Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) Past Lecturers

PhotoSpeakerTermTitle of Lecture(s)
Hyuk-Jae Lee2020-2021

Lecture 1: New Memory Architecture for Deep Learning Applications

Lecture 2: Memory Access Optimization for Neural Network Processing 

Sorin Cotofana2019-2021

Lecture 1: Energy Effective Graphene-Based Computing

Man-Kay Law2019-2021

Lecture 1: High-Efficiency Capacitive Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Interfaces

Lecture 2: Ultra-low Power/Energy Efficient High Accuracy CMOS Temperature Sensors for passive RFID Applications

Lecture 3: Reconfigurable Fully Integrated Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter for IoT Applications

Gwo Giun (Chris) Lee2019-2021

Lecture 1: Enabling Accessible Health and Wellness via AI Humanity

Lecture 2: Machine Learning for Analytics Architecture: AI to Design AI

Andrew Mason2019-2021Lecture 1: Augmented Perception: Next Generation Wearables and Human-Machine Interfaces
Keshab Parhi2019-2021

Lecture 1: Machine Learning Systems: Low-Energy VLSI Architectures and Applications

Lecture 2: Hardware Security: Authentication and Functional Encryption

Nan Sun2019-2021

Lecture 1: When SAR meets sigma-delta - Hybridization of SAR and sigma-delta ADCs

Lecture 2: New Ingredients in the Pot - Rethink Analog IC Design

Lecture 3: Handheld CMOS NMR Biosensor

Lecture 4: Hybrid ADCs: Practical Design Considerations and Examples

Chua-Chin Wang2019-2021

Lecture 1: Nano-scale CMOS Mixed-voltage Digital I/O Buffer Design Methodology

Lecture 2: How to Design High-Speed Nano-scale CMOS Mixed-voltage Digital I/O Buffer with Reliable Slew Rate Insensitive to PVTL Variation

Jerald Yoo2019-2021

Lecture 1: Body Area Network – Connecting things together around the body.

Lecture 2: On-Chip Epilepsy Detection: Where Machine Learning Meets Wearable, Patient-Specific Wearable Healthcare.

Andreas Andreou2019-2020

Lecture #1: 
Architectures in 14nm FinFET CMOS for Computational Memories and Imagers

Lecture #2: Circuits in 14nm FinFET CMOS for Computational Memories and Imagers

Ce Zhu2019-2020

Lecture #1: Towards Global Rate-Distortion Optimization in Video Coding: Recent Developments

Lecture #2: Rate-Distortion Optimization in Video Coding: from Local to Global

David J. Allstot2018-2019Lecture #1: Switched-Capacitor Circuits: From Maxwell to the Internet of Things 
Alyssa Apsel2018-2019

Lecture #1: Making Sense of Low Power and Ultra Low Power Radio
Lecture #2: Flexible Radios and Flexible Networks

Chip Hong Chang2018-2019Lecture #1: Hardware Intrinsic Security: Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities
Lecture #2: Physical Unclonable Functions – Past, Present and Future
Yo-Sung Ho2018-2019Lecture #1: 3D Video Processing for Immersive AR/VR Contents Generation
Hai "Helen" Li2018-2019Lecture #1: Brain-Inspired Computing: The Extraordinary Voyages in Known and Unknown Worlds
Lecture #2: Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Computing - Technology, Hardware, and Implementation
Chia-Wen Lin2018-2019Lecture #1: Bridging CNNs and Unsupervised Image Clustering: A Hybrid Data-Driven and Model-Based Approach
Lecture #2: Stereo Video Retargeting: Bringing the Theater Experience into Our Home
Lecture #3: Visual Content Retargeting: Algorithms, Applications, and Quality Assessment
Shanthi Pavan2018-2019Lecture #1: Dissecting Design Choices in Continuous-time Delta-Sigma Converters
Lecture #2: Linear Periodically Time-Varying Circuits and Systems Demystified
Gabriel A. Rincón-Mora2018-2019Lecture #1: Energizing and Powering Microsystems
Lecture #2: Tiny Energy-Harvesting Piezoelectric Chargers
Lecture #3: Light-Harvesting Photovoltaic Charger–Supplies
Lecture #4: Tiny Inductively Powered Battery Chargers
Leonel Sousa2018-2019Lecture #1: Modular Arithmetic based Circuits and Systems for Emerging Technologies and Applications: Deep Neural Networks and Cryptography
Lecture #2: Modeling Performance and Energy-Efficiency of Multi-Cores: The Cache-Aware Roofline Approach and The Intel Advisor
Michael Tse2018-2019Lecture #1: Modeling Cascading Failure in Power Systems from a Network Perspective
Lecture #2: How did Facebook grow? Did Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat and others grow in the same way? — A Network-Based Universal Growth Law
Marvin Chang2017-2018Lecture #1: Challenges in Circuits and Systems for Emerging Memory Based Energy-Efficient Intelligent Electronics
Lecture #2:
Challenges and Trends of Memory Circuit Designs for Energy-Efficient IoT Devices
Jose de la Rosa2017-2018

