Dear IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Members,

You are cordially invited by MWSCASWIE Boston, and WiCAS to participate in the MWSCAS Special Session - The Academic Life: A Faculty Development Workshop on 12 August 2020 from 3-5 PM EDT (-4:00 UTC). This event is free of charge and open to all; however, prior registration is required.

If you have decided on a career in academia, are considering a career in academia, or if you are already in an academic career path, this session is meant for you!

This workshop focuses on two critical aspects of an academic career: tenure and publishing.

In the first part, you will be presented with the details of a fictional tenure case through dramatization. A small cast will present an abridged version of the radio play Anatomy of a Tenure Case by Prof. Stephen Senturia.

You will become a faculty member and participate in the discussion and vote on this tenure case. While the details of this case are fictional, they are based on real events and real experiences. Understanding the process and the considerations will help you to develop insight into what matters, what is wrong, what is right, and how to successfully navigate the tenure process. Experienced faculty members will have the opportunity to reflect on what we can do to make this process better (in terms of fairness, transparency, etc.).

In the second part, we will discuss academic publication – how and why to get published – as presented by retired journal editor Prof. Stephen Senturia.

Click on the button below to register for our live session (A Zoom link will be sent to all registered participants prior to the workshop):

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The radio play Anatomy of a Tenure Case is based on the novel One Man’s Purpose by Prof. Stephen Senturia. A limited number of autographed copies of the book One Man’s Purpose will be distributed to registered participants. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please indicate this on the registration form.