Challenges and Trends of SRAM-Based Computing-In-Memory for AI Edge Devices

Chuan-Jia Jhang; Cheng-Xin Xue; Je-Min Hung; Fu-Chun Chang; Meng-Fan Chang

Guest Editorial Special Issue on the IEEE Latin American Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2020

Elena Blokhina

An Optimized Radiation Tolerant Baseline Correction Filter for HEP Using AI Methodologies

Bruno Sanches; Wilhelmus Van Noije

Analysis and Design of a Broadband Output Stage With Current-Reuse and a Low Insertion-Loss Bypass Mode for CMOS RF Front-End LNAs

Daniel Schrögendorfer; Thomas Leitner

Approximate Pruned and Truncated Haar Discrete Wavelet Transform VLSI Hardware for Energy-Efficient ECG Signal Processing

Henrique Bestani Seidel; Morgana Macedo Azevedo da Rosa; Guilherme Paim; Eduardo Antônio César da Costa; Sérgio J. M. Almeida; Sergio Bampi

Signal and Noise Analysis of an Open-Circuit Voltage Pixel for Uncooled Infrared Image Sensors

Roman Fragasse; Ramy Tantawy; Dale Smith; Teressa Specht; Zahra Taghipour; Phillip V. Hooser; Chris Taylor; Theodore J. Ronningen; Earl Fuller; Charles Reyner; Josh Duran; Gamini Ariyawansa; Sanjay Krishna; Waleed Khalil

Synthesis of High-Order Continuously Tunable Low-Pass Active-R Filters

Adriana C. Sanabria-Borbón; Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio

An Active-Under-Coil RFDAC With Analog Linear Interpolation in 28-nm CMOS

Feifei Zhang; Peng Chen; Jeffrey S. Walling; Anding Zhu; Robert Bogdan Staszewski

A Ku-Band CMOS Power Amplifier With Series-Shunt LC Notch Filter for Satellite Communications

Jiecheng Zhong; Dixian Zhao; Xiaohu You

A Compact Transformer-Based Fractional-N ADPLL in 10-nm FinFET CMOS

Chao-Chieh Li; Min-Shueh Yuan; Chia-Chun Liao; Chih-Hsien Chang; Yu-Tso Lin; Tsung-Hsien Tsai; Tien-Chien Huang; Hsien-Yuan Liao; Chung-Ting Lu; Hung-Yi Kuo; Augusto Ronchini Ximenes; Robert Bogdan Staszewski

NS-FDN: Near-Sensor Processing Architecture of Feature-Configurable Distributed Network for Beyond-Real-Time Always-on Keyword Spotting

Qin Li; Changlu Liu; Peiyan Dong; Yanming Zhang; Tong Li; Sheng Lin; Minda Yang; Fei Qiao; Yanzhi Wang; Li Luo; Huazhong Yang

Circuit Modeling for RRAM-Based Neuromorphic Chip Crossbar Array With and Without Write-Verify Scheme

Tuomin Tao; Hanzhi Ma; Quankun Chen; Zhe-Ming Gu; Hang Jin; Manareldeen Ahmed; Shurun Tan; Aili Wang; En-Xiao Liu; Er-Ping Li

SRIF: Scalable and Reliable Integrate and Fire Circuit ADC for Memristor-Based CIM Architectures

Abhairaj Singh; Muath Abu Lebdeh; Anteneh Gebregiorgis; Rajendra Bishnoi; Rajiv V. Joshi; Said Hamdioui

Impact of Analog Non-Idealities on the Design Space of 6T-SRAM Current-Domain Dot-Product Operators for In-Memory Computing

Adrian Kneip; David Bol

Analysis and Design of Lossy Capacitive Over-Neutralization Technique for Amplifiers Operating Near fMAX

Dragan Simic; Patrick Reynaert

A 7.8–13.6 pJ/b Ultra-Low Latency and Reconfigurable Neural Network-Assisted Polar Decoder With Multi-Code Length Support

Chieh-Fang Teng; An-Yeu Wu

MF-Net: Compute-In-Memory SRAM for Multibit Precision Inference Using Memory-Immersed Data Conversion and Multiplication-Free Operators

Shamma Nasrin; Diaa Badawi; Ahmet Enis Cetin; Wilfred Gomes; Amit Ranjan Trivedi

Radix-2w Arithmetic for Scalar Multiplication in Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Abdelkrim Kamel Oudjida; Ahmed Liacha

