Pandemics are a challenge to humanity; with the interconnected world, the spread of pandemics is much faster and wider. An additional challenge faced is that it is difficult to predict the outcome of pandemics. In history, pandemics had cost millions of lives. The outcome of pandemics can be significantly changed by our efforts such as make an ecosystem for early reporting and predicting. Learning we can take from history is that we should put effort and build an ecosystem that can adapt fast to address issues of pandemics in the future.

With COVID-19, people all over the world are reminded again of this. People became aware of best practices and the government is forcing measures such as social distancing and stay at home. Several companies and researchers across the world are working on addressing issues such as finding drugs, vaccines, and methods to test faster. With the size of the pandemic, the cost of the solution provided is also of concern, especially for developing countries.

This competition, organized by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS), aims to support startups trying to create technology solutions aligned with Circuits and Systems Society goals to help in the COVID-19 pandemic. The technologies can be geared (at low-cost for large scale application) for diagnostics, treatment, surveillance, and prevention, targeted for specific communities (such as nursing homes, refugee camps, etc.).

The competition will take place as a virtual event. The startups submit their demonstration videos (at most 10 minutes) showing the main achievement, business applicability, and scalability in the current pandemic, business model, the relevance to the Circuits and Systems Technical Strategic Areas. The judging panel consisting of the CASS experts, venture capitalists, and doctors from all over the world select the winners. 

Winning Prize:

The winning teams will be invited to join ISCAS 2020 in Seville (11-14 October 2020) to receive their award and provide a live demo. The CASS will provide grants of US$ 10000 for the top selected idea and US$5000 for two runners up ideas. CASS will allow them to use the society logo as an endorsement to the selected ideas. To help the startups to scale and initiate business CAS will be providing mentoring from the CAS society experts in the field and the committee members including doctors and venture capitalists. 


Young startups working for technology-based solutions to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.

Judging Criteria:

  • main achievement
  • business applicability and scalability in the current pandemic
  • business model
  • the relevance to the Circuits and Systems Technical Strategic Areas


Judging Panel

  • Philippe Royannez, Intel Singapore, Committee Chair
  • Navneet Gupta, Committee Vice Chair
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Straub, Prof. International Management, GSEM - University of Geneva
  • Enric Jané, Independent Consultant Gates Ventures, Founder - Global Health and Development Consulting
  • Andy Chen, Founding General Partner REDDS Capital, 2020 IEEE TEMS President
  • Kush Agarwal, Co-Founder Synapse Technologies, 2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee 
  • Kiran Gunnam, Distinguished Engineer - Machine Learning & Computer Vision, Technology & Strategy Division, Western Digital Corporation
  • Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani, Professor, UPM Malaysia
  • Brandon Wang, VP, Design Group, Synopsys Inc.
  • Nikhil Madan, Director, Design Group, Synopsys Inc.
  • Thierry Agagliate, Head, InZone Research and Education Center, Geneva University
  • Yoshifumi Nishio, Professor, Tokushima Unversity, CASS VP RAM
  • Iveth Gonzales, Tdh, Medical Doctor
  • Abdoulaye Kanté, Tdh, ICT4D West Africa
  • Hadi Heidari, Asst. Prof, Glasgow University, CASS BoG member
  • Ab Srinivasan, Cloudera Foundation, Big Data and AI/ML
  • Rajiv Joshi, IBM Research And Development, Yorktown USA, BoG member
  • Andrei Vladimirescu, BWRC, Berkeley USA, BoG member
  • Dr. Mukesh Singh, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine


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View the competition results here.


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