September 2018, Volume 65, Issue 9

Noise Figure of a Balanced Amplifier
A. A. Coskun and A. Atalar

Extended-Bandwidth Negative Impedance Converters by Nested Networks
A. N. Beal, J. N. Blakely, and N. J. Corron

Temperature Compensation in CMOS Peaking Current References
M. S. Eslampanah Sendi, S. Kananian, M. Sharifkhani, and A. M. Sodagar

An Op-Amp Approach for Bandpass VGAs With Constant Bandwidth
S. Pourashraf, J. Ramirez-Angulo, A. J. Lopez-Martin, R. González-Carvajal, and J. M. Algueta-Miguel

Boundary Analysis for the Derivative of Driving Point Impedance Functions
B. N. Örnek and T. Düzenli

A 65-nm CMOS 6-Bit 20 GS/s Time-Interleaved DAC With Full-Binary Sub-DACs
S.-N. Kim, W.-C. Kim, M.-J. Seo, and S.-T. Ryu

Investigation of the Effect of Weak Non-Linearities on P1dB and Efficiency of Class B/J/J* Amplifiers
N. Poluri and M. M. D. Souza

A 1-GS/s 11-Bit SAR-Assisted Pipeline ADC With 59-dB SNDR in 65-nm CMOS
Q. Liu, W. Shu, and J. S. Chang

A Systematic Design Methodology for Class-AB-Style Ring Amplifiers
K. M. Megawer, F. A. Hussien, M. M. Aboudina, and A. N. Mohieldin

A Coin-Battery-Powered LDO-Free 2.4-GHz Bluetooth Low-Energy Transmitter With 34.7% Peak System Efficiency
X. Peng, J. Yin, W.-H. Yu, P.-I. Mak, and R. P. Martins

On the Impact of the Mutual Reactance on the Radiated Power and on the Achievable Rates
T. Laas, J. A. Nossek, S. Bazzi, and W. Xu

A Novel Concept of Virtual Impedance for High Frequency Tri-Band Impedance Matching Networks
D. Banerjee, A. Saxena, and M. Hashmi

System-Level Analysis of Phase Noise in Full-Duplex Wireless Transceivers
J. Zhou and H. Krishnaswamy

An Improved Gauss-Seidel Algorithm and Its Efficient Architecture for Massive MIMO Systems
J. Zeng, J. Lin, and Z. Wang

An Approximate Closed-Form Transfer Function Model for Multiconductor Transmission Lines
J. Seo, M. Choi, and B. Kim

Bipartite Tracking Consensus of Linear Multi-Agent Systems With a Dynamic Leader
G. Wen, H. Wang, X. Yu, and W. Yu

Fully Distributed Adaptive PI Controllers for Heterogeneous Linear Networks
Y. Lv, Z. Li, and Z. Duan

Circulating Current Suppression of Parallel Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Converters
P. Zhang, G. Zhang, and H. Du

Enhanced Power-Delivered-to-Load Through Planar Multiple-Harmonic Wireless Power Transmission
I. Ghotbi, M. Najjarzadegan, H. Sarfaraz, S. J. Ashtiani, and O. Shoaei

Area-Time Efficient FAST Corner Detector Using Data-Path Transposition
S.-K. Lam, T. C. Lim, M. Wu, B. Cao, and B. A. Jasani

A Streaming Motion Magnification Core for Smart Image Sensors
C. Shi and G. Luo

Highly Reliable Two-Step Charge-Pump Read Scheme for 1.5 F2/Bit Nonlinear Sub-Teraohm 0TNR Vertical ReRAM
T.-K. Chien, L.-Y. Chiou, C.-S. Chang, J.-Y. Huang, C.-H. Wu, H.-Y. Lee, and S.-S. Sheu

Operation of the Classical CMOS Schmitt Trigger As an Ultra-Low-Voltage Amplifier
L. A. Pasini Melek, M. C. Schneider, and C. Galup-Montoro

Quantifying Importance of Edges in Networks
B. Ouyang, Y. Xia, C. Wang, Q. Ye, Z. Yan, and Q. Tang

Robust Output Tracking of Delayed Boolean Networks Under Pinning Control
X. Li, J. Lu, X. Chen, J. Qiu, J. Cao, and F. E. Alsaadi

Experimental Observation of Multiple Attractor Bifurcation in an Electronic Circuit
S. Seth and S. Banerjee

Online Learning for Multimodal Data Fusion With Application to Object Recognition
S. Shahrampour, M. Noshad, J. Ding, and V. Tarokh

Distributed SINR Fusion Estimation for a Class of Wireless Networks
Y. Wu, Y. Li, and B. Chen

The Extension of the Gauss Approach for the Solution of an Overdetermined Set of Algebraic Non Linear Equations
N. G. Bretas and A. S. Bretas

2X Super-Resolution Hardware Using Edge-Orientation-Based Linear Mapping for Real-Time 4K UHD 60 fps Video Applications
Y. Kim, J.-S. Choi, and M. Kim

A Novel Method for Guaranteed Overflow Oscillation Elimination in Digital Filters Subject to Quantization
M. Rehan, M. B. Mobeen, M. Tufail, and C. K. Ahn

Minimum Weighted Frobenius Norm Discrete-Time FIR Filter With Embedded Unbiasedness
S. H. You, C. K. Ahn, Y. S. Shmaliy, and S. Zhao