Metastability in Superconducting Single Flux Quantum (SFQ) Logic

Gourav Datta; Yunkun Lin; Bo Zhang; Peter A. Beerel

A Novel Flow for Reducing Dynamic Power and Conditional Performance Improvement

Moaz Mostafa; M. Watheq El-Kharashi; Mohamed Dessouky; Ahmed M. Zaki

Hybrid Convolution Architecture for Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network Processing

Suchang Kim; Jihyuck Jo; In-Cheol Park

A Real-Time Architecture for Pruning the Effectual Computations in Deep Neural Networks

Mohammadreza Asadikouhanjani; Hao Zhang; Lakshminarayanan Gopalakrishnan; Hyuk-Jae Lee; Seok-Bum Ko

Hardware Architecture for Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman and Key Encapsulation Using a Fast Montgomery Multiplier

Mohammad-Hossein Farzam; Siavash Bayat-Sarmadi; Hatameh Mosanaei-Boorani; Armin Alivand

Reduced Complexity Optimal Convolution Based on the Discrete Hirschman Transform

Dingli Xue; Linda S. DeBrunner; Victor DeBrunner

Evaluating Performances and Importance of Venture Capitals: A Complex Network Approach

Jiaqi Liu; Xuerong Li; Linyuan Lü; Jichang Dong; Jinhu Lü

Lattice Trajectory Piecewise Linear Method for the Simulation of Diode Circuits

Jiade Wang; Jun Xu; Shuning Wang

Improved Vertex Coloring With NbOₓ Memristor-Based Oscillatory Networks

Martin Weiher; Melanie Herzig; Ronald Tetzlaff; Alon Ascoli; Thomas Mikolajick; Stefan Slesazeck

Design of Multi-Port With Desired Reference Impedances Using Y-Matrix and Matching Networks

Rakesh Sinha

Accurate Modeling of the Effective Parasitic Parameters for the Laminated Busbar Connected With Paralleled SiC MOSFETs

Jianing Wang; Shaolin Yu; Xing Zhang; Zhaoyang Wei; Nan Jiang; Wenjie Chen; Enli Du

Fixed-Time Fault-Tolerant Formation Control for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems With Parameter Uncertainties and Disturbances

Wanglei Cheng; Ke Zhang; Bin Jiang; Steven X. Ding

Bounded-Input Bounded-Output Stability Tests for Two-Dimensional Continuous-Time Systems

Yuval Bistritz

Quasi-Synchronization of Heterogeneous LC Circuits in Grid-Connected Systems With Intentionally Time-Varying Lumped Delays

Yanping Yang; Wangli He; Qing-Long Han

Co-Design of Fault Detection and Consensus Control Protocol for Multi-Agent Systems Under Hidden DoS Attack

Dan Zhang; Zehua Ye; Xiwang Dong

Bumpless Transfer Control for Switched Linear Systems and its Application to Aero-Engines

Yan Shi; Xi-Ming Sun

Power Scaling Laws for Radio Receiver Front Ends

Muris Sarajlić; Ashkan Sheikhi; Liang Liu; Henrik Sjöland; Ove Edfors

Adaptive Multi-Band Negative-Group-Delay RF Circuits With Low Reflection

Roberto Gómez-García; José-María Muñoz-Ferreras; Dimitra Psychogiou

Impedance Transparency and Performance Metrics of HBT-Based N-Path Mixers for mmWave Applications

Robin Ying; Alyosha Molnar

High-Speed LDPC Decoders Towards 1 Tb/s

Meng Li; Veerle Derudder; Kaoutar Bertrand; Claude Desset; André Bourdoux

Dithering Concepts for Spur-Free Nonlinear DTC-Based Frequency Synthesizers

Christoph Preissl; Peter Preyler; Andreas Springer; Mario Huemer

Dynamic Triggering Mechanisms for Distributed Adaptive Synchronization Control and Its Application to Circuit Systems

Yong Xu; Jian Sun; Gang Wang; Zheng-Guang Wu

A T-Type Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With Low Voltage Stress and Self-Balancing

Yaoqiang Wang; Yisen Yuan; Gen Li; Yuanmao Ye; Kewen Wang; Jun Liang

Multi-Frequency Multi-Amplitude Superposition Modulation Method With Phase Shift Optimization for Single Inverter of Wireless Power Transfer System

Jie Wu; Lizhong Bie; Weihao Kong; Pengfei Gao; Yanfeng Wang