August 2018, Volume 65, Issue 8

A 0.4-V Wide Temperature Range All-MOSFET Subthreshold Voltage Reference With 0.027%/V Line Sensitivity
Y. Liu, C. Zhan, L. Wang, J. Tang, and G. Wang

A Modified Proportional–Integral Loop Filter to Suppress DCO Noise in Digital PLL
W. Namgoong 

A V-Band CMOS VCO With Digitally-Controlled Inductor for Frequency Tuning 
J. Y. Jin, L. Wu, and Q. Xue 

A Charge Sensitive Pre-Amplifier for Smart Point-of-Care Devices Employing Polymer-Based Lab-on-a-Chip
H. Wang, C. Britton, F. Quaiyum, S. A. Pullano, L. Taylor, A. S. Fiorillo, and S. K. Islam 

A 2.0 GHz IQ Imbalance Compensator With Programmable Switch Biases in a Passive Mixer
W. Zhang, H. He, and R. Wang 

An X-Band SiGe BiCMOS Triple-Cascode LNA With Boosted Gain and P1dB
M. Davulcu, C. Çalı¸skan, ˙I. Kalyoncu, and Y. Gurbuz 

A 6-bit 1.3-GS/s Ping-Pong Domino-SAR ADC in 55-nm CMOS
Y.-H. Chung, W.-S. Rih, and C.-W. Chang 

Temperature Sensitivity of Non-Degenerate Modes in CMOS LC Quadrature Oscillators
M. Bagheri, R. Bagheri, J. F. Buckwalter, and L. E. Larson 

Compact Multi-Layer Bandpass Filter With Wide Stopband Using Selective Feeding Scheme
J.-X. Chen, Y.-L. Li, W. Qin, Y.-J. Yang, and Z.-H. Bao

Dispersed Array LDPC Codes and Decoder Architecture for NAND Flash Memory
W. Shao, J. Sha, and C. Zhang 

Tree-Permutation-Matrix Based LDPC Codes
S. Jiang, F. Mo, F. C. M. Lau, and C.-W. Sham 

Space-Frequency Parallel Transmitter Diversity Techniques for Three Pre-Coded OFDM Systems
H.-G. Yeh 

On-Chip Automatic LC Tuner for RFID Tags Based on Negative Resistances
P. M. M. Silva, F. R. de Sousa, and C. Plett 

Automated Calibration System for RF Configurable Voltage-Controlled Filters
A. Leoni, L. Pantoli, V. Stornelli, G. Leuzzi, and Z. Marinkovic 

Reconfigurable and Memory-Efficient Cyclostationary Spectrum Sensor for Cognitive-Radio Wireless Networks
M. S. Murty and R. Shrestha 

Electrothermal Analysis With Nonconvective Boundary Conditions
S. Choi, S. Shim, and Y. Shin 

An Intrusion Detection System for Cyber Attacks in Wireless Networked Control Systems
A. W. Al-Dabbagh, Y. Li, and T. Chen 

M-Matrix-Based State Observer Design for Genetic Regulatory Networks With Mixed Delays
L.-P. Tian, V. Palgat, and F.-X. Wu 

Risk Analysis on Multi-Granular Flow Network for Software Integration Testing
Y. Wang, Z. Zhu, H. Yu, and B. Yang 

Delayless Extraction of Instantaneous Symmetrical Components in Power System Fault Conditions
H. Abdollahzadeh and B. Mozafari 

Hybrid Switched-Inductor Buck PFC Converter for High-Efficiency LED Drivers
Y.-C. Liu, F.-C. Syu, H.-C. Hsieh, K. A. Kim, and H.-J. Chiu 

A New Power Gating Circuit Design Approach Using Double-Gate FDSOI
E. Ashenafi and M. H. Chowdhury 

Efficient Mutually Orthogonal Golay Complementary Set-Based Zero-Correlation Zone Sequence Set Correlator
H. Haderer, R. Feger, and A. Stelzer 

An Improved Cellular Nonlinear Network Architecture for Binary and Grayscale Image Processing
J. Müller, R. Wittig, J. Müller, and R. Tetzlaff 

RAP-CLA: A Reconfigurable Approximate Carry Look-Ahead Adder
O. Akbari, M. Kamal, A. Afzali-Kusha, and M. Pedram 

A Heterogeneous Multicore System on Chip for Energy Efficient Brain Inspired Computing
A. Pullini, F. Conti, D. Rossi, I. Loi, M. Gautschi, and L. Benini 

A Nano-Watt ECG Feature Extraction Engine in 65-nm Technology
T. Tekeste, H. Saleh, B. Mohammad, A. Khandoker, and M. Ismail 

A Digital Implementation of Extreme Learning Machines for Resource-Constrained Device
E. Ragusa, C. Gianoglio, P. Gastaldo, and R. Zunino 

Optimal Coupling Patterns in Interconnected Communication Networks
J. Wu, J. Zhong, Z. Chen, and B. Chen 

Approximation of the Fractional-Order Laplacian sα As a Weighted Sum of First-Order High-Pass Filters
A. M. AbdelAty, A. S. Elwakil, A. G. Radwan, C. Psychalinos, and B. J. Maundy 

Robust Constrained Adaptive Filtering Under Minimum Error Entropy Criterion
S. Peng, W. Ser, B. Chen, L. Sun, and Z. Lin 

Further Results on Induced l∞ RH FIR Filtering
C. K. Ahn, Y. S. Shmaliy, S. Zhao, S. H. You, and R. Sakthivel