Special Issue on the IEEE Asia Pacific Conference of Circuits and Systems 2019 and the IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems 2019

Elena Blokhina

22 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio Real-Time Proton Sound Detector for Experimental Beam Range Verification

Elia Arturo Vallicelli; Andrea Baschirotto; Sebastian Lehrack; Walter Assmann; Katia Parodi; Salvatore Viola; Giorgio Riccobene; Marcello De Matteis

Unfolding Nonlinear Dynamics in Analogue Systems With Mem-Elements

Mauro Di Marco; Mauro Forti; Fernando Corinto; Leon Chua

Variable-Rate VLSI Architecture for 400-Gb/s Hard-Decision Product Decoder

Vikram Jain; Christoffer Fougstedt; Per Larsson-Edefors

Active Circuits With Diodes: Topological Conditions Sufficient to Determine the State of a Diode

Maurizio Ciampa

Ultra-Low-Power FDSOI Neural Circuits for Extreme-Edge Neuromorphic Intelligence

Arianna Rubino; Can Livanelioglu; Ning Qiao; Melika Payvand; Giacomo Indiveri

Advanced Mixed Signal Concepts Exploiting the Strong Body-Bias Effect in CMOS 22FDX®

Enne Wittenhagen; Marcel Runge; Nima Lotfi; Hossein Ghafarian; Yuan Tian; Friedel Gerfers

Multi-Context TCAM-Based Selective Computing: Design Space Exploration for a Low-Power NN

Ren Arakawa; Naoya Onizawa; Jean-Philippe Diguet; Takahiro Hanyu

Fast and Accurate Inference on Microcontrollers With Boosted Cooperative Convolutional Neural Networks (BC-Net)

Luca Mocerino; Andrea Calimera

A 0.14-to-0.29-pJ/bit 14-GBaud/s Trimodal (NRZ/PAM-4/PAM-8) Half-Rate Bang-Bang Clock and Data Recovery (BBCDR) Circuit in 28-nm CMOS

Xiaoteng Zhao; Yong Chen; Pui-In Mak; Rui P. Martins

Power Management IC With a Three-Phase Cold Self-Start for Thermoelectric Generators

Thinh Tran-Dinh; Hieu Minh Pham; Loan Pham-Nguyen; Sang-Gug Lee; Hanh-Phuc Le

From MOSFETs to Ambipolar Transistors: Standard Cell Synthesis for the Planar RFET Technology

Maximilian Reuter; Johannes Pfau; Tillmann A. Krauss; Jürgen Becker; Klaus Hofmann

MASH-Based Divider Controllers for Mitigation of Wandering Spurs in a Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer

Dawei Mai; Michael Peter Kennedy

Implementation of Ternary Weights With Resistive RAM Using a Single Sense Operation Per Synapse

Axel Laborieux; Marc Bocquet; Tifenn Hirtzlin; Jacques-Olivier Klein; Etienne Nowak; Elisa Vianello; Jean-Michel Portal; Damien Querlioz

Broadband Amplifier Design Technique by Dissipative Matching Networks

Walter Ciccognani; Sergio Colangeli; Patrick E. Longhi; Antonio Serino; Rocco Giofré; Lorenzo Pace; Ernesto Limiti

Frequency Design of Lossless Passive Electronic Filters: A State-Space Formulation of the Direct Synthesis Approach

Arthur Perodou; Anton Korniienko; Gérard Scorletti; Mykhailo Zarudniev; Jean-Baptiste David; Ian O’Connor

Noise Analysis of Charge-Balanced Readout Circuits for MEMS Accelerometers

Alice Lanniel; Tobias Boeser; Thomas Alpert; Maurits Ortmanns

A 2erms− Temporal Noise CMOS Image Sensor With In-Pixel 1/f Noise Reduction and Conversion Gain Modulation for Low Light Imaging

Neha Priyadarshini; Mukul Sarkar

A 0.85mm2 BLE Transceiver Using an On-Chip Harmonic-Suppressed RFIO Circuitry With T/R Switch

Zheng Sun; Hanli Liu; Hongye Huang; Dexian Tang; Dingxin Xu; Tohru Kaneko; Zheng Li; Jian Pang; Rui Wu; Wei Deng; Atsushi Shirane; Kenichi Okada

A 70-to-2 V Triboelectric Energy Harvesting System Utilizing Parallel-SSHI Rectifier and DC-DC Converters

Ismail Kara; Mustafa Becermis; Mohamed Abdel-Aal Kamar; Mustafa Aktan; Hakan Dogan; Senol Mutlu

A Wideband Differential Linear Low-Noise Transconductance Amplifier With Active-Combiner Feedback in Complementary MGTR Configurations

Benqing Guo; Jing Gong; Yao Wang

Exploring Applications of STT-RAM in GPU Architectures

Xiaoxiao Liu; Mengjie Mao; Xiuyuan Bi; Hai Li; Yiran Chen

High Performance CNN Accelerators Based on Hardware and Algorithm Co-Optimization

