The special issue proposal should have two parts. (1) a description of the proposal and (2) a draft of the Call for Papers for the special issue. IEEE JETCAS Senior Editorial Board members will review both parts. 

The proposal description should include the following sections:

  1. Rationale and motivation, including an explanation of why this is an emerging research topic, and scope
  2. Target community
  3. Venues of solicitation
  4. A list of potential contributors
  5. Abstract of the overview paper to be optionally contributed by the guest editors
  6. Brief bio-sketches of the Corresponding Guest Editor (CGE) and Guest Editors (GE), relationship among guest editors and track records of collaboration together
  7. A proposed timeline of key milestones for the special issue
  8. Schedule Rationale (to be completed only if the schedule differs from the suggested timeline available here)
  9. References, if any.

In case of a proposal resubmission, a mandatory reply (in pdf format) to the SEB members’ comments has to be attached to the description form.

A template of the proposal description can be found here: File proposal-template.docx.

The Call for Papers should include the following sections:

  1. Scope, purpose and submission instructions
  2. List of suitable topics

In case the special issue proposal is approved, the Call for Papers obtained by this procedure will be distributed to the CASS membership e-mail list.

A template of the Call for Papers can be found here: File cfp-template.docx

A schedule of past and assigned special issues is provided here.