August 2019, Volume 13, Issue 4

A Dual-Band Wireless Power Transmission System for Evaluating mm-Sized Implants
Yaoyao Jia; S. Abdollah Mirbozorgi; Pengcheng Zhang; Omer T. Inan; Wen Li; Maysam Ghovanloo
A mm-Sized Free-Floating Wirelessly Powered Implantable Optical Stimulation Device
Yaoyao Jia; S. Abdollah Mirbozorgi; Byunghun Lee; Wasif Khan; Fatma Madi; Omer T. Inan; Arthur Weber; Wen Li; Maysam Ghovanloo
An Energy Efficient Multi-User Asynchronous Wireless Transmitter for Biomedical Signal Acquisition
Tomislav Matić; Leon Šneler; Marijan Herceg
Memristive Circuit Design of Emotional Generation and Evolution Based on Skin-Like Sensory Processor
Zilu Wang; Qinghui Hong; Xiaoping Wang
Discriminative Ratio of Spectral Power and Relative Power Features Derived via Frequency-Domain Model Ratio With Application to Seizure Prediction
Keshab K. Parhi; Zisheng Zhang
Design and Implementation of a Machine Learning Based EEG Processor for Accurate Estimation of Depth of Anesthesia
Wala Saadeh; Fatima Hameed Khan; Muhammad Awais Bin Altaf
A Unified Novel Neural Network Approach and a Prototype Hardware Implementation for Ultra-Low Power EEG Classification
Antonis Nikitakis; Konstantinos Makantasis; Nikolaos Tampouratzis; Ioannis Papaefstathiou
An Efficient and Robust Digital Fractional Order Differentiator Based ECG Pre-Processor Design for QRS Detection
Chandan Nayak; Suman Kumar Saha; Rajib Kar; Durbadal Mandal
A Battery-Less Portable ECG Monitoring System With Wired Audio Transmission
Lianxi Liu; Lei He; Yi Zhang; Tianyuan Hua
A Harmonic Error Cancellation Method for Accurate Clock-Based Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Saqib Subhan; Sohmyung Ha
A Power Adaptive, 1.22-pW/Hz, 10-MHz Read-Out Front-End for Bio-Impedance Measurement
Mohammad Takhti; Kofi Odame
Dynamic Channel Modeling and OFDM System Analysis for Capacitive Coupling Body Channel Communication
Wenyu Sun; Jian Zhao; Yuxuan Huang; Yinan Sun; Huazhong Yang; Yongpan Liu
Equivalent Circuit Model Viewed From Receiver Side in Human Body Communication
Yoshifumi Nishida; Ken Sasaki; Kentaro Yamamoto; Dairoku Muramatsu; Fukuro Koshiji
An Auto Loss Compensation System for Capacitive-Coupled Body Channel Communication
Jian Zhao; Wenyu Sun; Jingna Mao; Yuxuan Huang; Bo Zhao; Yongpan Liu; Huazhong Yang
Texture-Map-Based Branch-Collaborative Network for Oral Cancer Detection
Chih-Hung Chan; Tze-Ta Huang; Chih-Yang Chen; Chien-Cheng Lee; Man-Yee Chan; Pau-Choo Chung
A Real-Time Coprime Line Scan Super-Resolution System for Ultra-Fast Microscopy
Runbin Shi; Justin S. J. Wong; Edmund Y. Lam; Kevin K. Tsia; Hayden K.-H. So