December 1, 2019 to December 4, 2019
Sydney, Australia

The 2019 VCIP will be the ninth time of this event. VCIP 2019 shall inherit the tradition of previous conferences in providing fertile ground for leading engineers and scientists from around the world to escalate collaboratively the research frontiers within these and related areas. The main theme of 2019 would be new visual processing tools. The topics in VCIP 2019 will cover but not limited to the following items: • Emerging Techniques for Next Generation Video/Image Coding • Point Cloud Capture and Compression • Advanced Techniques for Emerging Stereo and Multi-view Videos • Visual Communications • Cloud Multimedia Systems, Applications and Services • Multimedia Content Analysis, Representation, and Understanding • Machine learning for Multimedia • Multimedia and Multimodal User Interfaces and Interaction Models • Multimedia Networking, Multimedia Traffic Management • Scalable Multimedia Service Distribution, Multimedia • Mobile & Wireless Multimedia Communications over 5G