Management Structure

Vice President – Regional Activities and Membership (RAM)
Kea-Tiong (Samuel) Tang

2022 BoG Representatives per Region 
Region 1-7:
Hai (Helen) Li

Region 8:
Sorin Cotofana

Region 9: 
Ricardo Reis

Region 10:
Qiang Li

CASS Ambassadors:
Rajiv Joshi (India)
Jose Silva-Martinez (Africa)
Qiang Li (China)
Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani (Southeast Asia)

Regions & Chapters

The IEEE has sectioned the world into 10 regions as delineated below. Each region encompasses the following geographical areas:

Region 1 USA – Northeast
Region 2 USA – East
Region 3 USA – Southeast
Region 4 USA – North Central
Region 5 USA – South Central
Region 6 USA – West
Region 7 Canada
Region 8 Europe, Middle East, Africa
Region 9 Latin America
Region 10 Asia, Australia and the Pacific

Annual Report & Plan

See the CAS Society Chapter FAQ

Awards & Scholarships

The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society’s annual awards program recognizes member achievement in education, industry, technological innovation and service.

To learn more about these awards and scholarships as well as nomination and application information, visit

Surplus & Outreach Activities


Information about membership can be found on our Membership page.