Dear CASS Member,

Upon an audit of the most recent Board of Governors election, it was found that the affiliation of the Industry elected member was erroneously identified. While the individual does identify as industry, the main affiliation is academia due to the full-time current employment. Because of this discovery, we were required to revisit the BoG class to confirm that our Bylaw requirements were met. Due to this, the BoG class was slightly altered. The previously elected Industry candidate did receive enough votes to remain on the BoG, but the individual receiving the fewest number of votes, not elected to a specific demographic requirement, was discharged from the BoG in order to allow for an Industry member to join the BoG class. This is largely disappointing, and we acknowledge this, but thank the affected individuals for understanding the issue at hand and allowing us to respond in the way required by our Bylaws. The CASS Nominations Committee and Operations office has identified what led to this issue and is revisiting its procedures to guarantee that this does not happen again.