July 2018, Volume 65, Issue 7

High-Efficiency Microwave Rectifier With Extended Operating Bandwidth
Yue Long Lin; Xiu Yin Zhang; Zhi-Xia Du; Quan Wei Lin

A Low-Power 12-Bit Extended Counting ADC Without Calibration for CMOS Image Sensors
Byoung-Kwan Jeon; Seong-Kwan Hong; Oh-Kyong Kwon

A Low-Power Analog Delay Line Using a Current-Splitting Method for 3-D Ultrasound Imaging Systems
Ji-Yong Jeong; Jae-Sung An; Sung-Jin Jung; Seong-Kwan Hong; Oh-Kyong Kwon

A Wideband 2–5 GHz Noise Canceling Subthreshold Low Noise Amplifier
A. R. Aravinth Kumar; Bibhu Datta Sahoo; Ashudeb Dutta

An Adaptive Averaging Low Noise Front-End for Central and Peripheral Nerve Recording
Byunghun Lee; Maysam Ghovanloo

Implementation of Low Power Programmable Flash ADC Using IDUDGMOSFET
Sagar Mukherjee; Arka Dutta; Swarnil Roy; Chandan Kumar Sarkar

 A Novel 0.8-V 79-nW CMOS-Only Voltage Reference With −55-dB PSRR @ 100 Hz
Jihai Duan; Zhiyong Zhu; Jinli Deng; Weilin Xu; Baolin Wei

A Low-Power Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator Using a Resonant Single Op-Amp Third-Order Loop Filter
Young-Kyun Cho; Myung-Don Kim; Choul-Young Kim

A −89-dBc IMD3 DAC Sub-System in a 465-MHz BW CT Delta-Sigma ADC Using a Power and Area Efficient Calibration Technique
Jialin Zhao; Yunzhi Dong; Wenhua Yang; Hajime Shibata; Prawal Shrestha; Zhao Li; Trevor Caldwell; Jose B. Da Silva; Jeffrey Gealow

A Frequency Tunable Quadrature Coupler With Wide Tuning Range of Center Frequency and Wide Operating Bandwidth
Yu Fei Pan; Shao Yong Zheng; Yong Mei Pan; Yuan Xin Li; Yun Liang Long

A 10.6 pJ⋅K2Resolution FoM Temperature Sensor Using Astable Multivibrator
Bo Wang; Man-Kay Law; Chi-Ying Tsui; Amine Bermak

A Supply-Scalable Dual-Rate Dual-Mode DAC With an Adaptive Swing Control
Won-Jin Eom; Kihyun Kwon; Kwangmuk Lee; Jae Joon Kim

A 4x4 IR UWB Timed-Array Radar Based on 16-Channel Transmitter and Sampling Capacitor Reused Receiver
Lei Wang; Kok Hin Teng; Yong Lian; Chun Huat Heng

Spectral Efficiency Maximization of Multiuser Massive MIMO Systems With Finite-Dimensional Channel via Control of Users’ Power
O. Saatlou; M. Omair Ahmad; M. N. S. Swamy

An Enhanced Frequency-Ratio Coupled-Line Dual-Frequency Wilkinson Power Divider
M. H. Maktoomi; D. Banerjee; M. S. in

Bufferless Transmission in Complex Networks
Cunlai Pu; Wei Cui; Jiexin Wu; Jian Yang

RF Wide-Band Bandpass Filter With Dynamic In-Band Multi-Interference Suppression Capability
Dimitra Psychogiou; Roberto Gómez-García; Dimitrios Peroulis

A Wide-Range Low-Power PLL-Based PI Multiphase Generator Using an Adaptive Frequency Tracking Technique
Majid Jalalifar; Gyung-Su Byun

Investigation of a Voltage-Mode Controller for a dc-dc Multilevel Boost Converter
Wentao Jiang; Satyajit Hemant Chincholkar; Chok-You Chan

Reliable Output Feedback Control for Piecewise Affine Systems With Markov-Type Sensor Failure
Yanling Wei; Ju H. Park; Jianbin Qiu; Hoyoul Jung

EMI-Based Current and Voltage Sensing for the Control of Power Electronic Converters
Lotfi Beghou; Francois Costa

Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Capacitive Link for Wireless Power Transfer to Biomedical Implants
Reza Erfani; Fatemeh Marefat; Amir M. Sodagar; Pedram Mohseni

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI

Optimal Single Constant Multiplication Using Ternary Adders
Martin Kumm; Oscar Gustafsson; Mario Garrido; Peter Zipf

Timing Error Prediction AVFS With Detection Window Tuning for Wide-Operating-Range ICs
Weiwei Shan; Xinchao Shang; Longxing Shi; Wentao Dai; Jun Yang

Progressive Scaled STT-RAM for Approximate Computing in Multimedia Applications
Behzad Zeinali; Dimitrios Karsinos; Farshad Moradi

Optimized Interpolation and Cached Data Access in LUT-Based RGB-to-RGBW Conversion
Sunwoong Kim; Hyuk-Jae Lee

An Energy-Efficient ECG Processor With Weak-Strong Hybrid Classifier for Arrhythmia Detection
Zhijian Chen; Jiahui Luo; Kaiwen Lin; Jiaquan Wu; Taotao Zhu; Xiaoyan Xiang; Jianyi Meng

Optimal Dismantling of Interdependent Networks Based on Inverse Explosive Percolation
Dawei Zhao; Bo Gao; Yaofei Wang; Lianhai Wang; Zhen Wang

Recursive Maximum Correntropy Learning Algorithm With Adaptive Kernel Size
Hamid Radmanesh; Mojtaba Hajiabadi

Projected Kernel Recursive Maximum Correntropy
Ji Zhao; Hongbin Zhang; Gang Wang