December 2020, Volume 10, Issue 4

Introduction to the Special Issue on the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS 2020)
Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona;Maurizio Valle;Francesco Conti;Hai Li

Libraries of Approximate Circuits: Automated Design and Application in CNN Accelerators
Vojtech Mrazek;Lukas Sekanina;Zdenek Vasicek

EdgeDRNN: Recurrent Neural Network Accelerator for Edge Inference
Chang Gao;Antonio Rios-Navarro;Xi Chen;Shih-Chii Liu;Tobi Delbruck

A Directional Gamma-Ray Spectrometer With Microcontroller-Embedded Machine Learning
Luca Buonanno;Davide Di Vita;Marco Carminati;Carlo Fiorini

Cross-Layer Noise Analysis in Smart Digital Pixel Sensors With Integrated Deep Neural Network
Minah Lee;Mandovi Mukherjee;Edward Lee;Priyabrata Saha;Mohammad Faisal Amir;Taesik Na;Saibal Mukhopadhyay

Deep Neural Oracle With Support Identification in the Compressed Domain
Luciano Prono;Mauro Mangia;Alex Marchioni;Fabio Pareschi;Riccardo Rovatti;Gianluca Setti

On the Distribution of Clique-Based Neural Networks for Edge AI
Benoit Larras;Antoine Frappé

Reconfigurable Smart In-Memory Computing Platform Supporting Logic and Binarized Neural Networks for Low-Power Edge Devices
Tommaso Zanotti;Francesco Maria Puglisi;Paolo Pavan

Siamese Networks for Few-Shot Learning on Edge Embedded Devices
Iulia Alexandra Lungu;Alessandro Aimar;Yuhuang Hu;Tobi Delbruck;Shih-Chii Liu

Digital Multiplier-Less Spiking Neural Network Architecture of Reinforcement Learning in a Context-Dependent Task
Hajar Asgari;Babak Mazloom-Nezhad Maybodi;Raphaela Kreiser;Yulia Sandamirskaya

Online Few-Shot Gesture Learning on a Neuromorphic Processor
Kenneth Stewart;Garrick Orchard;Sumit Bam Shrestha;Emre Neftci

On-Chip Error-Triggered Learning of Multi-Layer Memristive Spiking Neural Networks

Melika Payvand;Mohammed E. Fouda;Fadi Kurdahi;Ahmed M. Eltawil;Emre O. Neftci

Learning to Walk: Bio-Mimetic Hexapod Locomotion via Reinforcement-Based Spiking Central Pattern Generation
Ashwin Sanjay Lele;Yan Fang;Justin Ting;Arijit Raychowdhury

Closed-Loop Spiking Control on a Neuromorphic Processor Implemented on the iCub
Jingyue Zhao;Nicoletta Risi;Marco Monforte;Chiara Bartolozzi;Giacomo Indiveri;Elisa Donati

An Event-by-Event Approach for Velocity Estimation and Object Tracking With an Active Event Camera
Qingpeng Zhu;Jochen Triesch;Bertram E. Shi

Binarization Methods for Motor-Imagery Brain–Computer Interface Classification
Michael Hersche;Luca Benini;Abbas Rahimi

EMG-Based Gestures Classification Using a Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Processing System
Yongqiang Ma;Badong Chen;Pengju Ren;Nanning Zheng;Giacomo Indiveri;Elisa Donati