The call for proposals for the Outreach 2013 initiative is closed. The deadline for applications was 16th November 2012 to support initiatives held in 2013.
For further details you can download the presentation of the Outreach 2013 initiative by VP Finance.

Results of the CASS Outreach Initiative 2013

Call for Surplus Proposals 2013

Our Society has been doing well financially over the past year. As a results funds are available from the Operating Surplus 2012 to fund extra initiatives and events to be held this year (by no later than 31st December 2013).

We would like  to use this opportunity to support initiatives or events that can be proposed by any member, Chapter or Technical Committee. If you would like to seek CASS Support for initiatives or events please submit via email to VP Financial Activities a pdf file with up to 2 A4 pages with the following information:

  • Name and full contact details of the proposer (individual member, chapter or committee)
  • Title of the initiative/event
  • Brief description of the initiative/event (max. 250 words)
  • Description of how the planned activity will benefit the Society (max. 500 words)
  • Metrics to measure its success (max. 250 words)
  • Financial support requested from CAS (please specify if other organizations are also providing additional funding and how much)

All proposals must be received by no later than 28th June 2013. All proposals will then be evaluated and ranked by the BoG Financial Activities division and funding will be allocated accordingly.
Please notice that we cannot support research proposals or acquisition of equipment or hiring of support staff.

For any further information feel free to contact Mario di Bernardo (VP Financial Activities)

Please note that If the proposal is funded, a brief 1 page report will have to be submitted for publication on CAS Newsletter and the CAS website to inform all members and report to the wider CAS community.