August 2018, Volume 65, Issue 8

A 0.49–13.3 MHz Tunable Fourth-Order LPF with Complex Poles Achieving 28.7 dBm OIP3
Pedram Payandehnia; Hamidreza Maghami; Hossein Mirzaie; Manjunath Kareppagoudr; Siladitya Dey; Massoud Tohidian; Gabor C. Temes

A 53 dB Omega 7 -GHz Inductorless Transimpedance Amplifier and a 1-THz+ GBP Limiting Amplifier in 0.13- mu m CMOS
Sagar Ray; Mona Mostafa Hella

Low-Power Single-Ended SAR ADC Using Symmetrical DAC Switching for Image Sensors With Passive CDS and PGA Technique
Jingyu Wang; Shubin Liu; Yi Shen; Zhangming Zhu

A Systematic Design Method for Direct Delta-Sigma Receivers
Mikko Englund; Faizan Ul Haq; Kari Stadius; Marko Kosunen; Kim B. Östman; Kimmo Koli; Jussi Ryynänen

Theoretical Analysis of Circuit Non-Idealities in a Passive Spectrum Scanner Based on Periodically Time-Varying Circuit Components
Neha Sinha; Sudhakar Pamarti

Optimal Design for Realizing a Grounded Fractional Order Inductor Using GIC
Avishek Adhikary; Sourabh Choudhary; Siddhartha Sen

Integrated ExG, Vibration and Temperature Measurement Front-End for Wearable Sensing
Robert Rieger; Mochammad Rif’an

A Scalable Optoelectronic Neural Probe Architecture With Self-Diagnostic Capability
Hubin Zhao; Ahmed Soltan; Pleun Maaskant; Na Dong; Xiaohan Sun; Patrick Degenaar

A 0.2 V 32-Kb 10T SRAM With 41 nW Standby Power for IoT Applications
Yung-Chen Chien; Jinn-Shyan Wang

Low Complexity Implementation of Unified Systolic Multipliers for NIST Pentanomials and Trinomials OverGF(2m)
Qiliang Shao; Zhenji Hu; Shaik Nazeem Basha; Zhiping Zhang; Zhiqiang Wu; Chiou-Yng Lee; Jiafeng Xie

Efficient Mapping of Boolean Functions to Memristor Crossbar Using MAGIC NOR Gates
Phrangboklang Lyngton Thangkhiew; Rahul Gharpinde; Kamalika Datta

Faster Residue Multiplication Modulo 521-bit Mersenne Prime and an Application to ECC
Shoukat Ali; Murat Cenk

Efficient Progressive Radiance Estimation Engine Architecture and Implementation for Progressive Photon Mapping
Ching-Chieh Chiu; Lan-Da Van; Yu-Shu Lin

All-Digital Blind Background Calibration Technique for Any Channel Time-Interleaved ADC
Yongtao Qiu; You-Jiang Liu; Jie Zhou; Guifu Zhang; Dahai Chen; Niantong Du

Low-Cost Lifting Architecture and Lossless Implementation of Daubechies-8 Wavelets
Md. Mehedi Hasan; Khan A. Wahid

An Area-Efficient Column-Parallel Digital Decimation Filter With Pre-BWI Topology for CMOS Image Sensor
Fang Tang; Zhongjie Wang; Yingjun Xia; Fan Liu; Xichuan Zhou; Shengdong Hu; Zhi Lin; Amine Bermak

Phase Transition Analysis of Dual-Mode Standing-Rotary Traveling-Wave Oscillator
Soolmaz Abbasalizadeh; Hossein Miar-Naimi

Efficient Modeling of Crosstalk Noise on Power Distribution Networks for Contactless 3-D ICs
Ioannis A. Papistas; Vasilis F. Pavlidis

Device and Compact Circuit-Level Modeling of Graphene Field-Effect Transistors for RF and Microwave Applications
Lei Sang; Yulong Xu; Yun Wu; Rongmin Chen

Model Reduction Using Parameterized Limited Frequency Interval Gramians for 1-D and 2-D Separable Denominator Discrete-Time Systems
Deepak Kumar; Victor Sreeram; Xin Du

40-nm CMOS Wideband High-IF Receiver Using a Modified Charge-Sharing Bandpass Filter to Boost Q-Factor
Filipe Dias Baumgratz; Sandro Binsfeld Ferreira; Michiel S. J. Steyaert; Sergio Bampi; Filip Tavernier

A Novel Transmitter Architecture for Spectrally-Precoded OFDM
Medhat Mohamad; Rickard Nilsson; Jaap Van De Beek

A Low-Latency and Area-Efficient Gram–Schmidt-Based QRD Architecture for MIMO Receiver
Dongyeob Shin; Jongsun Park

A 93% Peak Efficiency Fully-Integrated Multilevel Multistate Hybrid DC–DC Converter
Abdullah Abdulslam; Baker Mohammad; Mohammed Ismail; Patrick P. Mercier; Yehea Ismail

A 12 mV Input, 90.8% Peak Efficiency CRM Boost Converter With a Sub-Threshold Startup Voltage for TEG Energy Harvesting
Junchao Mu; Lianxi Liu