A 7-bit 2 GS/s Time-Interleaved SAR ADC With Timing Skew Calibration Based on Current Integrating Sampler

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Universal Frequency-Domain Analysis of N-Path Networks

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An SoC FPAA Based Programmable, Ladder-Filter Based, Linear-Phase Analog Filter

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A 0.11–0.38 pJ/cycle Differential Ring Oscillator in 65 nm CMOS for Robust Neurocomputing

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Power-Speed Trade-Offs in Design of Scaled FET Circuits Using C/IDS Methodology

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A 91.0-dB SFDR Single-Coarse Dual-Fine Pipelined-SAR ADC With Split-Based Background Calibration in 28-nm CMOS

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A Fractional Order Notch Filter to Compensate the Attenuation-Loss Due to Change in Order of the Circuit

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A Logic-Compatible eDRAM Compute-In-Memory With Embedded ADCs for Processing Neural Networks

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Design of Low-Voltage Power Efficient Frequency Dividers in Folded MOS Current Mode Logic

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Ultralow-Latency VLSI Architecture Based on a Linear Approximation Method for Computing Nth Roots of Floating-Point Numbers

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Neural Synaptic Plasticity-Inspired Computing: A High Computing Efficient Deep Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator

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Data-Driven Resilient Control for Linear Discrete-Time Multi-Agent Networks Under Unconfined Cyber-Attacks

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Adaptive Event-Triggered SMC for Stochastic Switching Systems With Semi-Markov Process and Application to Boost Converter Circuit Model

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Event-Triggered Sliding Mode Control of Power Systems With Communication Delay and Sensor Faults

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Dynamic Event-Triggered Tracking Control for a Class of p-Normal Nonlinear Systems

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Time Domain Solution Analysis and Novel Admissibility Conditions of Singular Fractional-Order Systems

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Dynamic Event-Based Non-Fragile Dissipative State Estimation for Quantized Complex Networks With Fading Measurements and Its Application

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CMOS Full-Duplex Mixer-First Receiver With Adaptive Self-Interference Cancellation

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Design of High-Performance and Area-Efficient Decoder for 5G LDPC Codes

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A Reconfigurable Passive Mixer-Based Sub-GHz Receiver Front-End for Fast Spectrum Sensing Functionality

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Frequency Splitting Elimination and Utilization in Magnetic Coupling Wireless Power Transfer Systems

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A Rapid Circle Centre-Line Concept-Based MPPT Algorithm for Solar Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Systems

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