Review and Challenges of Technologies for Real-Time Human Behavior Monitoring

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A DSP Architecture for Distortion-Free Evoked Compound Action Potential Recovery in Neural Response Telemetry System

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A Novel Low-Cost Wireless Footwear System for Monitoring Diabetic Foot Patients

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16.8 nW Ultra-Low-Power Energy Harvester IC for Tiny Ingestible Sensors Sustained by Bio-Galvanic Energy Source

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13.56 MHz Triple Mode Rectifier Circuit With Extended Coupling Range for Wirelessly Powered Implantable Medical Devices

Yasemin Engür; H. Andaç Yiğit; Haluk Külah

A 13.56-MHz −25-dBm-Sensitivity Inductive Power Receiver System-on-a-Chip With a Self-Adaptive Successive Approximation Resonance Compensation Front-End for Ultra-Low-Power Medical Implants

Hongming Lyu; Aydin Babakhani

Towards Development of a Non–Intrusive and Label–Free THz Sensor for Rapid Detection of Aqueous Bio–Samples Using Microfluidic Approach

Nidhi Pandit; Rahul Kumar Jaiswal; Nagendra Prasad Pathak

Simple Smart Implants: Simultaneous Monitoring of Loosening and Temperature in Orthopaedics With an Embedded Ultrasound Transducer

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Deep Residual Networks for Sleep Posture Recognition With Unobtrusive Miniature Scale Smart Mat System

Haikang Diao; Chen Chen; Wei Yuan; Amara Amara; Toshiyo Tamura; Jiahao Fan; Long Meng; Xiangyu Liu; Wei Chen

Passive Microwave Biosensor for Real-Time Monitoring of Subsurface Bacterial Growth

Mandeep Chhajer Jain; Anupama Vijaya Nadaraja; Sevda Mohammadi; Bianca Marjan Vizcaino; Mohammad Hossein Zarifi

A New Noninvasive System for Clinical Pulse Wave Velocity Assessment: The Athos Device

Irene Buraioli; Davide Lena; Alessandro Sanginario; Dario Leone; Giulia Mingrone; Alberto Milan; Danilo Demarchi

Pulse Wave Modeling Using Bio-Impedance Simulation Platform Based on a 3D Time-Varying Circuit Model

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Choosing the Optimal Power Coils Using Open-Source k-Oriented Design Automation

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Magnetic Resistance Sensory System for the Quantitative Measurement of Morphine

Zhengkang Chu; Miaomiao Fu; Jiuchuan Guo; Wei Wang; Jun Zhou; Xing Ma; Jinhong Guo

Laser Transmission Spectroscopy Based on Tunable-Gain Dual-Channel Dual-Phase LIA for Biological Nanoparticles Characterization

Angelo Sarra; Guido Di Patrizio Stanchieri; Andrea De Marcellis; Federico Bordi; Paolo Postorino; Elia Palange