September 2018, Volume 28, Issue 9

In-Capture Mobile Video Distortions: A Study of Subjective Behavior and Objective Algorithms
D. Ghadiyaram, J. Pan, A. C. Bovik, A. K. Moorthy, P. Panda, and K.-C. Yang

Blind Image Quality Assessment Using Local Consistency Aware Retriever and Uncertainty Aware Evaluator
Q. Wu, H. Li, K. N. Ngan, and K. Ma

Data-Driven Background Subtraction Algorithm for In-Camera Acceleration in Thermal Imagery
K. Makantasis, A. Nikitakis, A. D. Doulamis, N. D. Doulamis, and I. Papaefstathiou

WeSamBE: A Weight-Sample-Based Method for Background Subtraction
S. Jiang and X. Lu

Toward Encrypted Video Tampering Detection and Localization Based on POB Number System Over Cloud
P. Singh, B. Raman, and N. Agarwal

An Overview of Digital Video Watermarking
M. Asikuzzaman and M. R. Pickering

Anchored Neighborhood Index for Face Sketch Synthesis
N. Wang, X. Gao, L. Sun, and J. Li

Structure Adaptive Total Variation Minimization-Based Image Decomposition
J. Song, H. Cho, J. Yoon, and S. M. Yoon

Mixed Noise Removal via Robust Constrained Sparse Representation
L. Liu, C. L. P. Chen, X. You, Y. Y. Tang, Y. Zhang, and S. Li

Single Image Dehazing Based on the Physical Model and MSRCR Algorithm
J. Wang, K. Lu, J. Xue, N. He, and L. Shao

Advanced Multimedia Power-Saving Method Using a Dynamic Pixel Dimmer on AMOLED Displays
P. Chondro, C.-H. Chang, S.-J. Ruan, and C.-A. Shen

Extrinsic Camera Calibration Without Visible Corresponding Points Using Omnidirectional Cameras
S. Miyata, H. Saito, K. Takahashi, D. Mikami, M. Isogawa, and A. Kojima

A Flexible and Robust Threshold Selection Method
Z. Wang, J. Xiong, Y. Yang, and H. Li

Coarse-to-Fine PatchMatch for Dense Correspondence  
Y. Li, Y. Hu, R. Song, P. Rao, and Y. Wang

Example-Based 3D Trajectory Extraction of Objects From 2D Videos
Z. Boukhers, K. Shirahama, and M. Grzegorzek

Improved Object Detection With Iterative Localization Refinement in Convolutional Neural Networks
K.-W. Cheng, Y.-T. Chen, and W.-H. Fang

Riesz Fractional Based Model for Enhancing License Plate Detection and Recognition
K. S. Raghunandan, P. Shivakumara, H. A. Jalab, R. W. Ibrahim, G. H. Kumar, U. Pal, and T. Lu

Robust RGB-D Hand Tracking Using Deep Learning Priors
J. Sanchez-Riera, K. Srinivasan, K.-L. Hua, W.-H. Cheng, M. A. Hossain, and M. F. Alhamid

A Direct 3D Object Tracking Method Based on Dynamic Textured Model Rendering and Extended Dense Feature Fields
L. Zhong, M. Lu, and L. Zhang

Convolutional Neural Network-Based Block Up-Sampling for Intra Frame Coding
Y. Li, D. Liu, H. Li, L. Li, F. Wu, H. Zhang, and H. Yang

Low-Complexity Joint Temporal-Quality Scalability Rate Control for H.264/SVC
R. Atta and M. Ghanbari 2

Superimposed Modulation for Soft Video Delivery With Hidden Resources
F. Liang, C. Luo, R. Xiong, W. Zeng, and F. Wu

Design and FPGA-Based Realization of a Chaotic Secure Video Communication System
S. Chen, S. Yu, J. Lü, G. Chen, and J. He

An Overview of Cross-Media Retrieval: Concepts, Methodologies, Benchmarks, and Challenges
Y. Peng, X. Huang, and Y. Zhao

A High-Precision Low-Area Unified Architecture for Lossy and Lossless 3D Multi-Level Discrete Wavelet Transform
R. Biswas, S. R. Malreddy, and S. Banerjee

XOR-Based Visual Cryptographic Schemes With Monotonously Increasing and Flawless Reconstruction Properties
S. J. Shyu

Octagonal Mapping Scheme for Panoramic Video Encoding
W. Chengjia, Z. Haiwu, and S. Xiwu

Low-Complexity Order-64 Integer Cosine Transform Design and Its Application in HEVC
Z. Chen, Q. Han, and W.-K. Cham

Event-Guided Structured Output Tracking of Fast-Moving Objects Using a CeleX Sensor
J. Huang, S. Wang, M. Guo, and S. Chen

Exploiting the Spatio-Temporal Attributes of HD Videos: A Bandwidth Efficient Approach
M. A. Usman, M. R. Usman, and S. Y. Shin

HTTP/2 Push-Based Low-Delay Live Streaming Over Mobile Networks With Stream Termination
H. T. Le, T. Nguyen, N. P. Ngoc, A. T. Pham, and T. C. Thang

Screen Content Image Quality Assessment Using Multi-Scale Difference of Gaussian
Y. Fu, H. Zeng, L. Ma, Z. Ni, J. Zhu, and K.-K. Ma

Region-Aware Image Denoising by Exploring Parameter Preference
Y. Niu, Y. Yang, W. Guo, and L. Lin