June 2018, Volume 12, Issue 3

Guest Editorial ISCAS 2017 Special Issue
D. A. Hall; M. Kalofonou

Towards an Integrated QR Code Biosensor: Light-Driven Sample Acquisition and Bacterial Cellulose Paper Substrate
Mingquan Yuan; Qisheng Jiang; Keng-Ku Liu; Srikanth Singamaneni; Shantanu Chakrabartty

Toward Wireless Health Monitoring via an Analog Signal Compression-Based Biosensing Platform
Xueyuan Zhao; Vidyasagar Sadhu; Tuan Le; Dario Pompili; Mehdi Javanmard

Continuous-Time Acquisition of Biosignals Using a Charge-Based ADC Topology
Michal Maslik; Yan Liu; Tor Sverre Lande; Timothy G. Constandinou

High-Pass ΣΔ Converter Design Using a State-Space Approach and Its Application to Cardiac Signal Acquisition
Samprajani Rout; Wouter Serdijn

A Wireless Fiber Photometry System Based on a High-Precision CMOS Biosensor With Embedded Continuous-Time ΣΔ Modulation
Mehdi Noormohammadi Khiarak; Ekaterina Martianova; Cyril Bories; Sylvain Martel; Christophe. D. Proulx; Yves De Koninck; Benoit Gosselin

Real-Time Measurements of Cell Proliferation Using a Lab-on-CMOS Capacitance Sensor Array
Bathiya Prashan Senevirathna; Sheung Lu; Marc P. Dandin; John Basile; Elisabeth Smela; Pamela A. Abshire

The Microbead: A Highly Miniaturized Wirelessly Powered Implantable Neural Stimulating System
Adam Khalifa; Yasha Karimi; Qihong Wang; Sahithi Garikapati; Webert Montlouis; Milutin Stanaćević; Nitish Thakor; Ralph Etienne-Cummings

A Synchronous Neural Recording Platform for Multiple High-Resolution CMOS Probes and Passive Electrode Arrays
Gian Nicola Angotzi; Mario Malerba; Fabio Boi; Ermanno Miele; Alessandro Maccione; Hayder Amin; Marco Crepaldi; Luca Berdondini

A 16-Channel CMOS Chopper-Stabilized Analog Front-End ECoG Acquisition Circuit for a Closed-Loop Epileptic Seizure Control System
Chung-Yu Wu; Cheng-Hsiang Cheng; Zhi-Xin Chen

A CMOS-Based Bidirectional Brain Machine Interface System With Integrated fdNIRS and tDCS for Closed-Loop Brain Stimulation
Yun Miao; Valencia Joyner Koomson

A Multimodal Adaptive Wireless Control Interface for People With Upper-Body Disabilities
Cheikh Latyr Fall; Francis Quevillon; Martine Blouin; Simon Latour; Alexandre Campeau-Lecours; Clément Gosselin; Benoit Gosselin

On-Probe Neural Interface ASIC for Combined Electrical Recording and Optogenetic Stimulation
Reza Ramezani; Yan Liu; Fahimeh Dehkhoda; Ahmed Soltan; Dorian Haci; Hubin Zhao; Dimitrios Firfilionis; Anupam Hazra; Mark O. Cunningham; Andrew Jackson; Timothy G. Constandinou; Patrick Degenaar

Mixed-Signal IC With Pulse Width Modulation Wireless Telemetry for Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers in 0.18-μm CMOS
Yasser Rezaeiyan; Milad Zamani; Omid Shoaei; Wouter A. Serdijn

Online Artifact Cancelation in Same-Electrode Neural Stimulation and Recording Using a Combined Hardware and Software Architecture
Stanislav Culaclii; Brian Kim; Yi-Kai Lo; Lin Li; Wentai Liu

A Multichannel Real-Time Bioimpedance Measurement Device for Pulse Wave Analysis
Roman Kusche; Paula Klimach; Martin Ryschka

Image Reconstruction Under Contact Impedance Effect in Micro Electrical Impedance Tomography Sensors
Xiayi Liu; Jiafeng Yao; Tong Zhao; Hiromichi Obara; Yahui Cui; Masahiro Takei

A Direct Phase-Tracking Doppler Radar Using Wavelet Independent Component Analysis for Non-Contact Respiratory and Heart Rate Monitoring
Marco Mercuri; Yao-Hong Liu; Ilde Lorato; Tom Torfs; Fokko Wieringa; André Bourdoux; Chris Van Hoof

A Wearable Detector for Simultaneous Finger Joint Motion Measurement
Xiaodong Li; Rongwei Wen; Zhong Shen; Zheng Wang; Keith Dip Kei Luk; Yong Hu

Active Hearing Mechanisms Inspire Adaptive Amplification in an Acoustic Sensor System
José Guerreiro; Andrew Reid; Joseph C. Jackson; James F. C. Windmill

An Adaptive Neural Spike Processor With Embedded Active Learning for Improved Unsupervised Sorting Accuracy
Majid Zamani; Dai Jiang; Andreas Demosthenous

A CMOS Luminescence Intensity and Lifetime Dual Sensor Based on Multicycle Charge Modulation
Guoqing Fu; Sameer R. Sonkusale

Current-Efficient Preamplifier Architecture for CMRR Sensitive Neural Recording Applications
Julián Oreggioni; Angel A. Caputi; Fernando Silveira

A Low-Noise, Low-Power Amplifier With Current-Reused OTA for ECG Recordings
Jie Zhang; Hong Zhang; Quan Sun; Ruizhi Zhang

Molecular Detection for Unconcentrated Gas With ppm Sensitivity Using 220-to-320-GHz Dual-Frequency-Comb Spectrometer in CMOS
Cheng Wang; Bradford Perkins; Zihan Wang; Ruonan Han