Delta-Sigma FDC Enhancements for FDC-Based Digital Fractional-N PLLs

Enrique Alvarez-Fontecilla; Amr I. Eissa; Eslam Helal; Colin Weltin-Wu; Ian Galton

Approximate Equivalent Circuits to Understand Tradeoffs in Geometry of On-Chip Inductors

Weiyu Leng; Asad A. Abidi

A Novel Topology of Coupled Phase-Locked Loops

Saleh Karman; Francesco Tesolin; Salvatore Levantino; Carlo Samori

Design of Three-Stage OTA Based on Settling-Time Requirements Including Large and Small Signal Behavior

Gianluca Giustolisi; Gaetano Palumbo

LAYGO: A Template-and-Grid-Based Layout Generation Engine for Advanced CMOS Technologies

Jaeduk Han; Woorham Bae; Eric Chang; Zhongkai Wang; Borivoje Nikolić; Elad Alon

Fully Integrated Analog Machine Learning Classifier Using Custom Activation Function for Low Resolution Image Classification

Sanjeev Tannirkulam Chandrasekaran; Akshay Jayaraj; Vinay Elkoori Ghantala Karnam; Imon Banerjee; Arindam Sanyal

Experimental Study of Fractional-Order RC Circuit Model Using the Caputo and Caputo-Fabrizio Derivatives

Da Lin; Xiaozhong Liao; Lei Dong; Ruocen Yang; Samson S. Yu; Herbert Ho-Ching Iu; Tyrone Fernando; Zhen Li

A 270 nW Switched-Capacitor Acoustic Feature Extractor for Always-On Voice Activity Detection

Erjia Shi; Xian Tang; Kong Pang Pun

Parametric and Structural-Parametric Synthesis of Nonuniform Transmission Line Resonators

Alexander Zakharov

A Scalable 128-Channel, Time-Multiplexed Potentiostat for Parallel Electrochemical Experiments

Tom R. Molderez; Korneel Rabaey; Marian Verhelst

A New Boosted Active-Capacitor With Negative-Gm for Wide Tuning Range VCOs

Pawan Agarwal; Mohammad Chahardori; Deukhyoun Heo

A 76–81-GHz Four-Channel Digitally Controlled CMOS Receiver for Automotive Radars

Dongfang Pan; Zongming Duan; Bowen Wu; Yan Wang; Dong Huang; Yan Wang; Liguo Sun; Ping Gui; Lin Cheng

A +0.44°C/−0.4°C Inaccuracy Temperature Sensor With Multi-Threshold MOSFET-Based Sensing Element and CMOS Thyristor-Based VCO

Jing Li; Yuyu Lin; Ning Ning; Qi Yu

A 0.59-mW 78.7-dB SNDR 2-MHz Bandwidth Active-RC Delta-Sigma Modulator With Relaxed and Reduced Amplifiers

Hetong Wang; Debajit Basak; Yang Zhang; Kong-Pang Pun

A 296 nJ Energy-per-Measurement Relaxation Oscillator-Based Analog Front-End for Chemiresistive Sensors

Antonio Vincenzo Radogna; Simonetta Capone; Luca Francioso; Pietro Aleardo Siciliano; Stefano D'Amico

BitSystolic: A 26.7 TOPS/W 2b~8b NPU With Configurable Data Flows for Edge Devices

Qing Yang; Hai Li

LWRpro: An Energy-Efficient Configurable Crypto-Processor for Module-LWR

Yihong Zhu; Min Zhu; Bohan Yang; Wenping Zhu; Chenchen Deng; Chen Chen; Shaojun Wei; Leibo Liu

Ultra-Low-Power and Performance-Improved Logic Circuit Using Hybrid TFET-MOSFET Standard Cells Topologies and Optimized Digital Front-End Process

Zhixuan Wang; Le Ye; Qianqian Huang; Kaixuan Du; Zhichao Tan; Yangyuan Wang; Ru Huang

Dynamic Read VMIN and Yield Estimation for Nanoscale SRAMs

Shourya Gupta; Benton H. Calhoun

Characterization of Inter-Cell Interference in 3D NAND Flash Memory

Suk Kwang Park; Jaekyun Moon

Time-Domain Computing in Memory Using Spintronics for Energy-Efficient Convolutional Neural Network

Yue Zhang; Jinkai Wang; Chenyu Lian; Yining Bai; Guanda Wang; Zhizhong Zhang; Zhenyi Zheng; Lei Chen; Kun Zhang; Georgios Sirakoulis; Youguang Zhang

ECC Coprocessor Over a NIST Prime Field Using Fast Partial Montgomery Reduction

Piljoo Choi; Mun-Kyu Lee; Dong Kyue Kim

Non-Volatile Approximate Arithmetic Circuits Using Scalable Hybrid Spin-CMOS Majority Gates

Honglan Jiang; Shaahin Angizi; Deliang Fan; Jie Han; Leibo Liu

Symmetric-Mapping LUT-Based Method and Architecture for Computing XY-Like Functions

Hui Chen; Heping Yang; Wenqing Song; Zhonghai Lu; Yuxiang Fu; Li Li; Zongguang Yu

Hardware Self-Organizing Map Based on Digital Frequency-Locked Loop and Triangular Neighborhood Function

Hiroomi Hikawa

Area and Power-Efficient Variable-Sized DCT Architecture for HEVC Using Muxed-MCM Problem

Ahmad Shabani; Mohammad Sabri; Bahareh Khabbazan; Somayeh Timarchi

Vector Wave Digital Filters and Their Application to Circuits With Two-Port Elements

Alberto Bernardini; Paolo Maffezzoni; Augusto Sarti

Using Strictly Dissipative Impedance Coupling in the Waveform Relaxation Method for the Analysis of Interconnect Circuits

Tarik Menkad; Anestis Dounavis

Robust H∞ Adaptive Sliding Mode Fault Tolerant Control for T-S Fuzzy Fractional Order Systems With Mismatched Disturbances

Xuefeng Zhang; Wenkai Huang; Qing-Guo Wang

Predictive Control of Low-Cost Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter-Fed Drives for Brushless DC Motor Applications

Farshid Naseri; Ebrahim Farjah; Erik Schaltz; Kaiyuan Lu; Nima Tashakor

An Approach to Estimate Lithium-Ion Battery State of Charge Based on Adaptive Lyapunov Super Twisting Observer

Gautam Sethia; Sisir Kumar Nayak; Somanath Majhi

Hardware Implementation for Belief Propagation Flip Decoding of Polar Codes

Houren Ji; Yifei Shen; Wenqing Song; Zaichen Zhang; Xiaohu You; Chuan Zhang

An RF Energy Harvesting and Power Management Unit Operating Over −24 to +15 dBm Input Range

Gustavo C. Martins; Wouter A. Serdijn

Impedance Shaping Control Strategy for Wireless Power Transfer System Based on Dynamic Small-Signal Analysis

Tian Tan; Kainan Chen; Qiuqiong Lin; Ye Jiang; Liqiang Yuan; Zhengming Zhao

A Time-Division-Multiplexed Clocked-Analog Low-Dropout Regulator

Ziying Xie; Kaixuan Ye; Ken Xingze Wang; Qixiang Cheng; Min Tan