Lecture #1: Next-Generation Sigma-Delta Converters: Trends and Challenges in a Digital-Driven World
Tutorial #2:
Designing Sigma-Delta Data Converters: From Theory Foundations to Chip Implementation

Pantelis Georgiou2017-2018

Lecture #1: The Bio-Inspired Artificial Pancreas for Treatment of Diabetes
Tutorial #2:
CMOS Design for DNA Detection Using Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistors

Bah-Hwee Gwee2017-2018

Lecture #1: Secured Microchip Design: Side Channel Attack and its Countermeasure
Lecture #2: Randomized Modulation for Low-Harmonics Low-Noise Switched-Mode DC-DC Converters

Sanjit Mitra2017-2018Lecture #1: Structural Interpretations of Stability Tests of Linear Systems
Lecture #2:
Structural Subband Decomposition: A New Concept in Digital Signal Processing
Kenneth Jenkins2017-2018

Lecture #1: Current Practices and Future Research Directions in Adaptive Signal Processing
Lecture #2:
Arithmetic vs. Algorithmic Fault Tolerance for Highly Scaled VLSI Signal Processors
Lecture #3:
Design and Performance of Adaptive Systems Based on Bio-Inspired Optimization Strategies
Lecture #4:
The Wild Historical Tug-a-War: “DSP Theory versus IC Technology”

