A 19 μW, 50 kS/s, 0.008-400 V/s Cyclic Voltammetry Readout Interface With a Current Feedback Loop and On-Chip Pattern Generation

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A 108 dB DR Δ∑-∑M Front-End With 720 mVpp Input Range and >±300 mV Offset Removal for Multi-Parameter Biopotential Recording

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Design of an Extreme Low Cutoff Frequency Highpass Frontend for CMOS ISFET via Direct Tunneling Principle

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A CMOS Multi-Modal Electrochemical and Impedance Cellular Sensing Array for Massively Paralleled Exoelectrogen Screening

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Fundamental Trade-Offs Between Power and Data Transfer in Inductive Links for Biomedical Implants

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Smart Mandibular Advancement Device for Intraoral Monitoring of Cardiorespiratory Parameters and Sleeping Postures

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MC-LSTM: Real-Time 3D Human Action Detection System for Intelligent Healthcare Applications

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High-Power Gallium Nitride HIFU Transmitter With Integrated Real-Time Current and Voltage Measurement

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Design and Testing of Stimulation and Myoelectric Recording Modules in an Implanted Distributed Neuroprosthetic System

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Smart Portable Pen for Continuous Monitoring of Anaesthetics in Human Serum With Machine Learning

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Outan: An On-Head System for Driving µLED Arrays Implanted in Freely Moving Mice

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On the Non-idealities of a Capacitive Link for Wireless Power Transfer to Biomedical Implants

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Fully Implantable Plantar Cutaneous Augmentation System for Rats Using Closed-loop Electrical Nerve Stimulation

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Wide Input Dynamic Range Fully Integrated Capacitive Sensor for Life Science Applications

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A 10.8 µW Neural Signal Recorder and Processor With Unsupervised Analog Classifier for Spike Sorting

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