June 2017, Volume 7, Issue 2

Guest Editorial Complex Network for Modern Smart Grid Applications (Part 1: Analysis and Application)
H. H.-C. Iu, C.-C. Chu, C. O. Nwankpa, C. W. Wu

Complex Networks Theory For Modern Smart Grid Applications: A Survey
C.-C. Chu, H. H.-C. Iu

Modeling the Dynamics of Cascading Failures in Power Systems
X. Zhang, C. Zhan, C. K. Tse

A Comparison of Malicious Interdiction Strategies Against Electrical Networks
P. Cuffe

Probabilistic Model for Studying Blackouts in Power Networks
Z. Galias

Effects of Cyber Coupling on Cascading Failures in Power Systems
X. Zhang, D. Liu, C. Zhan, C. K. Tse

Multi-Layer Interaction Graph for Analysis and Mitigation of Cascading Outages
W. Ju, K. Sun, J. Qi

Coordinated Active Power Dispatch for a Microgrid via Distributed Lambda Iteration
J. Hu, M. Z. Q. Chen, J. Cao, J. M. Guerrero

Microgrid Energy Management Combining Sensitivities, Interval and Probabilistic Uncertainties of Renewable Generation and Loads
V. Mohan, R. Suresh, J. G. Singh, W. Ongsakul, N. Madhu

Automated Generation Algorithm for Synthetic Medium Voltage Radial Distribution Systems
E. Schweitzer, A. Scaglione, A. Monti, G. A. Pagani

Sizing and Siting of Large-Scale Batteries in Transmission Grids to Optimize the Use of Renewables
L. Fiorini, G. A. Pagani, P. Pelacchi, D. Poli, M. Aiello

Mixed Integer Second Order Cone Relaxation With Dynamic Simulation for Proper Power System Islanding Operations
T. Ding, K. Sun, Q. Yang, A. W. Khan, Z. Bie

Agent-Based Distributed Control Schemes for Distributed Energy Storage Systems Under Cyber Attacks
D. D. Sharma, S. N. Singh, J. Lin, E. Foruzan

Proximal Jacobian Distribution Optimal Power Flow in a Distributed Cyber-Physical Environment
M. Carrasco, F. Mancilla-David, A. Angulo, J. Weston, P. Papantoni-Kazakos

Information-Energy Flow Computation and Cyber-Physical Sensitivity Analysis for Power Systems
S. Xin, Q. Guo, H. Sun, C. Chen, J. Wang, B. Zhang