Gabor Temes2017-2018Lecture #1: Multi-Step Incremental Analog-to-Digital Converters for Ultra-Low-Power Applications
Lecture #2:
Pseudo-pseudo Differential Circuits
Riccardo Rovatti2017-2018Lecture #1: Adapted Compressed Sensing for IoT Applications
Lecture #2:
Zero-Cost Security for Embedded Systems by Compressed Sensing
Hao Yu2017-2018Lecture #1: Machine-learning Enhanced Biomedical Data Analytics for Point-of-care Diagnosis System
Lecture #2:
CMOS Integrated Lab-on-a-chip System for Personalized DNA Sequencing
Arindam Basu75Arindam Basu
2016-2017Lecture #1: Designing Low-power “Intelligent” Chips in the face of Statistical Variations of Nanoscale Devices: The Neuromorphic Solution
jie_chen75Jie Chen2016-2017Lecture #1: Designing and micro/nano-fabricating portable impedance-based point-of-care biosensors
Lecture #2: Developing pulsed wave instruments for renewable biofuel and therapeutic applications
Tutorial #1: Engineering of Nanobiotechnological Systems
yenkuangchen75Yen-Kuang Chen2016-2017Lecture #1: Challenges and Opportunities of circuits and systems on Internet of Things
Lecture #2: Perpetual Wireless Video Camera for Internet-of-Things
Mario-75Mario Di Bernardo2016-2017Lecture #1: Self-organizing control and synchronization of complex networks
Lecture #2: From power converters to walking robots: analysis, bifurcations and control of piecewise-smooth circuits and systems
Julius Georgiou 75Julius Georgiou2016-2017Lecture #1: Microelectronic Systems for Improved Quality of Life
Lecture #2: A Fluoroscopic Cancer Screening Capsule for the Small Intestine
Tsung-Yi Ho75Tsung-Yi Ho2016-2017Lecture #1: The Coming of Age of Microfluidics: Connecting Algorithms and Foundations of Chip Design to Biochemistry and the Life Sciences
Lecture #2: Design Automation, Test, Error Recovery: Toward Secure, Dependable, and Adaptive Large-Scale Lab-on-Chip (LOC) Systems
Ebroul Izquierdo75Ebroul Izquierdo2016-2017Lecture #1: Face Recognition in the Wild
Lecture #2: Visual Information Retrieval: From Machine Vision to Human Computation
Weisi Lin75Weisi Lin2016-2017Lecture #1:
Tutorial #1: 
Perception-driven Visual Signal Modeling, Evaluation and Processing
Shih-Chii LiuShih-Chii Liu2016-2017Lecture #1: Event-Based Auditory Processing with Spiking Silicon Cochleas and Deep Networks
Lecture #2: 
Event-Based Auditory Processing with Spiking Silicon Cochleas and Deep Networks
Lexing Xie75Lexing Xie2016-2017Lecture #1:
Lecture #2:
 Understanding of Images and Language with Knowledge and Styles
Maysam_GhovanlooMaysam Ghovanloo2015-2016Lecture #1:
Lecture #2: 
Efficient Power and Wideband Data Transmission in Near Field
chingyung-photo-headChing-Yung Lin2015-2016Lecture #1: Linked Big Data Analytics and Systems
Lecture #2: Network Science and Graph Computing for Social and Cognitive Analytics
David Atienza2014-2015Lecture #1: Thermal-Aware Design of 2D/3D MPSoC Architectures
Lecture #2: Ultra-Low Power Wireless Body Sensor Networks for Smart Bio-Signals Monitoring Systems
Hsueh-Ming Hang2014-2015Lecture #1: What’s Next on Video Coding Technologies and Standards?
Lecture #2: Technology and Standard for Virtual-view 3D Systems
Mohsin Jamali2014-2015Lecture #1: Radar/Infra-Red/Acoustic Bird/Bat Monitoring System for Wind Turbine and Bird Strike Applications
Lecture #2: Development of Parallel Architectures for Radar Signal Processing
Jaeseok Kim2014-2015Lecture #1: Modem SoC design for IEEE 802.11n WLAN System
Lecture #2: Low-Power Modem SoC Design for UWB System
Tsorng-Juu (Peter) Liang2014-2015Lecture #1: A High-Power-Factor Non-Electrolytic-Capacitor LED Driver
Lecture #2: Battery Management System
Pui-In Mak2014-2015Lecture #1: High-/Mixed-Voltage Analog and RF Circuit Techniques for Nanoscale CMOS
Lecture #2: Intelligent Digital Microfluidics (iDMF) Technology – A Multidisciplinary Approach
Yehia Massoud2014-2015Lecture #1: Compressive Sampling for Low Power Sensors and Receivers
Lecture #2: VLSI Design at the Nanoscale: Challenges and Solutions
Ricardo Reis2014-2015Lecture #1: Physical Design Automation of Transistor Networks
Lecture #2: Trends on Micro and Nano electronics
Sergios Theodoridis2014-2015Lecture #1: Sparsity-Aware Adaptive Learning: A Set Theoretic Estmation Approach
Lecture #2: Adaptive Learning in a World of Projections
