Upcoming Calendar of DLP Talks

Date and TimeHosting ChapterSpeakerDL Talks Title

13 April 2022

Region 10
Delhi Section
Peter Kennedy

Recent Advances in Frequency Synthesis


26 April 2022

Region 8 France SectionJennifer Blain Christen

Fully Passive Wireless Sensors for
      Biosignal Acquisition


9 May 2022

Region 7 British Columbia
Vancouver/Victoria Section
Partha Pratim Pande

Interconnect Meets Architecture: On-Chip Communication in the Age of Heterogeneity

SFU and Online

1 June 2022

Region 8
Joint CASS / SSC Chapter
Ljiljana Trajkovic

Complex Networks

Technical University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

9 June 2022

Region 2 Philidelphia Section

Gabriel A. Rincón-Mora

Unraveling Feedback Translations