Before the event

  1. Please make sure to contact CASS Executive Director, Ms Heidi Zazza ( to confirm your willingness to go ahead with the proposed activity and arrange the funding transfer
  2. Make sure to announce your activity as widely as possible, making use where appropriate of the IEEE CASS website and mailing lists to announce events, meetings etc. Also alert your local chapter and relevant CASS technical committee (information available on the CASS website

During the event

  1. Please acknowledge support from CASS Outreach Initiative during the meeting and clearly state CASS sponsorship on the even website and other information material
  2. Make available to all participants details on how to join the Society providing the link to the IEEE website for further info
  3. Keep a detailed list of all participants with contact details

After the event

Produce a report of the event detailing:

  • Title of the activity
  • Name of proposer
  • Total number of participants
  • how the budget was spent
  • a brief description of the activity (max 1page)

The report should be sent to  and within 1 month after completion of the event.