Needle-Type Imager Sensor With Band-Pass Composite Emission Filter and Parallel Fiber-Coupled Laser Excitation

Erus Rustami; Kiyotaka Sasagawa; Kenji Sugie; Yasumi Ohta; Makito Haruta; Toshihiko Noda; Takashi Tokuda; Jun Ohta

Towards Wave Digital Memcomputing With Physical Memristor Models

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On-Chip Solar Energy Harvester and PMU With Cold Start-Up and Regulated Output Voltage for Biomedical Applications

Diego Cabello; Esteban Ferro; Óscar Pereira-Rial; Beatriz Martínez-Vázquez; Víctor M. Brea; Juan M. Carrillo; Paula López

Utilization of Multi-Resonant Defected Ground Structure Resonators in the Oscillator Feedback for Phase Noise Reduction of K-Band VCOs in 0.18- μ m CMOS Technology

Nusrat Jahan; Chen Baichuan; Adel Barakat; Ramesh K. Pokharel

A -24 dB in-Band Noise-Immunity Mutual Capacitance Readout System for Variable Refresh Rate of Active-Matrix OLED Display

Seung Hoon Ko

A Low Voltage and Low Power 10-bit Non-Binary 2b/Cycle Time and Voltage Based SAR ADC

Jian Luo; Yang Liu; Jing Li; Ning Ning; Kejun Wu; Zhen Liu; Qi Yu

76-dB DR, 48 fJ/Step Second-Order VCO-Based Current-to-Digital Converter

Akshay Jayaraj; Mohammadhadi Danesh; Sanjeev Tannirkulam Chandrasekaran; Arindam Sanyal

Low-Power All-Digital Multiphase DLL Design Using a Scalable Phase-to-Digital Converter

Nico Angeli; Klaus Hofmann

On the Cross-Correlation Based Loop Gain Adaptation for Bang-Bang CDRs

Javier Ardila; Hanssel Morales; Elkim Roa

A Power-Efficient CNN Accelerator With Similar Feature Skipping for Face Recognition in Mobile Devices

Sangyeob Kim; Juhyoung Lee; Sanghoon Kang; Jinsu Lee; Hoi-Jun Yoo

A Standalone FPGA-Based Miner for Lyra2REv2 Cryptocurrencies

Jean-François Tetu; Louis-Charles Trudeau; Michiel Van Beirendonck; Alexios Balatsoukas-Stimming; Pascal Giard

Current-Based Data-Retention-Time Characterization of Gain-Cell Embedded DRAMs Across the Design and Variations Space

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Hardware-Compliant Compressive Image Sensor Architecture Based on Random Modulations and Permutations for Embedded Inference

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Deep Neural Network Acceleration Based on Low-Rank Approximated Channel Pruning

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Tunable Block Floating-Point Quantizer With Fractional Exponent for Compressing Non-Uniformly Distributed Signals

Pei-Yun Tsai; Tien-I Yang; Ching-Horng Lee; Li-Mei Chen; Sz-Yuan Lee

A Nonlinear Behavioral Ferrite-Core Inductance Model Able to Reproduce Thermal Transients in Switch-Mode Power Supplies

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Evolution of Function-Call Network Reliability in Android Operating System

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Analysis of Start-Up Response in a Digitally Controlled Boost Converter With Constant Power Load and Mitigation of Inrush Current Problems

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Analytical Study of the Impacts of Stochastic Load Fluctuation on the Dynamic Voltage Stability Margin Using Bifurcation Theory

Georgia Pierrou; Xiaozhe Wang

Fast Sensing-Time and Hardware-Efficient Eigenvalue-Based Blind Spectrum Sensors for Cognitive Radio Network

Rohit B. Chaurasiya; Rahul Shrestha

Flow Distribution for Electric Vehicles Under Nodal-Centrality-Based Resource Allocation

Xiaowen Bi; Wallace K. S. Tang

Aging Compensation With Dynamic Computation Approximation

Heesu Kim; Jongho Kim; Hussam Amrouch; Jörg Henkel; Andreas Gerstlauer; Kiyoung Choi; Hanmin Park

Optimizing Weight Mapping and Data Flow for Convolutional Neural Networks on Processing-in-Memory Architectures

Xiaochen Peng; Rui Liu; Shimeng Yu

A Fast-Settling Integer- N Frequency Synthesizer Using Switched-Gain Control

Haixiang Zhao; Soumyajit Mandal

A Low-Spur and Intrinsically Aligned IL-PLL With Self-Feedback Injection Locked RO and Pseudo-Random Injection Locked Technique

Na Xi; Fujiang Lin; Tianchun Ye

Balanced (3+2logn)ΔG Adders for Moduli Set {2n+1,2n+2n−1−1,2n+1−1}

Ghassem Jaberipur; Bardia Nadimi

Low-Energy Voice Activity Detection via Energy-Quality Scaling From Data Conversion to Machine Learning

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Theoretical Foundations of Memristor Cellular Nonlinear Networks: Stability Analysis With Dynamic Memristors

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Discrete-Communication-Based Bipartite Tracking of Networked Robotic Systems via Hierarchical Hybrid Control

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On the Design of Low-Power Hybrids for Full Duplex Simultaneous Bidirectional Signaling Links

Chen Yuan; Ahmed Naguib; Sudip Shekhar