June 2020, Volume 67, Issue 6

A 0.36-V 5-MS/s Time-Mode Flash ADC With Dickson-Charge-Pump-Based Comparators in 28-nm CMOS

Ali Esmailiyan; Filippo Schembari; Robert Bogdan Staszewski

A Closed-Loop, All-Electronic Pixel-Wise Adaptive Imaging System for High Dynamic Range Videography

Jie Zhang; Jonathan P. Newman; Xiao Wang; Chetan Singh Thakur; John Rattray; 

Ralph Etienne-Cummings; Matthew A. Wilson

Phase Coherent Frequency Hopping in Direct Digital Synthesizers and Phase Locked Loops

Steven Eugene Turner; Joseph D. Cali

Bandwidth Enhancement of Doherty Power Amplifier Using Modified Load Modulation Network

Meng Li; Jingzhou Pang; Yue Li; Anding Zhu

A 28-GHz 16-Gb/s High Efficiency 16-QAM Transmitter in 65-nm CMOS

Xiangyu Meng; Milad Kalantari; Baoyong Chi; Wenhua Chen; Zhijian Chen; Xiaoling Lin; C. Patrick Yue

Ultra-Low-Voltage CMOS Crystal Oscillators

Mariana Siniscalchi; Fernando Silveira; Carlos Galup-Montoro

A Wideband Frequency Divider With Programmable Odd/Even Division Factors and Quadrature/Symmetrical Outputs

Nasrin Rezaei-Hosseinabadi; Rasoul Dehghani; S. Ali Khajehoddin; Kambiz Moez

A Robust 8-Bit Non-Volatile Computing-in-Memory Core for Low-Power Parallel MAC Operations

Sai Zhang; Kejie Huang; Haibin Shen

I/Q Balance-Enhanced Wideband Receiver Front-End for 2G/3G/4G/5G NR Cellular Applications

Junghwan Han; Kuduck Kwon

A Flexible 18-Channel Multi-Hit Time-to-Digital Converter for Trigger-Based Data Acquisition Systems

Chithra; Nagendra Krishnapura

Design and Implementation of a Low-Latency Modular Multiplication Algorithm

Erdinç Öztürk

A High-Performance Scalable Shared-Memory SVD Processor Architecture Based on Jacobi Algorithm and Batcher’s Sorting Network

Seyed Mohamad Reza Shahshahani; Hamid Reza Mahdiani

Design and Evaluation of Low-Complexity Radiation Hardened CMOS Latch for Double-Node Upset Tolerance

Jing Guo; Shanshan Liu; Lei Zhu; Fabrizio Lombardi

Presynaptic Spike-Driven Spike Timing-Dependent Plasticity With Address Event Representation for Large-Scale Neuromorphic Systems

Jongkil Park; Sang-Don Jung

Angular-Domain Massive MIMO Detection: Algorithm, Implementation, and Design Tradeoffs

Mojtaba Mahdavi; Ove Edfors; Viktor Öwall; Liang Liu

Area Efficient VLSI Architectures for Weak Signal Detection in Additive Generalized Cauchy Noise

Siva Ram Krishna Vadali; Subrahmanyam Mula; Priyadip Ray; Saswat Chakrabarti

On Feedback Sample Selection Methods Allowing Lightweight Digital Predistorter Adaptation

Jan Kral; Tomas Gotthans; Roman Marsalek; Michal Harvanek; Markus Rupp

A Novel Asynchronous CA Neuron Model: Design of Neuron-Like Nonlinear Responses Based on Novel Bifurcation Theory of Asynchronous Sequential Logic Circuit

Kentaro Takeda; Hiroyuki Torikai

Homogeneous Models of Nonlinear Circuits

Ricardo Riaza

MultiObjective Evolutionary Approach to Grey-Box Identification of Buck Converter

Faizal Hafiz; Akshya Swain; Eduardo M. A. M. Mendes; Luis A. Aguirre

Linearity Enhanced Harmonic-Modulated Impedance Inverter Doherty-Like Power Amplifier

Xin Yu Zhou; Wing Shing Chan; Shichang Chen; Wenjie Feng; Jingzhou Pang; Derek Ho

Memory Output-Feedback Integral Sliding Mode Control for Furuta Pendulum Systems

Jing Xu ; Yugang Niu ; Cheng-Chew Lim ; Peng Shi

A Novel Approach to State and Unknown Input Estimation for Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Models With Applications to Fault Detection

Dong Zhao; Hak Keung Lam; Yueyang Li; Steven X. Ding; Shuai Liu

Bounded Input Dissipativity of Linearized Circuit Models

Tommaso Bradde; Stefano Grivet-Talocia; Giuseppe C. Calafiore; Anton V. Proskurnikov; Zohaib Mahmood; Luca Daniel

Fully Distributed Containment Control for Multiple Euler-Lagrange Systems Over Directed Graphs: An Event-Triggered Approach

Tao Xu; Yuqing Hao; Zhisheng Duan

Polar Compiler: Auto-Generator of Hardware Architectures for Polar Encoders

Zhiwei Zhong; Warren J. Gross; Zaichen Zhang; Xiaohu You; Chuan Zhang

Low-Latency Unfolded-KES Architecture for Emerging Storage Class Memories

Seungsik Moon; Jeongwon Choe; Youngjoo Lee

A 7.8 Gb/s/pin, 1.96 pJ/b Transceiver With Phase-Difference-Modulation Signaling for Highly Reflective Interconnects

Sooeun Lee; Jaeyoung Seo; Kyunghyun Lim; Jaehyun Ko; Jae-Yoon Sim; Hong-June Park; Byungsub Kim

Efficient Successive Over Relaxation Detectors for Massive MIMO

Anlan Yu; Shusen Jing; Xiaosi Tan; Zhizhen Wu; Zhiyuan Yan; Zaichen Zhang; Xiaohu You; Chuan Zhang

Comprehensive Conception of High Step-Up DC–DC Converters With Coupled Inductor and Voltage Multipliers Techniques

Lenon Schmitz; Denizar C. Martins; Roberto F. Coelho