October 2019, Volume 66, Issue 10

A Third-Order Integrated Passive Switched-Capacitor Filter Obtained With a Continuous-Time Design Approach
Sevil Zeynep Lüleç; David A. Johns; Antonio Liscidini

Design Methodology Based on the Inversion Coefficient and its Application to Inductorless LNA Implementations
Gabrielle Guitton; Marcelo de Souza; Andre Mariano; Thierry Taris

Class-J23 Power Amplifiers
Amirreza Alizadeh; Milad Frounchi; Ali Medi

Low-Noise Broadband CMOS TIA Based on Multi-Stage Stagger-Tuned Amplifier for High-Speed High-Sensitivity Optical Communication
Dan Li; Ming Liu; Shengwei Gao; Yongjun Shi; Yihua Zhang; Zhiyong Li; Patrick Yin Chiang; Franco Maloberti; Li Geng

Design of a 5.2-GHz CMOS Power Amplifier Using TF-Based 2-Stage Dual-Radial Power Splitting/Combining Architecture
Jeng-Han Tsai

An N-Path Band-Pass Filter With Parametric Gain-Boosting
Kamlesh Badiyari; Nagarjuna Nallam; Shouri Chatterjee

A DROIC Based on PFM ADCs Employing Over-Integration for Error Shaping
Shahbaz Abbasi; Omer Ceylan; Yasar Gurbuz

Design and Analysis of a 12-b Current-Steering DAC in a 14-nm FinFET Technology for 2G/3G/4G Cellular Applications
Jaekwon Kim; Woojin Jang; Yanghoon Lee; Wan Kim; Seunghyun Oh; Jongwoo Lee; Jaehyuk Choi; Jung-Hoon Chun; Thomas Byunghak Cho

An 18–23 GHz 57.4-fs RMS Jitter −253.5-dB FoM Sub-Harmonically Injection-Locked All-Digital PLL With Single-Ended Injection Technique and ILFD Aided Adaptive Injection Timing Alignment Technique
Zhao Zhang; Jincheng Yang; Liyuan Liu; Nan Qi; Peng Feng; Jian Liu; Nanjian Wu

A High-Precision Time Skew Estimation and Correction Technique for Time-Interleaved ADCs
Armia Salib; Mark F. Flanagan; Barry Cardiff

Digital-to-Frequency Converters With a DTC: Theoretical Analysis of the Output SFDR
Claudia Palattella; Eric A. M. Klumperink; Mark S. Oude Alink; Bram Nauta

Time-Variant Modeling and Analysis of Multiplying Delay-Locked Loops
Alessio Santiccioli; Carlo Samori; Andrea L. Lacaita; Salvatore Levantino

A 3.6 μVrms Noise, 3 ppm/°C TC Bandgap Reference With Offset/Noise Suppression and Five-Piece Linear Compensation
Lianxi Liu; Xufeng Liao; Junchao Mu

A 0.034% Charge-Imbalanced Neural Stimulation Front-End (SFE) IC With on-Chip Voltage Compliance Monitoring Circuit and Analysis on Resting Potential by Utilizing the SFE IC
Yong-Joon Jeon; Lei Yao; Yuan Gao; Muthukumaraswamy Annamalai Arasu

Differential Transmission Lines Loaded With Magnetic LC Resonators and Application in Common Mode Suppression
Amir Ebrahimi; Thomas C. Baum; Ke Wang; James Scott; Kamran Ghorbani

Filtering Power Amplifier With Wide Bandwidth Using Discriminating Coupling
Yuan Chun Li; Qin-chuang Chen; Quan Xue; Jinchao Mou

Design of Tunable Multi-Pole Multi-Zero Bandpass Filters and Diplexer With High Selectivity and Isolation
Li Gao; Tsu-Wei Lin; Gabriel M. Rebeiz

A Real-Time 17-Scale Object Detection Accelerator With Adaptive 2000-Stage Classification in 65 nm CMOS
Minkyu Kim; Abinash Mohanty; Deepak Kadetotad; Luning Wei; Xiaofei He; Yu Cao; Jae-Sun Seo