Albert Wang2014-2015Lecture #1: ESD-RFIC co-design methodology
Lecture #2: Impulse radio UWB transceiver design in CMOS
Amine Bermak2013-2014Lecture #1Smart Multi-Sensing Platform for Wireless Sensor Network and RFID Applications
Lecture #2: 
Time domain and address-event smart vision sensors – Principle and applications
Sandro Carrara2013-2014Lecture #1New Frontiers in Human Telemetry
Lecture#2: Bio/Nano/CMOS-Technologies for Stem-Cell Monitoring
Robert Chen-Hao Chang2013-2014Lecture #1Intelligent Electric Power Control System for Energy Saving House
Lecture #2: Embedded System Design for Intelligent Car Safety Monitoring Applications
Rajiv Joshi2013-2014Lecture #1: The Dawn of Predictive Chip Yield Design
Lecture #2: Low Power Circuit Design Techniques for nano-scale era
Geza Kolumban2013-2014Lecture #1: Software Defined Electronics: A new research field for CAS Society
Lecture #2: 
New approach for design and implementation of future communications systems
Ioannis Pitas2013-2014Lecture #1: Human-centered video analysis
Lecture #2: 
3DTV content analysis and description
Wouter A. Serdijn2013-2014Lecture #1: Circuits and systems for wearable and implantable medical devices
Lecture #2: 
Power-Aware Adaptive Multi-Standard Analog Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communication
Jose Silva-Martinez2013-2014Lecture #1: Fundamentals and Recent Advances on Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulators
Lecture #2: 
Active RC filters design considerations for ADC and wireless applications
Gerald Sobelman2013-2014Lecture #1: Algorithms and Architectures for MIMO Communications
Lecture #2: Communications in the Smart Grid
Mircea Stan2013-2014Lecture #1: Breaking the 3D power delivery walls using voltage stacking
Lecture #2: Computing with Coupled Spin Torque Oscillator (STO) Arrays
Joseph Cavallaro2012-2013Lecture #1: VLSI Architectures for Wireless Communication Systems
Lecture #2: Rapid Prototyping of Embedded VLSI Systems
Krishnendu Chakrabarty2012-2013Lecture #1: Digital Microfluidic Biochips: Towards Functional Diversity, More than Moore, and Cyberphysical Integration
Lecture #2: Testing and Design-for-Testability Solutions for 3D Integrated Circuits
Joseph Sylvester Chang2012-2013Lecture #1: Printed Electronics – An Emerging and Revolutionary System-on-Plastic (SoP)
Lecture #2: Circuits-and-Systems and Audiology – A Batteryless/Energy Harvested Noise Dosimeter
Homer Chen2012-2013Lecture #1: Music emotion recognition
Lecture #2: Perceptual video coding
Yehea Ismail2012-2013Lecture #1: Many-Core Chips: The New High-Performance Computing Platform
Lecture #2: Challenges for Electronics Design in the Nano-Scale
Michael Peter Kennedy2012-2013Lecture #1: Digital Delta Sigma Modulation: Recent Advances and Open Problems
Lecture #2: What Every EE Should Know About Nonlinear Circuits & Systems
Franco Maloberti2012-2013Lecture #1: Technology Scaling and Analog Design
Lecture #2: Power Efficient Data Converters
Tokunbo Ogunfunmi2012-2013Lecture #1: Algorithms and Architectures for Fast Motion Estimation
Lecture #2: Nonlinear Adaptive Algorithms and Applications
Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio2012-2013Lecture #1: High Linearity Oscillator Architectures Band-Pass Based
Lecture #2: Analog/RF Testing Research Overview
Mingui Sun, Ph.D.2012-2013Lecture #1: Wearable Computer for Monitoring Diet, Physical Activity and Personal Health
Lecture #2: Wireless Power Transfer for Medical Implants and Body Sensor Networks
Ramachandra Achar2011-2012Lecture #1: Meeting the Signal Integrity Challenges of High-Speed Design Lecture #2: Advanced Modeling and Simulation Strategies for Power Integrity in High-Speed Designs
Charles J Alpert2011-2012Lecture #1: Physical Synthesis: the Good, the Bad, and the Ug Lecture #2: What Makes a Design Difficult to Route
Magdy Bayoumi
2011-2012Lecture #1: Wireless Sensors Networks: Current and Future Chal Lecture #2: Towards Green Circuits and Systems
Eugenio Culurciello
2011-2012Lecture #1: Modeling the human visual system in hardware
Jaeseok Kim
2011-2012Lecture #1: Modem SoC design for IEEE 802.11n WLAN systems Lecture #2: Low-power modem SoC design for WiMedia UWB systems
Pramod Kumar Meher
2011-2012Lecture #1: Memory-Based Computing Systems for DSP Application Lecture #2: Algorithm-Architecture Co-Design for DSP Application
