March 2017, Volume 7, Issue 1

Guest Editorial 

Organic/Printed Electronics: A Circuits and Systems Perspective
J. S. Chang, A. F. Facchetti, and R. Reuss


A Circuits and Systems Perspective of Organic/Printed Electronics: Review, Challenges, and Contemporary and Emerging Design Approaches
J. S. Chang, A. F. Facchetti, and R. Reuss 

Flexible Hybrid Electronic Circuits and Systems
D. E. Schwartz, J. Rivnay, G. L. Whiting, P. Mei, Y. Zhang, B. Krusor, S. Kor, G. Daniel, S. E. Ready, J. Veres, and R. A. Street 

Large-Area Electronics: A Platform for Next-Generation Human- Computer Interfaces
J. Sanz-Robinson, T. Moy, L. Huang, W. Rieutort-Louis, Y. Hu, S. Wagner, J. C. Sturm, and N. Verma 

Sticker-Type Hybrid Photoplethysmogram Monitoring System Integrating CMOS IC With Organic Optical Sensors
Y. Lee, H. Lee, J. Jang, J. Lee, M. Kim, J. Lee, H. Kim, S. Yoo, and H.-J. Yoo 

Analogue Frontend Amplifiers for Bio-Potential Measurements Manufactured With a-IGZO TFTs on Flexible Substrate
C. Garripoli, J.-L. P. J. van der Steen, F. Torricelli, M. Ghittorelli, G. H. Gelinck, A. H.M. Van Roermund, and E. Cantatore 

Device-Circuit Interactions and Impact on TFT Circuit-System Design
X. Cheng, S. Lee, R. Chaji, and A. Nathan 

Programmable Neuron Array Based on a 2-Transistor Multiplier Using Organic Floating-Gate for Intelligent Sensors
 A. K. M. M. Islam, M. Hamamatsu, T. Yokota, S. Lee, W. Yukita, M. Takamiya, T. Someya, and T. Sakurai 

Array of Organic Field-Effect Transistor for Advanced Sensing
X. Wu and J. Huang 

Design of Fully-Printed Organic Circuits on Plastic Foils for Wireless Systems
M. A. Sankhare, E. Bergeret, M. Guerin, P. Pannier, and R. Coppard 

A Silicon-Organic Hybrid Voltage Equalizer for Supercapacitor Balancing
V. Keshmiri, D. Westerberg, P. Andersson Ersman, M. Sandberg, R. Forchheimer, and D. Tu 

An Open Platform for Fully-Additive Printed Electronics
T. Ge and J. Zhou 

High-Speed Plastic Integrated Circuits: Process Integration, Design, and Test
M. Torres-Miranda, A. Petritz, A. Fian, C. Prietl, H. Gold, H. Aboushady, Y. Bonnassieux, and B. Stadlober 

Printed Organic and Inorganic Electronics: Devices To Systems
G. A. Torres Sevilla and M. M. Hussain 

Development of a Simple Manufacturing Process for All-Inkjet Printed Organic Thin Film Transistors and Circuits
E. Ramon, C. Martínez-Domingo, A. Alcalde-Aragonés, and J. Carrabina