Digitally Adaptive High-Fidelity Analog Array Signal Processing Resilient to Capacitive Multiplying DAC Inter-Stage Gain Error

Siddharth Joshi; Chul Kim; Chris M. Thomas; Gert Cauwenberghs

Prediction of Phase Noise and Spurs in a Nonlinear Fractional- N Frequency Synthesizer

Yann Donnelly; Michael Peter Kennedy

256×8 SPAD Array With 256 Column TDCs for a Line Profiling Laser Radar

Pekka Keränen; Juha Kostamovaara

Advantages of Second-Order Cartesian Feedback Linearizers for Radio Amplifiers

James K. Cavers; Kishore Mehrotra; Graeme K. Woodward

A Differential Push-Pull Voltage Mode VCSEL Driver in 65-nm CMOS

Ajith Sivadhasan Ramani; Spoorthi Nayak; Sudip Shekhar

A Digitally Programmable CMOS Feedback ASIC for Highly Stable MEMS-Referenced Oscillators

Mohammad S. Islam; Siddharth K. Singh; George Xereas; Vamsy P. Chodavarapu; Soumyajit Mandal

A Dual-Split 6T SRAM-Based Computing-in-Memory Unit-Macro With Fully Parallel Product-Sum Operation for Binarized DNN Edge Processors

Xin Si; Win-San Khwa; Jia-Jing Chen; Jia-Fang Li; Xiaoyu Sun; Rui Liu; Shimeng Yu; Hiroyuki Yamauchi; Qiang Li; Meng-Fan Chang

A Secure Data-Toggling SRAM for Confidential Data Protection

Weng-Geng Ho; Kwen-Siong Chong; Tony Tae-Hyoung Kim; Bah-Hwee Gwee

A Majority-Based Imprecise Multiplier for Ultra-Efficient Approximate Image Multiplication

Farnaz Sabetzadeh; Mohammad Hossein Moaiyeri; Mohammad Ahmadinejad

ARMv8 SIKE: Optimized Supersingular Isogeny Key Encapsulation on ARMv8 Processors

Amir Jalali; Reza Azarderakhsh; Mehran Mozaffari Kermani; Matthew Campagna; David Jao

A Family of Compact Non-Volatile Flip-Flops With Ferroelectric FET

Abdullah Ash Saki; Sung Hao Lin; Mahabubul Alam; Sandeep Krishna Thirumala; Sumeet Kumar Gupta; Swaroop Ghosh

A Fast On-Chip SVM-Training System With Dual-Mode Configurable Pipelines and MSMO Scheduler

Lichen Feng; Zunchao Li; Yuanfa Wang; Chuang Wang

Convergence Analysis of Deficient-Length Frequency-Domain Adaptive Filters

Feiran Yang; Jun Yang

ANOVA Kernel Kalman Filter for Multi-Objective Grid Integrated Solar Photovoltaic-Distribution Static Compensator

Nishant Kumar; Bhim Singh; Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi

Kernel Kalman Filtering With Conditional Embedding and Maximum Correntropy Criterion

Lujuan Dang; Badong Chen; Shiyuan Wang; Yuantao Gu; José C. Príncipe

A Modulo-FIR Equalizer for Wireline Communications

Gyu-Seob Jeong; Byungjun Kang; Haram Ju; Kwanseo Park; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

On the Order Minimization of Interpolated Bandpass Method Based Narrow Transition Band FIR Filter Design

Subhabrata Roy; Abhijit Chandra

Approximated Core Transform Architectures for HEVC Using WHT-Based Decomposition Method

Subiman Chatterjee; Kishor Sarawadekar

Synthesis and Realization of Two-Dimensional Separable Denominator Orthogonal Systems via Decomposition Into 1-D Systems

Robert Wirski

Cascading Failure of Cyber-Coupled Power Systems Considering Interactions Between Attack and Defense

Dong Liu; Chi K. Tse

Toward Designing Thermally-Aware Memristance Decoder

Thanasin Bunnam; Ahmed Soltan; Danil Sokolov; Oleg Maevsky; Alex Yakovlev

A Family of Stateful Memristor Gates for Complete Cascading Logic

Kyung Min Kim; R. Stanley Williams

Leveraging Independent Double-Gate FinFET Devices for Machine Learning Classification

Farid Kenarangi; Inna Partin-Vaisband

Effective Resistance of Two-Dimensional Truncated Infinite Mesh Structures

Rassul Bairamkulov; Eby G. Friedman

Observer-Based Fault Estimation for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems and Its Application: A Weighted Switching Approach

Xiangpeng Xie; Dong Yue; Ju H. Park

Enhancing Transient Stability of DC Microgrid by Enlarging the Region of Attraction Through Nonlinear Polynomial Droop Control

Bernardo Severino; Kai Strunz

Complementarity Model of a Photovoltaic Power Electronic System With Model Predictive Control

Rodrigo Morfin-Magaña; J. Jesus Rico-Melgoza; Fernando Ornelas-Tellez; Francesco Vasca

On Extension of Effective Resistance With Application to Graph Laplacian Definiteness and Power Network Stability

Yue Song; David J. Hill; Tao Liu

Synchronization of Multi-Agent Systems With Time-Varying Control and Delayed Communications

Qiang Jia; Zeyu Han; Wallace K. S. Tang

An 18 nW −47/−40 dBm Sensitivity 3/100 kbps MEMS-Assisted CMOS Wake-Up Receiver

Mazen Soliman; Abhay Kochhar; Hoda Abdelsalam; Flavius V. Pop; Gabriel Vidal-Álvarez; Jeffrey Weldon; Gianluca Piazza; Jeyanandh Paramesh

Hardware-Efficient and Fast Sensing-Time Maximum-Minimum-Eigenvalue-Based Spectrum Sensor for Cognitive Radio Network

Rohit B. Chaurasiya; Rahul Shrestha

Energy-Efficient Symmetric BC-BCH Decoder Architecture for Mobile Storages

Seokha Hwang; Seungsik Moon; Jaehwan Jung; Daesung Kim; In-Cheol Park; Jeongseok Ha; Youngjoo Lee

Low-Routing-Complexity Convolutional/Turbo Decoder Design for Iterative Detection and Decoding Receivers

Cheng-Hung Lin; Ching-Wen Hsieh

Reliable Sliding Mode Control of Fast Sampling Singularly Perturbed Systems: A Redundant Channel Transmission Protocol Approach

Jun Song; Yugang Niu; Hak-Keung Lam

A 10-MHz Hysteretic-Controlled Buck Converter With Single On/Off Reference Tracking Using Turning-Point Prediction for DVFS Application

Sijie Pan; Philip K. T. Mok

A 97% Maximum Efficiency Fully Automated Control Turbo Boost Topology for Battery Chargers

Balakumar Muniandi; Chao-Jen Huang; Chun-Chieh Kuo; Te-Fu Yang; Ke-Horng Chen; Ying-Hsi Lin; Shian-Ru Lin; Tsung-Yen Tsai

Mitigating Line Frequency Instability of Boost PFC Converter Under Proportional Outer-Voltage Loop With Additional Third Current-Harmonic Feedforward Compensation

Weiguo Lu; Jinxin Han; Shaoling Li; Herbert Ho-Ching Iu

A Receiver-Controlled Coupler for Multiple Output Wireless Power Transfer Applications

Xu Chen; Shengbao Yu; Zhe Zhang