Tian Yuan; Weiqiang Liu; Jie Han; Fabrizio Lombardi

High-Density Memristor-CMOS Ternary Logic Family

Xiao-Yuan Wang; Peng-Fei Zhou; Jason K. Eshraghian; Chih-Yang Lin; Herbert Ho-Ching Iu; Ting-Chang Chang; Sung-Mo Kang

High Speed and Low Digital Resources Implementation of Hodgkin-Huxley Neuronal Model Using Base-2 Functions

Saeed Haghiri; Ali Naderi; Behzad Ghanbari; Arash Ahmadi

Set-Based Obfuscation for Strong PUFs Against Machine Learning Attacks

Jiliang Zhang; Chaoqun Shen

Hybrid Pass Transistor Logic With Ambipolar Transistors

Xuan Hu; Amy S. Abraham; Jean Anne C. Incorvia; Joseph S. Friedman

An MTJ-Based Asynchronous System With Extremely Fine-Grained Voltage Scaling

Ningyuan Yin; Baofa Huang; Xiaobai Chen; Jianjun Chen; Zhiyi Yu

The Constant Multiplier FFT

Mario Garrido; Pedro Malagón

Gradient-Adaptive Spline-Interpolated LUT Methods for Low-Complexity Digital Predistortion

Pablo Pascual Campo; Alberto Brihuega; Lauri Anttila; Matias Turunen; Dani Korpi; Markus Allén; Mikko Valkama

Hardware-Efficient Emulation of Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Model Using Template-Scaling-Based Exponential Function Approximation

Jeeson Kim; Vladmir Kornijcuk; Changmin Ye; Doo Seok Jeong

Finite/Fixed-Time Anti-Synchronization of Inconsistent Markovian Quaternion-Valued Memristive Neural Networks With Reaction-Diffusion Terms

Xiaona Song; Jingtao Man; Shuai Song; Choon Ki Ahn

Modeling and Control of Islanded DC Microgrid Clusters With Hierarchical Event-Triggered Consensus Algorithm

Zhiyi Chen; Xinghuo Yu; Wenying Xu; Guanghui Wen

Neural Network-Based Distributed Adaptive Pre-Assigned Finite-Time Consensus of Multiple TCP/AQM Networks

Chunmei Wang; Xiangyong Chen; Jinde Cao; Jianlong Qiu; Yang Liu; Yiping Luo

Variable Cut-Off Frequency Observer-Based Positioning for Ball-Beam Systems Without Velocity and Current Feedback Considering Actuator Dynamics

Yonghun Kim; Seok-Kyoon Kim; Choon Ki Ahn

All Digital Phase-Locked Loop Networks for Clock Generation and Distribution: Network Stability, Convergence and Performance

Eugene Koskin; Pierre Bisiaux; Dimitri Galayko; Elena Blokhina

Adaptive Fault Estimation for Unmanned Surface Vessels With a Neural Network Observer Approach

Liheng Chen; Ming Liu; Yan Shi; Haijun Zhang; Enjiao Zhao

Finite-Time and Fixed-Time Bipartite Consensus Tracking of Multi-Agent Systems With Weighted Antagonistic Interactions

Min Zhao; Chen Peng; Engang Tian

Adaptive Cooperative Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Distributed Energy Storage Systems

Yue Yang; Dezhi Xu; Tiedong Ma; Xiaojie Su

Observer-Based Bipartite Containment Control for Singular Multi-Agent Systems Over Signed Digraphs

Zhen-Hua Zhu; Bin Hu; Zhi-Hong Guan; Ding-Xue Zhang; Tao Li

Asynchronous Event-Triggered Sliding Mode Control for Semi-Markov Jump Systems Within a Finite-Time Interval

Jing Wang; Tingting Ru; Jianwei Xia; Hao Shen; Victor Sreeram

The Truth About 2-Level Transition Elimination in Bang-Bang PAM-4 CDRs

Marijn Verbeke; Guy Torfs; Pieter Rombouts

Fast Nested Key Equation Solvers for Generalized Integrated Interleaved Decoder

Zhenshan Xie; Xinmiao Zhang

Efficient Implementation of 400 Gbps Optical Communication FEC

Dmitri Truhachev; Kamal El-Sankary; Alireza Karami; Abolfazl Zokaei; Shizhong Li

A Real-Time-Link-Adaptive Operation Scheme for Maximum Energy Storage Efficiency in Resonant CM Wireless Power Receivers

Mansour Taghadosi; Hossein Kassiri

Synthesis of Constant Power Loads Using Switching Converters Under Sliding-Mode Control

Blanca Areli Martínez-Treviño; Abdelali El Aroudi; Angel Cid-Pastor; Germain Garcia; Luis Martinez-Salamero

Spin Wave Normalization Toward All Magnonic Circuits

Abdulqader Nael Mahmoud; Frederic Vanderveken; Christoph Adelmann; Florin Ciubotaru; Sorin Cotofana; Said Hamdioui

Comments on “Architectural Evolution of Integrated M-Phase High-Q Bandpass Filters”

Guoxiang Han; Peter R. Kinget

Reply to Comments on “Architectural Evolution of Integrated M-Phase High-Q Bandpass Filters”

Ahmad Mirzaei; Hooman Darabi; David Murphy