Dear IEEE Circuits and Systems Society member,

This message is to notify you that the nomination deadline for the IEEE CASS Society annual awards has been extended to 1 March 2022

For more information please visit the CASS awards page where you will find descriptions of the awards being given in 2022.

Online submissions: (Note: Self-nominations are not allowed for any award other than the Pre-Doctoral Grant Awards and Chapter of the Year Awards)

It is very desirable that members who have contributed significantly to the various CAS Society activities highlighted by our awards be recognized. This is our way of showing our appreciation for their accomplishments.

Questions regarding awards and nominations should be sent to the CASS Operations Manager at

Thank you for your cooperation and effort.

Best regards,

Amara Amara
2022 Awards Committee Chair
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

PLEASE NOTE: Award recipients may be announced on the IEEE CAS Society website, newsletter, and relevant Social Media sites.