What About Having the Video of Your TCAS-II Paper Online?

We plan to increase the quality and quantity of the contents published in our media channels (which include our LinkedIn page) and we have started posting videos recorded by the authors of the most popular papers recently published in TCAS-II. 

Here you can find an example. The video presents a CMOS potentiostat that integrates a control amplifier, a dual-slope ADC, and a wireless unit on the same chip. The paper is titled "1.2-V Energy-Efficient Wireless CMOS Potentiostat for Amperometric Measurements": you can access the paper at this link.

If you are interested in increasing the visibility of your TCAS-II paper, why don't you contact us?


Papers submitted to TCAS-II must be limited to 5 pages in length, by following the two-column IEEE Transactions format. Starting in September 2020, a minor change has been introduced so that the last column, i.e. the last half page of the manuscript must be reserved only for references. Therefore, the overall paper length is kept the same (5 pages), but 4.5 pages will be used for paper contents and the last half page (last column) will be reserved only for references.


See more details about TCAS-II paper format, style and guidelines for authors here!