Here are the pdf’s of several presentations at ISCAS 2011

Here is the report of the TC meeting in Rio during ISCAS 2011

  • Prepare a Special Issue of the CAS Magazine reporting experiences and adopted teaching models. expected for Q1 2009
  • Education and Outreach Technical Committee to generate a position paper.
  • Develop a dedicated web page and collect material related to the education issues to be uploaded.
  • Make contacts with the IEEE Education Society.
  • Advertise these initiatives in CAS Magazine, CASS e-newsletter, IEEE Transactions on Education.
  • Appoint CASS representatives to other IEEE Societies to observe and follow related discussions.
  • Enrich the CASS Distinguished Lecturer Program with speakers on topics related to education.
  • Work closer with regional VPs and regional CASS Chapters.
  • CASS should help develop a series of video recordings of lectures and related educational material.
  • Organize a discussion panel at ISCAS 2009.
  • The Education and Outreach Technical Committee to develop a list of objectives and tools with the goal of motivating students.
  • Develop concepts inventory in CAS.
  • Promote group-based design projects that require active learning.
  • Promote projects that “rattle things apart” and build systems for first-year engineering students.
  • Develop career trajectories in CAS.
  • Promote ethics and professional respect.
  • Involve IEEE with the accreditation of academic programs.

Workshop Views, Experience, and Prospects for Education in Circuits and Systems, May 22, 2008 Seattle News.html