energy Efficient Flash ADC With PVT Variability Compensation Through Advanced Body Biasing

Przemyslaw Mroszczyk; John Goodacre; Vasilis F. Pavlidis 

On the Signal Filtering Property of CT Incremental Sigma–Delta ADCs

Johannes Wagner; Patrick Vogelmann; Maurits Ortmanns

A General Purpose 1.8-V 12-b 4-MS/s Fully Differential SAR ADC With 7.2-Vpp Input Range in 28-nm FDSOI

Michael Berens; Khoi Mai; Jim Feddeler; Stefano Pietri

An Analog Optimum Torque Control IC for a 200-W Wind Energy Harvesting System

Peng-Chang Huang; Yeong-Chau Kuo; Yi-Chen Liu; Tai-Haur Kuo

A Novel High-Pass Delta–Sigma Modulator-Based Digital-IF Transmitter With Enhanced Performance for SDR Applications

Anis Ben Arfi; Maryam Jouzdani; Mohamed Helaoui; Fadhel M. Ghannouchi

A Reconfigurable Passive RF-to-DC Converter for Wireless IoT Applications

Ulkuhan Guler; Yaoyao Jia; Maysam Ghovanloo

A Wide Dynamic Range and Low Bit Error Pixel TDC Suitable for Array Application

Jin Wu; Pengbo Zhang; Shufang Shi; Lixia Zheng; Weifeng Sun 

A 12-Bit Time-Interleaved 400-MS/s Pipelined ADC With Split-ADC Digital Background Calibration in 4,000 Conversions/Channel

Tsung-Chih Hung; Fan-Wei Liao; Tai-Haur Kuo

Multiplier-Free Implementation of Galois Field Fourier Transform on a FPGA

Sree Balaji Girisankar; Mona Nasseri; Jennifer Priscilla; Shu Lin; Venkatesh Akella

A Low-Complexity Maximum Likelihood Detector for the Spatially Modulated Signals: Algorithm and Hardware Implementation

Tsung-Hsien Liu; You-Zhi Ye; Chen-Kai Huang; Chiao-En Chen; Yin-Tsung Hwang; Yuan-Sun Chu 

Model Order Reduction of Port-Hamiltonian Systems by Riemannian Modified Fletcher–Reeves Scheme

Yao-Lin Jiang; Kang-Li Xu

Improved Stability Conditions for Switched Positive Linear Time-Varying Systems

Guopei Chen; Ying Yang; Junmin Li

Non-Differentiable Function Tracking

Shyam Kamal; Xinghuo Yu; Rahul Kumar Sharma; Jyoti Mishra; Sandip Ghosh

Robust Stabilization in LMI Regions for Constrained Input Systems

Fouad Mesquine; Hamza Khallouk

Dynamic Output-Feedback Control for Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems and Applications to Chemical Reactor Systems

Junyong Zhai

DC–DC Buck Converter Using Analog Coarse-Fine Self-Tracking Zero-Current Detection Scheme

Ki-Chan Woo; Jae-Mun Oh; Byung-Do Yang

Nonlinear Tracking Controller for DC/DC Boost Converter Voltage Control Applications via Energy-Shaping and Invariant Dynamic Surface Approach

Seok-Kyoon Kim; Choon Ki Ahn

Modified SEPIC Converter With High Voltage Gain and ZVS Characteristics

Shanshan Gao; Yijie Wang; Dianguo Xu

Power Flow Analysis in DC Grids: Two Alternative Numerical Methods

Oscar Danilo Montoya; Víxctor Manuel Garrido; Walter Gil-González; L. F. Grisales-Noreña

A Fast and Power-Efficient Hardware Architecture for Non-Maximum Suppression

Man Shi; Peng Ouyang; Shouyi Yin; Leibo Liu; Shaojun Wei

Parallel Implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization on FPGA

Alexandre L. X. Da Costa; Caroline A. D. Silva; Matheus F. Torquato; Marcelo A. C. Fernandes

Statistical Strategies to Reproduce the Propagation Delay Time Variability Using Compact Models

Hamed Jooypa; Daryoosh Dideban

Economic LSTM Approach for Recurrent Neural Networks

Kasem Khalil; Omar Eldash; Ashok Kumar; Magdy Bayoumi

Global Fixed-Time Stabilization of Switched Nonlinear Systems: A Time-Varying Scaling Transformation Approach

Fangzheng Gao; Yuqiang Wu; Zhongcai Zhang

Predicting the Evolution Process of Infrastructure Networks With an NSIPA Link Prediction Method

Lan Mei; Disheng Tang; Tianyu Wang; Wenbo Du; Yongxiang Xia; Xianbin Cao

Residential Power Forecasting Using Load Identification and Graph Spectral Clustering

Chinthaka Dinesh; Stephen Makonin; Ivan V. Bajić

Identification of Dynamical Behavior of Pseudoperiodic Time Series by Network Community Structure

Xinyu Han; Yi Zhao; Michael Small

Real-Time PPG Signal Quality Assessment System for Improving Battery Life and False Alarms

Simhadri Vadrevu; M. Sabarimalai Manikandan

Blocked Maximum Correntropy Criterion Algorithm for Cluster-Sparse System Identifications

Yingsong Li; Zhengxiong Jiang; Wanlu Shi; Xiao Han; Badong Chen

Type II, III, and IV Linear-Phase FIR Structures Based on Cardinal Filters

Peng-Hua Wang; Bo-You Yu; Po-Ning Chen