A Review of Algorithm & Hardware Design for AI-Based Biomedical Applications

Ying Wei; Jun Zhou; Yin Wang; Yinggang Liu; Qingsong Liu; Jiansheng Luo; Chao Wang; Fengbo Ren; Li Huang

Who is the Winner? Memristive-CMOS Hybrid Modules: CNN-LSTM Versus HTM

Kamilya Smagulova; Olga Krestinskaya; Alex James

The Design of Memristive Circuit for Affective Multi-Associative Learning

Zilu Wang; Xiaoping Wang; Zezao Lu; Weiguo Wu; Zhigang Zeng

A 13.34 μW Event-Driven Patient-Specific ANN Cardiac Arrhythmia Classifier for Wearable ECG Sensors

Yang Zhao; Zhongxia Shang; Yong Lian

ECG Authentication Hardware Design With Low-Power Signal Processing and Neural Network Optimization With Low Precision and Structured Compression

Sai Kiran Cherupally; Shihui Yin; Deepak Kadetotad; Gaurav Srivastava; Chisung Bae; Sang Joon Kim; Jae-sun Seo

Deep Learning Approach for Epileptic Focus Localization

Hisham Daoud; Magdy Bayoumi

Accurate, Very Low Computational Complexity Spike Sorting Using Unsupervised Matched Subspace Learning

Majid Zamani; Jure Sokolić; Dai Jiang; Francesco Renna; Miguel R. D. Rodrigues; Andreas Demosthenous

A Fully Embedded Adaptive Real-Time Hand Gesture Classifier Leveraging HD-sEMG and Deep Learning

Simon Tam; Mounir Boukadoum; Alexandre Campeau-Lecours; Benoit Gosselin

Robust Real-Time Embedded EMG Recognition Framework Using Temporal Convolutional Networks on a Multicore IoT Processor

Marcello Zanghieri; Simone Benatti; Alessio Burrello; Victor Kartsch; Francesco Conti; Luca Benini

Kalman-Based Real-Time Functional Decomposition for the Spectral Calibration in Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography

Amir Tofighi Zavareh; Sebastian Hoyos

Application of Deep Compression Technique in Spiking Neural Network Chip

Yanchen Liu; Kun Qian; Shaogang Hu; Kun An; Sheng Xu; Xitong Zhan; J. J. Wang; Rui Guo; Yuancong Wu; Tu-Pei Chen; Qi Yu; Yang Liu

The Role and Challenges of Body Channel Communication in Wearable Flexible Electronics

Bo Zhao; Jingna Mao; Jian Zhao; Huazhong Yang; Yong Lian

An Integrated Multi-Channel Biopotential Recording Analog Front-End IC With Area-Efficient Driven-Right-Leg Circuit

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Flexible Body-Conformal Ultrasound Patches for Image-Guided Neuromodulation

Vida Pashaei; Parisa Dehghanzadeh; George Enwia; Mahdi Bayat; Steve J. A. Majerus; Soumyajit Mandal

A 0.0023 mm2/ch. Delta-Encoded, Time-Division Multiplexed Mixed-Signal ECoG Recording Architecture With Stimulus Artifact Suppression

John P. Uehlin; William Anthony Smith; V. Rajesh Pamula; Steve I. Perlmutter; Jacques C. Rudell; Visvesh S. Sathe

An Energy-Efficient CMOS Dual-Mode Array Architecture for High-Density ECoG-Based Brain-Machine Interfaces

Omid Malekzadeh-Arasteh; Haoran Pu; Jeffrey Lim; Charles Yu Liu; An H. Do; Zoran Nenadic; Payam Heydari

Biointegrated and Wirelessly Powered Implantable Brain Devices: A Review

Rupam Das; Farshad Moradi; Hadi Heidari

A 128 × 128 Current-Mode Ultra-High Frame Rate ISFET Array With In-Pixel Calibration for Real-Time Ion Imaging

Junming Zeng; Lei Kuang; Nicholas Miscourides; Pantelis Georgiou

A VLSI Implementation of Independent Component Analysis for Biomedical Signal Separation Using CORDIC Engine

Yuan-Ho Chen; Szi-Wen Chen; Min-Xian Wei