Antonio Petraglia
2011-2012Lecture #1: Analog Multirate Signal Processing and IC Implementations Lecture #2: Automatic Placement of Capacitor Arrays and Embedded
Hanspeter Schmid
2011-2012Lecture #1: The Current-Mode Story Lecture #2: Electrical and Human feedback
Fernando Silveira
2011-2012Lecture #1: Intuitive and power optimized analog and RF CMOS design based on gm/ID and drain current density Lecture #2: Ultra Low Power Analog Integrated Circuits for implantable medical devices
Chi (Michael) K. Tse
2011-2012Lecture #1Applications of Complex Networks Research: From Science, Engineering, Art to Finance
Ling Guan 2010-2011Lecture #1: Optimal Resource Allocation for Video Streaming over Distributed Communication Systems
Lecture #2Methods and Techniques for Multimodal Information Fusion
Yusuf Leblebici 2010-2011Lecture #1: Subthreshold Source-Coupled Circuit Design for Ultra Low-Power Applications
Yiannos Manoli2010-2011Lecture #1: Energy Harvesting – from Devices to Systems
Ruchir Puri2010-2011Lecture #1Will 22nm be our catch 22! Design and CAD Challenges
Lecture #2: From “Custom” Mars to “Synthesis” Venus : Visions
Wee Ser2010-2011Lecture #1: Wearable Respiratory Monitoring: Algorithms and System Design
Lecture #2: Near-field Microphone Array: Algorithms and System Design
Ljiljana Trajkovic2010-2011Lecture #1Analysis of Internet Topologies
Lecture #2Mining Network Traffic Data
Gilson Inacio Wirth 2010-2011Lecture #1Reliability and Yield of MOS Devices and Circuits
Ralph Etienne-Cummings2010-2011Lecture #1Distinguished Lectures in Neuromorphic Engineering
Yusuf Leblebici2010-2011Lecture #1 Subthreshold Source-Coupled Circuit Design for Ultra Low-Power Applications
Yiannos Manoli2010-2011Lecture #1 Energy Harvesting – from Devices to Systems
Yoshikazu Miyanaga2010-2011Lecture #1 Robust Speech Recognition and its LSI Design
Lecture #2 Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems
Ruchir Puri2010-2011Lecture #1 Will 22nm be our catch 22! Design and CAD Challenges
Lecture #2 From “Custom” Mars to “Synthesis” Venus : Visions
Wee Ser2010-2011Lecture #1 Wearable Respiratory Monitoring: Algorithms and System Design
Lecture #2 Near-field Microphone Array: Algorithms and System Design
Ljiljana Trajkovic2010-2011Lecture #1 Analysis of Internet Topologies
Lecture #2 Mining Network Traffic Data
Gilson Inacio Wirth2010-2011Lecture #1 Reliability and Yield of MOS Devices and Circuits
Massimo Alioto 2009-2010Lecture #1Ultra-low power logic circuits: From voltage-mode to current-modeLecture #2Physical-level and circuit-level design techniques for low-leakage FinFET logic circuits
Oscar C. Au2009-2010Lecture #1: Exploring characteristics, capabilities, system designs, and applications of distributed video coding (DVC)
Lecture #2: Lightweight Encryption for Multimedia Rights Management
Sergio Bampi2009-2010Lecture #1Front-End Architecture for multi-band analog-digital interfaces in RF CMOS
Lecture #2 Advancements in on-chip H.264 video compression hardware
Yu Cao2009-2010Lecture #1 Predictive Technology Modeling for Robust Nanoelectronic Design
Ling Guan2009-2011Lecture #1 Optimal Resource Allocation for Video Streaming over Distributed Communication Systems
Lecture #2 Methods and Techniques for Multimodal Information Fusion
Bah-Hwee Gwee2009-2010Lecture #1 Low Power Asynchronous-Logic Circuit Design
Lecture #2 Micropower Low-Voltage Digital Class D Amplifier for Hearing Aid Applications
Shyh-Jye Jou 2009-2010Lecture #1 Circuits, Systems and Verification Platform for 10Gpbs On-Chip Transmission Link
Lecture #2 Core SoC Technologies for Indoor 60GHz Multi-Gbps Wireless Baseband Transceiver
Gabriel Alfonso Rincón-Mora2009-2010Lecture #1 AC Design and Performance of Low-Dropout Regulators (LDOs)
Lecture #2 Power Losses in Switching DC-DC Converter ICs
Myung Hoon Sunwoo2009-2010Lecture#1 Wearable Respiratory Monitoring: Algorithms and System Design
Lecture #2 Near-field Microphone Array: Algorithms and System Design
Nitish V. Thakor 2009-2010Lecture #1 Lecture #1: Neuroengineering: Building Brain Machine Interface
Lecture #2 Neural Interfaces: Circuits, Signals and Systems for Brain Computer Interface/Brain Machine Interface (BCI/BMI)
Alan N. Willson, Jr.2009-2010Lecture #1 Desensitizing Halfband Digital Filters