An Efficient Low-Latency Point-Multiplication Over Curve25519
Raziyeh Salarifard; Siavash Bayat-Sarmadi

A 1 Million-Point FFT on a Single FPGA
Hans Kanders; Tobias Mellqvist; Mario Garrido; Kent Palmkvist; Oscar Gustafsson

Area–Time–Power Efficient FFT Architectures Based on Binary-Signed-Digit CORDIC
Hossein Mahdavi; Somayeh Timarchi

Analysis of Signals via Non-Maximally Decimated Non-Uniform Filter Banks
Sandeep Patel; Ravindra Dhuli; Brejesh Lall

Energy-Efficient Spectral Analysis Method Using Autoregressive Model-Based Approach for Internet of Things
Seiya Yoshida; Shintaro Izumi; Koichi Kajihara; Yuji Yano; Hiroshi Kawaguchi; Masahiko Yoshimoto

On Learning With Nonlinear Memristor-Based Neural Network and its Replication
Changju Yang; Shyam Prasad Adhikari; Hyongsuk Kim

Colored Noise in Oscillators. Phase-Amplitude Analysis and a Method to Avoid the itô-Stratonovich Dilemma
Michele Bonnin; Fabio L. Traversa; Fabrizio Bonani

Robust Pinning Constrained Control and Adaptive Regulation of Coupled Chua’s Circuit Networks
Xiaozheng Jin; Chengcheng Jiang; Jiahu Qin; Wei Xing Zheng

Continuous-Time Algorithms for Solving Maxwell’s Equations Using Analog Circuits
Nilan Udayanga; S. I. Hariharan; Soumyajit Mandal; Leonid Belostotski; Len T. Bruton; Arjuna Madanayake

Robust Active Noise Control Design by Optimal Weighted Least Squares Approach
Muhammad Saeed Aslam; Peng Shi; Cheng-Chew Lim

Almost Output Regulation for Switched Positive Systems With Different Coordinates Transformations and its Application to a Positive Circuit Model
Peng Wang; Jun Zhao

Linear Consequence-Based Fuzzy Parallel Distributed Compensation Type L1 Adaptive Controller for Two Link Robot Manipulator
Roshni Maiti; Kaushik Das Sharma; Gautam Sarkar

A 0.0071-mm2 10.8pspp-Jitter 4 to 10-Gb/s 5-Tap Current-Mode Transmitter Using a Hybrid Delay Line for Sub-1-UI Fractional De-Emphasis
Yong Chen; Pui-In Mak; Zunsong Yang; Chirn Chye Boon; Rui P. Martins

Joint Detection and Decoding of Polar-Coded OFDM-IDMA Systems
Xiangyun Deng; Jin Sha; Xiaotian Zhou; Yuxiang Fu; Zaichen Zhang; Xiaohu You; Chuan Zhang

Efficient Architectures for Generalized Integrated Interleaved Decoder
Xinmiao Zhang; Zhenshan Xie

Efficient Post-Processors for Improving Error-Correcting Performance of LDPC Codes
Yaoyu Tao; Shuanghong Sun; Zhengya Zhang

Novel Data Pre-Distorter for APSK Signals in Solid-State Power Amplifiers
María Jesús Cañavate Sánchez; Andrea Segneri; Savvas A. Kosmopoulos; Qiuming Zhu; Theodoros A. Tsiftsis; Apostolos Georgiadis; George Goussetis

Output Control Techniques for Dual-Frequency SIMO Buck Converters
Yongjie Jiang; Sita Asar; Muhammad Ahmed; Hua Zhang; Ayman Fayed

Bidirectional Single-Inductor Dual-Supply Converter With Automatic State-Transition for IoT Applications
Hung-Hsien Wu; Chi-Hsiang Huang; Chia-Ling Wei; Jih-Sheng Lai

Design Optimization for Low-Power Reconfigurable Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Voltage Converter
Ahmed M. Mohey; Sameh A. Ibrahim; Ismail M. Hafez; HyungWon Kim