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November 2019, Volume 29, Issue 11

Nonconvex Truncated Nuclear Norm Minimization Based on Adaptive Bisection Method

Xinhua Su; Yilun Wang; Xuejing Kang; Ran Tao

Robust Discriminative Metric Learning for Image Representation

Zhengming Ding; Ming Shao; Wonjun Hwang; Sungjoov Suh; Jae-Joon Han; Changkyu Choi; Yun Fu

Toward Efficient Image Representation: Sparse Concept Discriminant Matrix Factorization

Meng Pang; Yiu-Ming Cheung; Risheng Liu; Jian Lou; Chuang Lin

Optimized Tone Mapping Function for Contrast Enhancement Considering Human Visual Perception System

Ki Sun Song; Moon Gi Kang

Visual Haze Removal by a Unified Generative Adversarial Network

Yanwei Pang; Jin Xie; Xuelong Li

Adaptive Texture-Preserving Denoising Method Using Gradient Histogram and Nonlocal Self-Similarity Priors

Linwei Fan; Xuemei Li; Hui Fan; Yanli Feng; Caiming Zhang

Skewed Histogram Shifting for Reversible Data Hiding Using a Pair of Extreme Predictions

Suah Kim; Xiaochao Qu; Vasily Sachnev; Hyoung Joong Kim

Skeleton-Based Action Recognition With Gated Convolutional Neural Networks

Congqi Cao; Cuiling Lan; Yifan Zhang; Wenjun Zeng; Hanqing Lu; Yanning Zhang

Mask-Pose Cascaded CNN for 2D Hand Pose Estimation From Single Color Image

Yangang Wang; Cong Peng; Yebin Liu

Heterogeneous Association Graph Fusion for Target Association in Multiple Object Tracking

Hao Sheng; Yang Zhang; Jiahui Chen; Zhang Xiong; Jun Zhang

Effective Gradient Descent-Based Chroma Subsampling Method for Bayer CFA Images in HEVC

Kuo-Liang Chung; Yu-Ling Lee; Wei-Che Chien

Enhanced Bi-Prediction With Convolutional Neural Network for High-Efficiency Video Coding

Zhenghui Zhao; Shiqi Wang; Shanshe Wang; Xinfeng Zhang; Siwei Ma; Jiansheng Yang

Flexible Motion Vector Resolution Prediction for Video Coding

Bappaditya Ray; Mohamed-Chaker Larabi; Joël Jung

Efficient Shape Coding for Object-Based 3D Video Applications

Zhongjie Zhu; Yuer Wang; Gangyi Jiang; Yueping Yang

Texture-Distortion-Constrained Joint Source-Channel Coding of Multi-View Video Plus Depth-Based 3D Video

Pan Gao; Wei Xiang; Dong Liang

Flexible Lossy Compression for Selective Encrypted Image With Image Inpainting

Chuan Qin; Qing Zhou; Fang Cao; Jing Dong; Xinpeng Zhang

Mobile Visual Search Compression With Grassmann Manifold Embedding

Zhaobin Zhang; Li Li; Zhu Li; Houqiang Li

End User Video Quality Prediction and Coding Parameters Selection at the Encoder for Robust HEVC Video Transmission

Gosala Kulupana; Dumidu S. Talagala; Hemantha Kodikara Arachchi; Anil Fernando

A Low-Power Digital Pixel Driving Scheme for Single-Pulse-PWM-Based Display Using AND-Embedded Pixel Circuits

Je-Kwang Cho; Minsu Jeong

Visual-Quality Guided Global Backlight Dimming for Video Display on Mobile Devices

Chia-Hung Yeh; Kyle Shih-Huang Lo; Weisi Lin

Fast Parallel Implementation of Dual-Camera Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging System

Shipeng Zhang; Hua Huang; Ying Fu

Efficient Algorithm Adaptations and Fully Parallel Hardware Architecture of H.265/HEVC Intra Encoder

Yuanzhi Zhang; Chao Lu

Microshift: An Efficient Image Compression Algorithm for Hardware

Bo Zhang; Pedro V. Sander; Chi-Ying Tsui; Amine Bermak

A 68-mw 2.2 Tops/w Low Bit Width and Multiplierless DCNN Object Detection Processor for Visually Impaired People

Xiaobai Chen; Jinglong Xu; Zhiyi Yu

Beyond the Watching: Understanding Viewer Interactions in Crowdsourced Live Video Broadcasting Services

Xiaodong Wang; Ye Tian; Rongheng Lan; Wen Yang; Xinming Zhang

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