Guest Editorial Selected Papers From the IEEE Asia Pacific Conference of Circuits and Systems 2018 and the IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems 2018

Elena Blokhina

A 12-bit SAR ADC With a DAC-Configurable Window Switching Scheme

Yung-Hui Chung; Qi-Feng Zeng; Yi-Shen Lin

Theory and Implementation of a Load-Mismatch Protective Class-E PA System

Jeroen Ponte; Ali Ghahremani; Maikel Huiskamp; Anne-Johan Annema; Bram Nauta

Design of a 77-GHz LC-VCO With a Slow-Wave Coplanar Stripline-Based Inductor

Ekta Sharma; Abdelhalim A. Saadi; Marc Margalef-Rovira; Emmanuel Pistono; Manuel J. Barragan; Antonio Augusto Lisboa de Souza; Philippe Ferrari; Sylvain Bourdel

Processing Near Sensor Architecture in Mixed-Signal Domain With CMOS Image Sensor of Convolutional-Kernel-Readout Method

Zhe Chen; Huifeng Zhu; Erxiang Ren; Zheyu Liu; Kaige Jia; Li Luo; Xuan Zhang; Qi Wei; Fei Qiao; Xinjun Liu; Huazhong Yang

Synthesis of DDRO Timing Monitors by Delay-Tracking and Static Timing Analysis

Jahnavi Kasturi Rangan; Nasim Pour Aryan; Jens Bargfrede; Lantao Wang; Christian Funke; Helmut Graeb

3D-HEVC Bipartition Modes Encoder and Decoder Design Targeting High-Resolution Videos

Gustavo Sanchez; Mário Saldanha; Ramon Fernandes; Rodrigo Cataldo; Luciano Agostini; César Marcon

Kernel-Based Resource Allocation for Improving GPU Throughput While Minimizing the Activity Divergence of SMs

Zois-Gerasimos Tasoulas; Iraklis Anagnostopoulos

Slicing FIFOs for On-Chip Memory Bandwidth Exhaustion

Mattis Hasler; Robert Wittig; Emil Matúš; Gerhard Fettweis

A 4K × 2K@60fps Multifunctional Video Display Processor for High Perceptual Image Quality

Hang Wang; Xuchong Zhang; Tiancheng Wang; Wenchang Li; Qiubo Chen; Pengju Ren; Xiaogang Wu; Hongbin Sun; Zhiqiang Jiang; Xiang Li; Daqiang Han; Shiquan Yu; Shouyi Yin; Shaojun Wei; Nanning Zheng

Design of Magnetic Non-Volatile TCAM With Priority-Decision in Memory Technology for High Speed, Low Power, and High Reliability

Chengzhi Wang; Deming Zhang; Lang Zeng; Weisheng Zhao

Residual Syntax Elements Analysis and Design Targeting High-Throughput HEVC CABAC

Fábio Luís Livi Ramos; Alessandro Via Piana Saggiorato; Bruno Zatt; Marcelo Porto; Sergio Bampi

A Fully Programmable eFPGA-Augmented SoC for Smart Power Applications

Francesco Renzini; Claudio Mucci; Davide Rossi; Eleonora Franchi Scarselli; Roberto Canegallo

Theoretical Foundations of Memristor Cellular Nonlinear Networks: Memcomputing With Bistable-Like Memristors

Ronald Tetzlaff; Alon Ascoli; Ioannis Messaris; Leon O. Chua

A 40.68-MHz Active Rectifier With Hybrid Adaptive On/Off Delay-Compensation Scheme for Biomedical Implantable Devices

Lin Cheng; Xinyuan Ge; Langyu Hu; Yuan Yao; Wing-Hung Ki; Chi-Ying Tsui

A Novel Physical Layer Authentication With PAPR Reduction Based on Channel and Hardware Frequency Responses

Prasidh Ramabadran; Pavel Afanasyev; David Malone; Miriam Leeser; Darragh McCarthy; Bill O’Brien; Ronan Farrell; John Dooley

Enhanced Linear Iterative Detector for Massive Multiuser MIMO Uplink

Xiaosi Tan; Jiejun Jin; Kai Sun; Yunhao Xu; Muhao Li; Yaping Zhang; Zaichen Zhang; Xiaohu You; Chuan Zhang

Multi-Level Design Influences on Robustness Evaluation of 7nm FinFET Technology

Leonardo H. Brendler; Alexandra L. Zimpeck; Cristina Meinhardt; Ricardo Reis

Modelling and Verification of Nonlinear Electromechanical Coupling in Micro-Scale Kinetic Electromagnetic Energy Harvesters

Andrii Sokolov; Dhiman Mallick; Saibal Roy; Michael Peter Kennedy; Elena Blokhina

Passive SC ΔΣ Modulator Based on Pipelined Charge-Sharing Rotation in 28-nm CMOS

Hongying Wang; Filippo Schembari; Robert Bogdan Staszewski

A Compact Fully Passive Loop Filter-Based Continuous Time ΔΣ Modulator for Multi-Channel Biomedical Applications

Laxmeesha Somappa; Maryam Shojaei Baghini

A Charge-Domain Switched-Gm-C Band-Pass Filter Using Interleaved Semi-Passive Charge-Sharing Technique

Yang Xu; Praveen Kumar Venkatachala; Yue Hu; Spencer Leuenberger; Gabor C. Temes; Un-Ku Moon

A 48 pW, 0.34 V, 0.019%/V Line Sensitivity Self-Biased Subthreshold Voltage Reference With DIBL Effect Compensation

Yuwei Wang; Quan Sun; Hongrui Luo; Xiaofei Wang; Ruizhi Zhang; Hong Zhang

Clock-Voltage Co-Regulator With Adaptive Power Budget Tracking for Robust Near-Threshold-Voltage Sequential Logic Circuits

Bai Nguyen; Nghia Tang; Wookpyo Hong; Zhiyuan Zhou; Deukhyoun Heo

Miniature Dual-Band Quadrature Coupler With Arbitrary Power Division Ratios Over the Two Bands

Yo-Shen Lin; Chen-Yun Lin

Design of Miniaturized On-Chip Bandpass Filters Using Inverting-Coupled Inductors in (Bi)-CMOS Technology

He Zhu; Xi Zhu; Yang Yang; Yichuang Sun

Res-DNN: A Residue Number System-Based DNN Accelerator Unit

Nasim Samimi; Mehdi Kamal; Ali Afzali-Kusha; Massoud Pedram

Matrix Decomposition Based Low-Complexity FIR Filter: Further Results

Hao Wang; Zhijin Zhao; Li Zhao

An Inverted Ring Oscillator Noise-Shaping Time-to-Digital Converter With In-Band Noise Reduction and Coherent Noise Cancellation

Xiang Yi; Zhipeng Liang; Chirn Chye Boon; Guangyin Feng; Fanyi Meng; Kaituo Yang

Attack-Resilient Event-Triggered Controller Design of DC Microgrids Under DoS Attacks

Songlin Hu; Ping Yuan; Dong Yue; Chunxia Dou; Zihao Cheng; Yunning Zhang

Global Stabilization of Switched Feedforward Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems Under Asynchronous Switching

Zhenhua Li; Lijun Long