June 2017, Volume 27, Issue 6

Optimized Perceptual Tone Mapping for Contrast Enhancement of Images
C. Jung, T. Sun

Contrast Enhancement Using Stratified Parametric-Oriented Histogram Equalization
Y.-F. Liu, J.-M. Guo, J.-C. Yu

Video Compressive Sensing Reconstruction via Reweighted Residual Sparsity
C. Zhao, S. Ma, J. Zhang, R. Xiong, W. Gao

A DCT-Based Total JND Profile for Spatiotemporal and Foveated Masking Effects
S.-H. Bae, M. Kim

Visual-Attention-Based Background Modeling for Detecting Infrequently Moving Objects
Y. Lin, Y. Tong, Y. Cao, Y. Zhou, S. Wang

Comparative Study of Visual Tracking Method: A Probabilistic Approach for Pose Estimation Using Lines
Y. Zhang, X. Li, H. Liu, Y. Shang

Part-Based Robust Tracking Using Online Latent Structured Learning
R. Yao, Q. Shi, C. Shen, Y. Zhang, A. van den Hengel

Graph-Regularized Structured Support Vector Machine for Object Tracking
S. Zhang, Y. Sui, S. Zhao, L. Zhang

Hybrid CNN and Dictionary-Based Models for Scene Recognition and Domain Adaptation
G.-S. Xie, X.-Y. Zhang, S. Yan, C.-L. Liu

Complex Video Scene Analysis Using Kernelized-Collaborative Behavior Pattern Learning Based on Hierarchical Representative Object Behaviors
S. Park, H. Park, C. D. Yoo

Learning Scene-Independent Group Descriptors for Crowd Understanding
J. Shao, C. C. Loy, X. Wang

Rate-Distortion-Optimization-Based Quantization Parameter Cascading Technique for Random-Access Configuration in H.265/HEVC
Y. Gong, S. Wan, K. Yang, Y. Yang, B. Li

Adaptive Multiview Video Delivery Using Hybrid Networking
E. Ekmekcioglu, C. G. Gurler, A. Kondoz, A. M. Tekalp

Successfully Mapping DASH Over a P2P Live Streaming Architecture
L. Natali, M. L. Merani

Motion-State-Adaptive Video Summarization via Spatiotemporal Analysis
Y. Zhang, R. Tao, Y. Wang

Discovery of Shared Semantic Spaces for Multiscene Video Query and Summarization
X. Xu, T. M. Hospedales, S. Gong

Early Detection of Sudden Pedestrian Crossing for Safe Driving During Summer Nights
M. Jeong, B. C. Ko, J.-Y. Nam