September 2017, Volume 7, Issue 3

Improving Power Grid Stability With Communication Infrastructure
Martin Pavlovski ; Andrej Gajduk ; Mirko Todorovski ; Ljupco Kocarev

Hybrid Controller for Wind Turbine Generators to Ensure Adequate Frequency Response in Power Networks
Yichen Zhang ; Kevin Tomsovic ; Seddik M. Djouadi ; Hector Pulgar-Painemal

Structural Emergency Control Paradigm
Thanh Long Vu ; Spyros Chatzivasileiadis ; Hsiao-Dong Chiang ; Konstantin Turitsyn

Distributed Power Control for Transient Stability of Multimachine Power Systems
Ji Xiang ; David J. Hill ; Jin Ma

Which Generation Unit Should be Selected as Control Leader in Secondary Frequency Control of Microgrids?
Ali Moradi Amani ; Nozhatalzaman Gaeini ; Mahdi Jalili ; Xinghuo Yu

An Effective Method for Low-Frequency Oscillations Damping in MultiBus DC Microgrids
Nasim Rashidirad ; Mohsen Hamzeh ; Keyhan Sheshyekani ; Ebrahim Afjei

Analysis of Dynamical Robustness to Noise in Power Grids
Lucia Valentina Gambuzza ; Arturo Buscarino ; Luigi Fortuna ; Maurizio Porfiri ; Mattia Frasca

A Framework for Dynamic Stability Analysis of Power Systems With Volatile Wind Power
Xiaozhe Wang ; Tao Wang ; Hsiao-Dong Chiang ; Jianhui Wang ; Hui Liu

The Proactive Defense of Energy Internet Terminals Edge-Access Using the Network Topology Autoassociation
Bo Zhang ; Qianmu Li ; Yiying Zhang ; Xi Chen

A Decentralized Approach for Frequency Control and Economic Dispatch in Smart Grids
Pengpeng Lü ; Jinquan Zhao ; Jianguo Yao ; Shengchun Yang

Power Swing Detection in UPFC-Compensated Line by Phase Angle of Current
Jalal Khodaparast ; Mojtaba Khederzadeh ; Filipe Faria da Silva ; Claus Leth Bak