Cytomorphic Electronics With Memristors for Modeling Fundamental Genetic Circuits

Hanna Abo Hanna; Loai Danial; Shahar Kvatinsky; Ramez Daniel

An Optimal Electrical Impedance Tomography Drive Pattern for Human-Computer Interaction Applications

Gang Ma; Zhiliang Hao; Xuan Wu; Xiaojie Wang

A 0.065-mm3 Monolithically-Integrated Ultrasonic Wireless Sensing Mote for Real-Time Physiological Temperature Monitoring

Chen Shi; Tiago Costa; Jeffrey Elloian; Yihan Zhang; Kenneth L. Shepard

A Wide Dynamic Range Neural Data Acquisition System With High-Precision Delta-Sigma ADC and On-Chip EC-PC Spike Processor

Jian Xu; Anh Tuan Nguyen; Tong Wu; Wenfeng Zhao; Diu Khue Luu; Zhi Yang

A 300 Mbps 37 pJ/bit Pulsed Optical Biotelemetry

Andrea De Marcellis; Guido Di Patrizio Stanchieri; Marco Faccio; Elia Palange; Timothy G. Constandinou

Implantable Sensor for Detecting Changes in the Loss Tangent of Cerebrospinal Fluid

Mohamed Manoufali; Ahmed Toaha Mobashsher; Beadaa Mohammed; Konstanty Bialkowski; Paul C. Mills; Amin Abbosh

A High Offset Distribution Tolerance High Resolution ISFET Array With Auto-Compensation for Long-Term Bacterial Metabolism Monitoring

Mingzheng Duan; Xiaopeng Zhong; Jingting Xu; Yi-Kuen Lee; Amine Bermak

A Dual-Sensing Thermo-Chemical ISFET Array for DNA-Based Diagnostics

Miguel Cacho-Soblechero; Kenny Malpartida-Cardenas; Chiara Cicatiello; Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano; Pantelis Georgiou

Molecular and DNA Artificial Neural Networks via Fractional Coding

Xingyi Liu; Keshab K. Parhi

A Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring SoC Based on Single Wavelength Photoplethysmography

Aminah Hina; Wala Saadeh

A TDM-Based 16-Channel AFE ASIC With Enhanced System-Level CMRR for Wearable EEG Recording With Dry Electrodes

Tao Tang; Wang Ling Goh; Lei Yao; Yuan Gao

Equipment for Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Alberto M. Pernía; Candela Zorzo; Miguel J. Prieto; Juan A. Martínez; Sara G. Higarza; Marta Méndez; Jorge L. Arias

Deep Neural Network for Respiratory Sound Classification in Wearable Devices Enabled by Patient Specific Model Tuning

Jyotibdha Acharya; Arindam Basu

Deep Neural Oracles for Short-Window Optimized Compressed Sensing of Biosignals

Mauro Mangia; Luciano Prono; Alex Marchioni; Fabio Pareschi; Riccardo Rovatti; Gianluca Setti

A 0.3V 10b 3MS/s SAR ADC With Comparator Calibration and Kickback Noise Reduction for Biomedical Applications

Shih-Hsing Wang; Chung-Chih Hung

Towards A Pixel-Level Reconfigurable Digital Beamforming Core for Ultrasound Imaging

Gayathri Malamal; Mahesh Raveendranatha Panicker

Ultrasonically Powered Compact Implantable Dust for Optogenetics

Kjeld Laursen; Amin Rashidi; Seyedsina Hosseini; Tanmay Mondal; Brian Corbett; Farshad Moradi

A Digital Controlled Pulse Generator for a Possible Tumor Therapy Combining Irreversible Electroporation With Nanosecond Pulse Stimulation

Xin Rao; Xiaodong Chen; Jun Zhou; Lingling Sun; Jun Liu

Charge-Redistribution Based Quadratic Operators for Neural Feature Extraction

Rafaella Fiorelli; Manuel Delgado-Restituto; Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez

Asynchronous Event-driven Encoder With Simultaneous Temporal Envelope and Phase Extraction for Cochlear Implants

Nan Guo; Shiwei Wang; Roman Genov; Lei Wang; Derek Ho

Erratum to “A Software-Defined Radio Receiver for Wireless Recording From Freely Behaving Animals”

Yaoyao Jia; Byunghun Lee; Fanpeng Kong; Zhaoping Zeng; Mark Connolly; Babak Mahmoudi; Maysam Ghovanloo