Upcoming ISCAS Locations

In order to ensure a regional spread of the ISCAS event, CASS has adopted a location cycle as follows:

ISCAS Organizing Guide

This manual is designed to assist committee chairs in planning and carrying out their responsibilities to make the IEEE International Symposium for Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) a success. Included are general guidelines, answers to some operational questions and suggested deadline dates for various stages of progress.

ISCAS Organizing Guide

ISCAS Selection Procedure

All information on the ISCAS Selection Procedure is included in this document. Also included is the final bid packet requirements.

ISCAS Selection Procedure and Final Bid Packet

For questions regarding ISCAS, CAS Conferences, the ISCAS Organizing Guide or ISCAS Selection Procedure, please contact the CASS Administrator Brittian Parkinson at manager@ieee-cas.org or the CASS VP-Conferences Myung Hoon Sunwoo at sunwoo@ajou.ac.kr.

ISCAS Steering Committee Guidelines

ISCAS Steering Committee Guidelines