Guest Editorial Special Issue on the International Symposium on Integrated Circuits and Systems—ISICAS 2020

Elena Blokhina

A 12-Bit 125-MS/s 2.5-Bit/Cycle SAR-Based Pipeline ADC Employing a Self-Biased Gain Boosting Amplifier

Chulhyun Park; Tao Chen; Kyoohyun Noh; Dadian Zhou; Suraj Prakash; Mohammadhossein Naderi Alizadeh; Aydin I. Karsilayan; Degang Chen; Randall L. Geiger; Jose Silva-Martinez

An Inverter-Based Continuous Time Sigma Delta ADC With Latency-Free DAC Calibration

Yuekang Guo; Jing Jin; Xiaoming Liu; Jianjun Zhou

Spur Minimization Techniques for Ultra-Low-Power Injection-Locked Transmitters

Chung-Ching Lin; Huan Hu; Subhanshu Gupta

A 0.5-V Supply, 36 nW Bandgap Reference With 42 ppm/°C Average Temperature Coefficient Within −40 °C to 120 °C

Chi-Wa U; Wen-Liang Zeng; Man-Kay Law; Chi-Seng Lam; Rui Paulo Martins

Near-Optimal Decoding of Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC Output

Bo Wang; Man-Kay Law; Samir Brahim Belhaouari; Amine Bermak

A 14b, Twofold Time-Interleaved Incremental ΔΣ ADC Using Hardware Sharing

Patrick Vogelmann; Johannes Wagner; Maurits Ortmanns

Multi-Channel Analog-to-Digital Conversion Techniques Using a Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator Without Reset

R. S. Ashwin Kumar; Nagendra Krishnapura

A 3.3-mW 25.2-to-29.4-GHz Current-Reuse VCO Using a Single-Turn Multi-Tap Inductor and Differential-Only Switched-Capacitor Arrays With a 187.6-dBc/Hz FOM

Yunbo Huang; Yong Chen; Hao Guo; Pui-In Mak; Rui P. Martins

Ultra-Low Power CMOS Image Sensor With Two-Step Logical Shift Algorithm-Based Correlated Double Sampling Scheme

Keunyeol Park; Seonwoo Yeom; Soo Youn Kim

A Configurable Noise-Shaping Band-Pass SAR ADC With Two-Stage Clock-Controlled Amplifier

Zihao Jiao; Yang Chen; Xiaobo Su; Quan Sun; Xiaofei Wang; Ruizhi Zhang; Hong Zhang

LDO With Improved Common Gate Class-AB OTA Handles any Load Capacitors and Provides Fast Response to Load Transients

Cristian Răducan; Alina-Teodora Grăjdeanu; Cosmin-Sorin Plesa; Marius Neag; Andrei Negoiţă; Marina Dana Ţopa

A Calibration-Free Ring-Oscillator PLL With Gain Tracking Achieving 9% Jitter Variation Over PVT

Xiaofeng Yang; Chi-Hang Chan; Yan Zhu; Rui Paulo Martins

A Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter Powering an LC Oscillator to Achieve 85% System Peak Power Efficiency and −65dBc Spurious Tones

Alessandro Urso; Yue Chen; Robert Bogdan Staszewski; Johan F. Dijkhuis; Stefano Stanzione; Yao-Hong Liu; Wouter A. Serdijn; Masoud Babaie

Improved Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators With Embedded Active Filtering

Saravana Manivannan; Shanthi Pavan

An Efficient Sinusoid-Like Pseudo Random Sequence Modulator/Demodulator System With Reduced Adjacent Channel Leakage and High Rejection to Random and Systematic Interference

Jian Shao; Aydin Ilker Karsilayan; Christopher T. Rodenbeck; Jose Silva-Martinez

InP DHBT Single-Stage and Multiplicative Distributed Amplifiers for Ultra- Wideband Amplification

Temitope Odedeyi; Stavros Giannakopoulos; Herbert Zirath; Izzat Darwazeh

A +0.66/−0.73 °C Inaccuracy, 1.99-μW Time-Domain CMOS Temperature Sensor With Second-Order ΔΣ Modulator and On-Chip Reference Clock

Yang Chen; Zihao Jiao; Weijun Guan; Quan Sun; Xiaofei Wang; Ruizhi Zhang; Hong Zhang

A Fully Integrated High-Power-Supply-Rejection Linear Regulator With an Output-Supplied Voltage Reference

Yan-Peng Chen; Kea-Tiong Tang

A 1.45 GHz All-Digital Spread Spectrum Clock Generator in 65nm CMOS for Synchronization-Free SoC Applications

Davide De Caro; Gennaro Di Meo; Ettore Napoli; Nicola Petra; Antonio Giuseppe Maria Strollo

A 0.04% BER Strong PUF With Cell-Bias-Based CRPs Filtering and Background Offset Calibration

Jiahao Liu; Yan Zhu; Chi-Hang Chan; Rui Paulo Martins

A 108 F2/Bit Fully Reconfigurable RRAM PUF Based on Truly Random Dynamic Entropy of Jitter Noise

Qiang Zhao; Wenhan Zheng; Xiaojin Zhao; Yuan Cao; Feng Zhang; Man-Kay Law

Machine Learning-Based Approach for Hardware Faults Prediction

Kasem Khalil; Omar Eldash; Ashok Kumar; Magdy Bayoumi

A Partially Binarized Hybrid Neural Network System for Low-Power and Resource Constrained Human Activity Recognition

