Why should Society members form a Chapter?
Chapters are ideal vehicles for informative technical meetings and for networking at the local level. Chapters can receive funding from both the parent technical Society and the parent Section.

Who can form an IEEE Chapter?
To form a Chapter, you must be an active member of the IEEE holding the grade of Member, Senior Member or Fellow. You must also be a member of the Section and the Society. If it is a joint Chapter, membership in only one of the Sections is required.

How do I form a Chapter?
By completing a Society Chapter petition which must be signed by at least 12 qualified members and approved by the Section Chair. IEEE Staff is available to assist you in any step of the process of Chapter Development. Please visit the IEEE Society Chapter homepage or direct any questions to: Liz Parascondola, IEEE Society Chapter Coordinator, phone: +1 732 562 5357, fax: +1 732 981 1769, e-mail: tad-chap-dev@ieee.org

What is the difference between a Region, a Section, and a Chapter?
The membership of the IEEE is divided geographically into three administrative Units. The first division is that of Regions of which there are 10 worldwide. They are: Regions 1-6 which consist of the IEEE membership in the United States; Region 7 is Canadian members; Region 8 is Europe, Africa, and the Middle East; Region 9 is Latin America and the Caribbean; and Region 10 is Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Rim countries. The second division is the Sections. There are about 300 Sections, which are subunits of Regions, divided geographically to facilitate administration and local activities. The third division is Chapters. Chapters are technical subunits of one or more Sections. There are 37 different Technical Societies which are represented by the Chapters in each Section.

Who is eligible to hold office in a Chapter?
To be eligible to hold office in an IEEE Section you must be an active member of the IEEE. You must hold the grade of Member, Senior Member, or Fellow, or Life Member, Life Senior, or Life Fellow. You must also be a member of the Section. Society Chapter Officers must be members of the Society (if it is a joint Society Chapter, membership in only one of the Societies is required).

What reporting requirements must Chapters follow?
CAS Chapters must report annually in two ways:

  1. Report to IEEE. Chapters are required to annually report meeting activity, financial activity and current officers to the parent Section. These reports must be submitted at the end of each year.  For more information, see the IEEE Chapter Reporting web page.
  2. Report to CAS Society. At the end of each year, Chapters must report to CAS Society their activities of the current year as well as describe the plans for the next year The report must be done online here. In case of any questions, you should contact the corresponding CASS BoG Region Representative.

Are there funds available for my Chapter?
Yes, funds are provided by the IEEE to eligible units through the annual Chapter rebate. $200 per Chapter which meets the IEEE reporting requirements explained above.

In addition to IEEE funding, the CAS Society provides the following financial support to its Chapters:

  • An amount that will depend on an assessment of the activities carried out in the previous year and on the plans for the current year. These should be submitted online here.
  • Chapters can also apply for support for specific activities through the CAS Society Outreach Initiative.
  • $500 in “start-up” funds for NEW chapters. (PLEASE NOTE: If a chapter is joint, it is expected that the other societies contribute equal shares.)

For further information, please refer to the Regional and Membership Division webpage. There you can find more information about BoG Region Representatives and active Chapters.