MWSCAS Guest Editorial Special Issue Based on the 62nd International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems

Jose Silva-Martinez; Jose Delgado-Frias

Slewing Mitigation Technique for Switched-Capacitor Circuits

Manjunath Kareppagoudr; Jyotindra Shakya; Emanuel Caceres; Yu-Wen Kuo; Gabor C. Temes

8fJ/Step Bandpass ADC With Digitally Assisted NTF Re-Configuration

Sanjeev Tannirkulam Chandrasekaran; Gaurav Kapoor; Arindam Sanyal

CMOS 256-Pixel/480-Pixel Photovoltaic-Powered Subretinal Prosthetic Chips With Wide Image Dynamic Range and Bi/Four-Directional Sharing Electrodes and Their Ex Vivo Experimental Validations With Mice

Chung-Yu Wu; Chi-Kuan Tseng; Jung-Hsing Liao; Chuan-Chin Chiao; Fang-Liang Chu; Yueh-Chun Tsai; Jun Ohta; Toshihiko Noda

Time-Based Sensor Interface for Dopamine Detection

Olaitan Olabode; Marko Kosunen; Vishnu Unnikrishnan; Tommi Palomäki; Tomi Laurila; Kari Halonen; Jussi Ryynänen

Enhanced Linearity in FD-SOI CMOS Body-Input Analog Circuits – Application to Voltage-Controlled Ring Oscillators and Frequency-Based ΣΔ ADCs

Javad Ahmadi-Farsani; Virginia Zúñiga-González; Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona; Bernabé Linares-Barranco; José M. de la Rosa

Bootstrapped Driver and the Single-Event-Upset Effect

Mohammed Al-Daloo; Mohamed A. Abufalgha; Alex Yakovlev; Basel Halak

Real-Time Distance Evaluation System for Wireless Localization

Giovanni Piccinni; Gianfranco Avitabile; Giuseppe Coviello; Claudio Talarico

Rapid Simulation of Photonic Integrated Circuits Using Verilog-A Compact Models

Md Jubayer ShawonVishal Saxena

A 92%-Efficiency Battery Powered Hybrid DC-DC Converter for IoT Applications

Mahmoud Elhebeary; Chih-Kong Ken Yang

A Thermal/RF Hybrid Energy Harvesting System With Rectifying-Combination and Improved Fractional-OCV MPPT Method

Zemin Liu; Yu-Pin Hsu; Mona Mostafa Hella

An X-Band Class-J Power Amplifier With Active Load Modulation to Boost Drain Efficiency

Amirreza Alizadeh; Saleh Hassanzadehyamchi; Ali Medi; Sayfe Kiaei

A 5–13.5 Gb/s Multistandard Receiver With High Jitter Tolerance Digital CDR in 40-nm CMOS Process

Zhou Shu; Shalin Huang; Zhipeng Li; Peng Yin; Jiandong Zang; Dongbing Fu; Fang Tang; Amine Bermak

A DC-50 GHz CMOS Switched-Type Attenuator With Capacitive Compensation Technique

Peng Gu; Dixian Zhao; Xiaohu You

A 37–40-GHz Low-Phase-Imbalance CMOS Attenuator With Tail-Capacitor Compensation Technique

Chenxi Zhao; Xing Zeng; Lin Zhang; Huihua Liu; Yiming Yu; Yunqiu Wu; Kai Kang

An 80 MHz Bandwidth and 26.8 dBm OOB IIP3 Transimpedance Amplifier With Improved Nested Feedforward Compensation and Multi-Order Filtering

Hyunki Jung; Dzuhri Radityo Utomo; Seok-Kyun Han; Jusung Kim; Sang-Gug Lee

\A Transient-Enhanced Output-Capacitorless LDO With Fast Local Loop and Overshoot Detection

Nanqi Liu; Degang Chen

A 100-Gbps 4-Lane Transceiver for 47-dB Loss Copper Cable in 28-nm CMOS

Takayasu Norimatsu; Kenji Kogo; Takemasa Komori; Naohiro Kohmu; Fumio Yuki; Takashi Kawamoto

Design Approach for Ring Amplifiers

Joschua Conrad; Patrick Vogelmann; Mohamed Aly Mokhtar; Maurits Ortmanns

The Hardware and Algorithm Co-Design for Energy-Efficient DNN Processor on Edge/Mobile Devices

Jinsu Lee; Sanghoon Kang; Jinmook Lee; Dongjoo Shin; Donghyeon Han; Hoi-Jun Yoo

DT-CNN: An Energy-Efficient Dilated and Transposed Convolutional Neural Network Processor for Region of Interest Based Image Segmentation

Dongseok Im; Donghyeon Han; Sungpill Choi; Sanghoon Kang; Hoi-Jun Yoo

A Precision-Scalable Energy-Efficient Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator

Wenjian Liu; Jun Lin; Zhongfeng Wang

Projected Kernel Least Mean p -Power Algorithm: Convergence Analyses and Modifications

Ji Zhao; Hongbin Zhang; Gang Wang; Jian Andrew Zhang

Stability Enhancement of One-Cycle Controlled Buck-Boost Converters With a Composite Function Embedded

Y. L. Guo; Q. H. Wu; L. Wang; G. F. Tang

A Semi-Supervised Learning Approach for Identification of Piecewise Affine Systems

Yingwei Du; Fangzhou Liu; Jianbin Qiu; Martin Buss

Position Regulator With Variable Cut-Off Frequency Mechanism for Hybrid-Type Stepper Motors

Seok-Kyoon Kim; Choon Ki Ahn

Distributed Fixed-Time Triggering-Based Containment Control for Networked Nonlinear Agents Under Directed Graphs

Tao Xu; Guannan Lv; Zhisheng Duan; Zhiyong Sun; Junzhi Yu

Event-Triggered Synchronization for Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems With Sampled Data

Zeyu Han; Wallace K. S. Tang; Qiang Jia

Synchronizer-Free Digital Link Controller

Johannes Bund; Matthias Függer; Christoph Lenzen; Moti Medina

Double-Sub-Stream M-ary Differential Chaos Shift Keying Wireless Communication System Using Chaotic Shape-Forming Filter

Chao Bai; Hai-Peng Ren; Géza Kolumbán

Sampled-Data Modeling for PCM and ZVS Controlled Critical Conduction Mode (CrCM) Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) Converter at Variable Switching Frequency

Shengyou Xu; Qinsong Qian; Ran Shi; Syed Sikandar Shah; Qi Liu; Shengli Lu; Weifeng Sun

A Soft-Charging-Based SC DC–DC Boost Converter With Conversion-Ratio-Insensitive High Efficiency for Energy Harvesting in Miniature Sensor Systems

Hyungmin Gi; Junyoung Park; Yeohoon Yoon; Seungchul Jung; Sang Joon Kim; Yoonmyung Lee