Antonio De Vita; Alessandro Russo; Danilo Pau; Luigi Di Benedetto; Alfredo Rubino; Gian Domenico Licciardo

Always-On 674μ W@4GOP/s Error Resilient Binary Neural Networks With Aggressive SRAM Voltage Scaling on a 22-nm IoT End-Node

Alfio Di Mauro; Francesco Conti; Pasquale Davide Schiavone; Davide Rossi; Luca Benini

A Hybrid 3D Interconnect With 2x Bandwidth Density Employing Orthogonal Simultaneous Bidirectional Signaling for 3D NoC

Srinivasan Gopal; Sourav Das; Partha Pratim Pande; Deukhyoun Heo

A Wide-Voltage-Range Transition-Detector With In-Situ Timing-Error Detection and Correction Based on Pulsed-Latch Design in 28 nm CMOS

Xinchao Shang; Minyi Lu; Chengjun Wu; Yiming Xiang; Jiaming Xu; Weiwei Shan

High-Speed Area-Efficient VLSI Architecture of Three-Operand Binary Adder

Amit Kumar Panda; Rakesh Palisetty; Kailash Chandra Ray

FPGA-Based Low-Visibility Enhancement Accelerator for Video Sequence by Adaptive Histogram Equalization With Dynamic Clip-Threshold

Canran Xu; Zizhao Peng; Xuanzhen Hu; Wei Zhang; Lei Chen; Fengwei An

Design of a 4.2-to-5.1 GHz Ultralow-Power Complementary Class-B/C Hybrid-Mode VCO in 65-nm CMOS Fully Supported by EDA Tools

Ricardo Martins; Nuno Lourenço; Nuno Horta; Shenke Zhong; Jun Yin; Pui In Mak; Rui P. Martins

Generic Wireless Power Transfer and Data Communication System Based on a Novel Modulation Technique

Aref Trigui; Mohamed Ali; Sami Hached; Jean-Pierre David; Ahmed Chiheb Ammari; Yvon Savaria; Mohamad Sawan

High Sensitivity and Dynamic-Range 25 Gbaud Silicon Receiver Chipset With Current-Controlled DC Adjustment Path and Cube-Shape Ge-on-Si PD

Xiaojun Bi; Jian Li; Zhen Gu; Bo Tang; Chaodi Sheng; Yan Yang; Qinfen Xu

A 56-to-66 GHz CMOS Low-Power Phased-Array Receiver Front-End With Hybrid Phase Shifting Scheme

Majid Yaghoobi; Milad Haghi Kashani; Mohammad Yavari; Shahriar Mirabbasi

An Efficient Massive MIMO Detector Based on Second-Order Richardson Iteration: From Algorithm to Flexible Architecture

Jiaming Tu; Mengdan Lou; Jianfei Jiang; Dewu Shu; Guanghui He

A 4-MHz Digitally Controlled Voltage-Mode Buck Converter With Embedded Transient Improvement Using Delay Line Control Techniques

Qiwei Huang; Chenchang Zhan; Jinwook Burm

An NMOS Digital LDO With NAND-Based Analog-Assisted Loop in 28-nm CMOS

Xiaofei Ma; Yan Lu; Qiang Li; Wing-Hung Ki; Rui P. Martins

Resistance Compression Dual-Band Differential CMOS RF Energy Harvester Under Modulated Signal Excitation

S. Nagaveni; Pramod Kaddi; Ashwini Khandekar; Ashudeb Dutta

Digital Battery Management Unit With Built-In Resistance Compensation, Modulated Frequency Detection and Multi-Mode Protection for Fast, Efficient and Safe Charging

Ji-Xuan Li; Sai-Weng Sin; U-Fat Chio; Ya-Jie Wu; Chi-Seng Lam; Rui P. Martins

An Error Amplifier With a Low Power Multi-Mode Voltage Clamper for Transient Enhancement and High Reliability

Ze-Kun Zhou; Anqi Wang; Yunkun Wang; Jiani Wang; Yue Shi; Zhuo Wang; Bo Zhang

A 470-nA Quiescent Current and 92.7%/94.7% Efficiency DCT/PWM Control Buck Converter With Seamless Mode Selection for IoT Application

Wen-Liang Zeng; Yuan Ren; Chi-Seng Lam; Sai-Weng Sin; Weng-Keong Che; Ran Ding; Rui Paulo Martins

A Low-Profile High-Efficiency Fast Battery Charger With Unifiable Constant-Current and Constant-Voltage Regulation

Yong Qu; Wei Shu; Lei Qiu; Yen-Cheng Kuan; Shiuh-Hua Wood Chiang; Joseph S. Chang

A 115× Conversion-Ratio Thermoelectric Energy-Harvesting Battery Charger for the Internet of Things

Ming-Jie Chung; Tetsuya Hirose; Takahito Ono; Po-Hung Chen

Design of Stage-Selective Negative Voltage Generator to Improve On-Chip Power Conversion Efficiency for Neuron Stimulation

Shiau-Pin Lin; Ming-Dou Ker

Fully-Integrated Reconfigurable Charge Pump With Two-Dimensional Frequency Modulation for Self-Powered Internet-of-Things Applications

Hao-Chung Cheng; Wen-Yuan Tsai; Po-Han Chen; Po-Hung Chen

An Open Loop Digitally Controlled Hybrid Supply Modulator Achieving High Efficiency for Envelope Tracking With Baseband up to 200-MHz

Zeqiang Chen; Qin Xia; Li Dong; Shiquan Fan; Kefeng Han; Zhuoqi Guo; Zhongming Xue; Li Geng