A Label-Free, Non-Intrusive, and Rapid Monitoring of Bacterial Growth on Solid Medium Using Microwave Biosensor

Sevda Mohammadi; Anupama Vijaya Nadaraja; Katherine Luckasavitch; Mandeep Chhajer Jain; Deborah June Roberts; Mohammad Hossein Zarifi

Current/Voltage Dual-Mode Single-Wire Simultaneous Bidirectional Interface Architecture for Sensor System

Jeong-Kyun Kim; Dong-Woo Jee

An Integrated Biosensor System With a High-Density Microelectrode Array for Real-Time Electrochemical Imaging

William Tedjo; Thomas Chen

CORDIC-Astrocyte: Tripartite Glutamate-IP3-Ca2+ Interaction Dynamics on FPGA

Moslem Heidarpur; Parvin Khosravifar; Arash Ahmadi; Majid Ahmadi

A 2.64-μW 71-dB SNDR Discrete-Time Signal-Folding Amplifier for Reducing ADC's Resolution Requirement in Wearable ECG Acquisition Systems

Chinnatip Ratametha; Samattachai Tepwimonpetkun; Woradorn Wattanapanitch

FPGA-Accelerated 3rd Generation DNA Sequencing

Zhongpan Wu; Karim Hammad; Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh; Sebastian Magierowski

Highly Linear Phase-Canceling Self-Injection-Locked Ultrasonic Radar for Non-Contact Monitoring of Respiration and Heartbeat

Shiang-Hwua Yu; Tzyy-Sheng Horng

Chip-Scale Angle-Selective Imager for In Vivo Microscopic Cancer Detection

Efthymios P. Papageorgiou; Bernhard E. Boser; Mekhail Anwar

Modelling Dynamically Re-Sizeable Electrodes (DRE) for Targeted Transcutaneous Measurements in Impedance Plethysmography

Zaheer Q. Hashim; Loucas Constantinou; Iasonas F. Triantis

A 2.4 GHz ISM Band OOK Transceiver With High Energy Efficiency for Biomedical Implantable Applications

Shuenn-Yuh Lee; Po-Hao Cheng; Ching-Fu Tsou; Chou-Ching Lin; Gia-Shing Shieh

An Energy-Quality Scalable STDP Based Sparse Coding Processor With On-Chip Learning Capability

Heetak Kim; Hoyoung Tang; Woong Choi; Jongsun Park