May 22, 2021 to May 28, 2021
Hybrid - Daegu, Korea

As a result of closely monitoring the current COVID-19 situation, the Organizing Committee decided to run ISCAS 2021 in a hybrid format (both virtual and on-site) for the safety and health of all participants. With the change of the format of the conference, the conference schedule has been modified from 23-26 May to 22-28 May 2021

Virtual events will be held during 22-28 May 2021 through the ISCAS 2021 virtual platform (CONFlux). For those who wish to attend ISCAS 2021 on-site, the on-site events will be held during 23-25 May 2021. On-site events are also broadcasted on CONFlux.

Please note that currently there is a 2-week mandatory quarantine period in an isolated space at your own expense for all travelers entering Korea, before freely attending the ISCAS 2021 event in Daegu, Korea. The restriction may change later. We will keep the traveling rules updates posted.

We appreciate your commitment and interest. We look forward to seeing you and meeting you at ISCAS 2021 either on CONFlux or on-site.

On behalf of the ISCAS 2021 Organizing Committee,

Jinwook Burm
JinGyun Chung
Myung Hoon Sunwoo
ISCAS 2021 General Chairs