February 2018, Volume 65, Issue 2

Adaptive Cancellation of Static and Dynamic Mismatch Error in Continuous-Time DACs
Derui Kong; Ian Galton

Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators With Time-Interleaved FIR Feedback
Ankesh Jain; Shanthi Pavan

A Pulse Frequency Modulation Interpretation of VCOs Enabling VCO-ADC Architectures With Extended Noise Shaping
Eric Gutierrez; Luis Hernandez; Fernando Cardes; Pieter Rombouts

Analysis and Background Self-Calibration of Comparator Offset in Loop-Unrolled SAR ADCs
Shaolong Liu; Taimur Rabuske; Jeyanandh Paramesh; Lawrence Pileggi; Jorge Fernandes

Non-Uniform Wavelet Sampling for RF Analog-to-Information Conversion
Michaël Pelissier; Christoph Studer

A Low-Reference Spur MDLL-Based Clock Multiplier and Derivation of Discrete-Time Noise Transfer Function for Phase Noise Analysis
Geum-Young Tak; Kwyro Lee

A Silicon-Based Low-Power Broadband Transimpedance Amplifier
Alireza Karimi-Bidhendi; Hossein Mohammadnezhad; Michael M. Green; Payam Heydari

A Low-Power Low-Noise Decade-Bandwidth Switched Transconductor Mixer With AC-Coupled LO Buffers
Hao Li; Ahmed M. El-Gabaly; Carlos E. Saavedra

Amplifier Innovations for Improvement of Rotary Traveling Wave Oscillators
Andrey Martchovsky; Kenneth D. Pedrotti

On the Remarkable Performance of the Series-Resonance CMOS Oscillator
Federico Pepe; Andrea Bevilacqua; Pietro Andreani

A Power-Efficient Reconfigurable OTA-C Filter for Low-Frequency Biomedical Applications
Sheng-Yu Peng; Yu-Hsien Lee; Tzu-Yun Wang; Hui-Chun Huang; Min-Rui Lai; Chiang-Hsi Lee; Li-Han Liu

Analog Frontend for Tribo-Current-Based Fly-Height Sensor for Magnetic Hard Disk Drive
Arup Polley; Pankaj Pandey; Bryan E. Bloodworth; Costin Cazana

A 0.55 V 1.1 mW Artificial Intelligence Processor With On-Chip PVT Compensation for Autonomous Mobile Robots
Youchang Kim; Dongjoo Shin; Jinsu Lee; Yongsu Lee; Hoi-Jun Yoo

Feedforward FFT Hardware Architectures Based on Rotator Allocation
Mario Garrido; Shen-Jui Huang; Sau-Gee Chen

Methods for Estimating the Convergence of Inter-Chip Min-Entropy of SRAM PUFs
Hailong Liu; Wenchao Liu; Zhaojun Lu; Qiaoling Tong; Zhenglin Liu

High-Speed Low-Complexity Guided Image Filtering-Based Disparity Estimation
Charan Kumar Vala; Koushik Immadisetty; Amit Acharyya; Charles Leech; Vibishna Balagopal; Geoff V. Merrett; Bashir M. Al-Hashimi

Design and Implementation of Low Complexity 2-D Variable Digital FIR Filters Using Single-Parameter-Tunable 2-D Farrow Structure
T. Bindima; Elizabeth Elias

Closed-Form Design of Variable Fractional-Delay FIR Filters With Low or Middle Cutoff Frequencies
Xiangdong Huang; Bo Zhang; Haohua Qin; Wenxing An

A Family of Adaptive Decorrelation NLMS Algorithms and Its Diffusion Version Over Adaptive Networks
Sheng Zhang; Hing Cheung So; Wen Mi; Hongyu Han

De-Correlated Improved Adaptive Exponential FLAF-Based Nonlinear Adaptive Feedback Cancellation for Hearing Aids
Vasundhara; N. B. Puhan; Ganapati Panda

Cloud Computing-Based Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring for Diabetic Care
Praful P. Pai; Pradyut K. Sanki; Sudeep K. Sahoo; Arijit De; Sourangshu Bhattacharya; Swapna Banerjee

Memristor-Based Circuit Design for Multilayer Neural Networks
Yang Zhang; Xiaoping Wang; Eby G. Friedman

Homeostatic Fault Tolerance in Spiking Neural Networks: A Dynamic Hardware Perspective
Anju P. Johnson; Junxiu Liu; Alan G. Millard; Shvan Karim; Andy M. Tyrrell; Jim Harkin; Jon Timmis; Liam J. McDaid; David M. Halliday

A Ring Oscillator-Based Identification Mechanism Immune to Aging and External Working Conditions
Mario Barbareschi; Giorgio Di Natale; Lionel Torres; Antonino Mazzeo

Tap Delay-and-Accumulate Cost Aware Coefficient Synthesis Algorithm for the Design of Area-Power Efficient FIR Filters
Jiajia Chen; Chip-Hong Chang; Jiatao Ding; Rui Qiao; Mathias Faust

Event-Triggered Protocol for the Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems With State-Dependent Nonlinear Coupling
Qiang Jia; Wallace K. S. Tang

Analysis and Design of a Passive Receiver Front-End Using an Inductive Antenna Impedance
Yao Liu; Wouter A. Serdijn

400-MHz/2.4-GHz Combo WPAN Transceiver IC for Simultaneous Dual-Band Communication With One Single Antenna
Zhaoyang Weng; Hanjun Jiang; Jingjing Dong; Yang Li; Jingyi Zheng; Yiyu Shen; Fule Li; Woogeun Rhee; Zhihua Wang

A Modified All-Digital Polar PWM Transmitter
Muhammad Touqir Pasha; Muhammad Fahim Ul Haque; Jahanzeb Ahmad; Ted Johansson

A Low Complexity Sparse Code Multiple Access Detector Based on Stochastic Computing
Kaining Han; Jianhao Hu; Jienan Chen; Hao Lu

Analysis of Ranging Precision in an FMCW Radar Measurement Using a Phase-Locked Loop
Frank Herzel; Dietmar Kissinger; Herman Jalli Ng

A Switched Capacitor Energy Harvester Based on a Single-Cycle Criterion for MPPT to Eliminate Storage Capacitor
Xiaosen Liu; Krishnan Ravichandran; Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio

An Efficient Self-Powered Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting CMOS Interface Circuit Based on Synchronous Charge Extraction Technique
Ge Shi; Yinshui Xia; Xiudeng Wang; Libo Qian; Yidie Ye; Qing Li

Online Built-In Self-Test of High Switching Frequency DC–DC Converters Using Model Reference Based System Identification Techniques
Navankur Beohar; Venkata N. K. Malladi; Debashis Mandal; Sule Ozev; Bertan Bakkaloglu

Optimized Active Disturbance Rejection Control for DC-DC Buck Converters With Uncertainties Using a Reduced-Order GPI Observer
Jun Yang; Hongyu Cui; Shihua Li; Argyrios Zolotas

Fifth-Order T-Type Passive Resonant Tanks Tailored for Constant Current Resonant Converters
Alireza Khoshsaadat; Javad Shokrollahi Moghani