August 2018, Volume 65, Issue 8

Deep Representation for Finger-Vein Image-Quality Assessment
H. Qin and M. A. El-Yacoubi 

Assessing Perceived Image Quality Using Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials and Spatio-Spectral Decomposition
S. Bosse, L. Acqualagna, W. Samek, A. K. Porbadnigk, G. Curio, B. Blankertz, K.-R. Müller, and T. Wiegand 

A Constrained Optimization Approach for Image Gradient Enhancement
L. Huang, W. Zhao, B. R. Abidi, and M. A. Abidi 

Bundled Local Features for Image Representation
C. Zhang, J. Sang, G. Zhu, and Q. Tian 

Video Co-Saliency Guided Co-Segmentation
W. Wang, J. Shen, H. Sun, and L. Shao 

Background Subtraction Using Spatio-Temporal Group Sparsity Recovery
X. Liu, J. Yao, X. Hong, X. Huang, Z. Zhou, C. Qi, and G. Zhao 

Inverse Nonnegative Local Coordinate Factorization for Visual Tracking
F. Liu, T. Zhou, C. Gong, K. Fu, L. Bai, and J. Yang 

Person Reidentification Using Attribute-Restricted Projection Metric Learning
S.-M. Li, C. Gao, J.-G. Zhu, and C.-W. Li 

Multi-Level Common Space Learning for Person Re-Identification
L. An, Z. Qin, X. Chen, and S. Yang 

Crowd Counting via Weighted VLAD on a Dense Attribute Feature Map
B. Sheng, C. Shen, G. Lin, J. Li, W. Yang, and C. Sun 

Count on Me: Learning to Count on a Single Image
F. Setti, D. Conigliaro, M. Tobanelli, and M. Cristani 

Human Action Recognition Using 3D Reconstruction Data
G. T. Papadopoulos and P. Daras 

3D Action Recognition Using Multiscale Energy-Based Global Ternary Image
M. Liu, H. Liu, and C. Chen 

Pooling the Convolutional Layers in Deep ConvNets for Video Action Recognition
S. Zhao, Y. Liu, Y. Han, R. Hong, Q. Hu, and Q. Tian

Pair-Activity Analysis From Video Using Qualitative Trajectory Calculus
A. AlZoubi, B. Al-Diri, T. Pike, T. Kleinhappel, and P. Dickinson 

Panoramic Face Recognition
Y.-F. Liu, J.-M. Guo, P.-H. Liu, J.-D. Lee, and C.-C. Yao 

Local Large-Margin Multi-Metric Learning for Face and Kinship Verification
J. Hu, J. Lu, Y.-P. Tan, J. Yuan, and J. Zhou 

Finger Vein Recognition With Anatomy Structure Analysis
L. Yang, G. Yang, Y. Yin, and X. Xi 

DC Coefficient Estimation of Intra-Predicted Residuals in HEVC
C. Chen, Z. Miao, X. Meng, S. Zhu, and B. Zeng 

Variable Block-Sized Signal-Dependent Transform for Video Coding
C. Lan, J. Xu, W. Zeng, G. Shi, F. Wu 

An Efficient Four-Parameter Affine Motion Model for Video Coding
L. Li, H. Li, D. Liu, Z. Li, H. Yang, S. Lin, H. Chen, and F. Wu 

Binocular-Combination-Oriented Perceptual Rate-Distortion Optimization for Stereoscopic Video Coding
Y. Liu, J. Liu, A. Argyriou, and S. Ci 

A Two-Stage Approach for Robust HEVC Coding and Streaming
J. F. M. Carreira, P. A. Assunção, S. M. M. de Faria, E. Ekmekcioglu, and A. Kondoz 

DASH-Based Multi-View Video Streaming System
D. Yun and K. Chung 

Adaptive Streaming of HEVC Tiled Videos Using MPEG-DASH
C. Concolato, J. Le Feuvre, F. Denoual, F. Mazé, E. Nassor, N. Ouedraogo, and J. Taquet 

Checksum-Filtered List Decoding Applied to H.264 and H.265 Video Error Correction
F. Golaghazadeh, S. Coulombe, F.-X. Coudoux, and P. Corlay 

Energy-Aware Concurrent Multipath Transfer for Real-Time Video Streaming Over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
J. Wu, B. Cheng, M. Wang, and J. Chen 

Cross-Layer Resource Allocation Using Video Slice Header Information for Wireless Transmission Over LTE
Y.-H. Jung, Q. Song, K.-H. Kim, P. Cosman, and L. B. Milstein

Efficient VLSI Architecture for Edge-Oriented Demosaicking
C.-Y. Lien, F.-J. Yang, P.-Y. Chen, and Y.-W. Fang 

A Hardware-Oriented IME Algorithm for HEVC and Its Hardware Implementation
Y. Fan, L. Huang, B. Hao, and X. Zeng